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  1. What you can see for sale on't-net. Facebook snake dude Chandler being silly with 14 foot King Cobra's in his "Serpentarium' or dodgy sweatshop power amps 🙀
  2. Great deal on a passive tone plate for a Squier Jazz. Exemplary transaction from a cool seller
  3. Bought an Okto Nojs. Absolutely positive transaction and a lovely pedal.
  4. In the end ("gentrification" notwithstanding) it's still in Tottingham.
  5. Meshuggah plus Zeal & Ardor at the REH 3rd June. Then Steve Vai at Palladium.
  6. The Cure. Love Cats One Flea, One Flea, One Flea, One Flea Pretty.
  7. Couple of tins of pilchards in your gig bag - sorted. Kitty Breath will preclude pianist getting any snogging/groupie action though (result)
  8. Any Trace stack will be mega heavy if you buy a used one. Can be bought cheap here in UK as a result. There is a dealer called Amp Broker in Poland who does Trace stuff with apparently reliable shipping. Might be expensive though,have a look on Reverb.
  9. Yup keep the Trace, you'd need to buy something much more expensive to sound any better, also mostly pretty bombproof. Unless you need lighter eqpt then keep the Trace.
  10. Can you get your keyboard players or guitarists spayed / neutered though. Or if worst comes to worst - euthanised?
  11. Reincarnation - sounds lIke De-pu**y😁 It's a great clip, the concentration and tail time beating / metronome are awesome. The cockatoo clip is another favourite, bird should join Clown core.
  12. Try a bit of Glen Branca's music for 100 geetarz, now that takes commitment/committal, sectioning.
  13. Scunner ain't that rude, just a downer/disappointment?
  14. Isn't a schooner a sort of Beer Glass?
  15. The knob on the amps usually the geetard 🤣
  16. Who Knows. 1000 years might be too much of a stretch for anything. Remember Tom Petty babbling and comparing Brian Wilson to Mozart (lol) For all we know they might revere Freddy and the Dreamers or Joe Meek in a couple of hundred years. Even ABBA ?
  17. Oddly though Bach was a huge Vivaldi fan, hence the Italian Concerto. They were as different as possible religiously and personally but both had to produce a lot of music in their (religious) working musician context. Bach towers over all of his contemporaries, if you want a prolific "hack" of the same period Telemann sure churned music out
  18. Oddly I'd spotted it there as I keep an eye on anything new in Lefty Section. Was already gone yesterday, looked good at a fair price. Gumtree today, a Japanese Squier Precision Medium Scale. He wants £600 which is too much for me at present but seems a bit less than some of the prices being asked. Never had a decent P bass yet, at my age am starting to think shorter scale might be a good idea.
  19. @Basses Id Like To Pluck glad you found the thread after our Facebook conversation. I encountered Lawrence a couple of times in Highgate when a local player (whose name I can't recall) had dealings with him Was so well regarded as a fount of wisdom/guru. @Matthew Canty best wishes to your Father and you.
  20. Already Sold. About the going rate, certainly looked nice. Would prefer Azure-glo or Midnight Blue personally. (Sour Grapes)
  21. Meshuggah, Friday next week at Royal Albert Hall. Bit concerned, the live clips I've heard from this tour seem very messy. Also not hugely impressed with Immutable, the new Album. However, if they do Demiurge I'll be happy.
  22. Elastica = Wire plagiarism plus noxious Justine Frischmann Echobelly - 1 good song and a cute frontwoman.
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