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  1. A nice brushed gold anodised pickguard would set this off nicely šŸ¤©
  2. The best 2 Fenders I have owned have both been Japanese. A 1987 MIJ '62 Jazz bass which was super light and a 2010 CIJ '57 P bass which had a wonderful neck.
  3. Laura bought a bass rig from me. Happy to pay by bank transfer and collect later. Great to deal with šŸ‘
  4. That is absolutely stunning! Hope it sounds as good as it looks.
  5. Rig is now SOLD. Thanks to everyone who expressed interest.
  6. Hi, the amp can be used standalone as a headphone practice amp. Never encountered any limiter issues. The operation manual is readily available as a pdf document online for any technical info. Cheers
  7. Lovely combo. Super light too. Packs a punch volume-wise.
  8. Able to have the rig in Paisley area for collection šŸ˜Ž
  9. Whoever got this has made a great choice. I regret selling my 1999 Warwick BO4.
  10. Thanks for that. This bass Iā€™m interested in is giving full body measurement from tailpiece to top of scroll as 64 inches. Above the 1/4 size and under the 1/2 on that chart illustration.
  11. These are sweet basses. Played one of these when they came out along with the ā€˜54 P bass equivalent. Both lovely to play and well put together. This one has the extra cache of now being a Pino lookalike šŸ¤©
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