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  1. Whoever got this has made a great choice. I regret selling my 1999 Warwick BO4.
  2. Thanks for that. This bass I’m interested in is giving full body measurement from tailpiece to top of scroll as 64 inches. Above the 1/4 size and under the 1/2 on that chart illustration.
  3. These are sweet basses. Played one of these when they came out along with the ‘54 P bass equivalent. Both lovely to play and well put together. This one has the extra cache of now being a Pino lookalike 🤩
  4. What would the respective scale lengths in this instance be for 1/2 and/or 1/4 size?
  5. I’ve seen a double bass for sale locally but because of current restrictions etc can’t go check it out. The description lists it as being 162cm in length, minus the stand. Would this make it a 1/2 size or 1/4 size instrument?
  6. Tonight, if you have channel access, try Quest+1 , ch69, to watch a luthier repair a 1966 Fender Jazz bass owned by the bassist of Hot Chocolate. The programme is The Repair Shop. It’s a sympathetic restore and looks great.
  7. Cool looking bass. Is the body size reduced because it is short scale?
  8. Love Acoustic gear. Very powerful and great versatility.
  9. 😎 It’s a looker. Pity that the Squier medium scale wasn’t still available also.
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