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  1. A nice tort guard would set that burst off nicely 😎
  2. A work of art as well as the tone of a thousand + hit singles πŸ€–
  3. I didn’t begin my playing adventure until the early β€˜80s but even then I was buying 2nd-hand gear made in the 70s. My very first big rig was a Marshall 100 amp head paired with a Fender Bassman 2x15 cab. Gi-normous! And of course required the whole band to carry it around. A bit later I switched to Acoustic amps, again from the 70’s, which I loved and used into the 1990’s. In fact I sold my Acoustic bass combo on here a few years back. πŸ€–
  4. Price reduced. Collection only thanks πŸ€–
  5. Lovely looking P at a great price for a mij. I currently have 2 and the construction is excellent. Very sturdy instruments. This one defo has the Jamerson mojo waiting to come out 😎
  6. I have a 4 string Mikro and with the right gauge and scale length of strings on board, it’s a great budget bass. It’s also super light so makes a long rehearsal or gig a breeze. The neck profile widens out as you climb the neck so plenty room for fingers. The stock pups aren’t bad either. I have been tempted to pick up another as a fretless project 😎
  7. Nice lefty Squier P bass in France https://www.zikinf.com/annonces/annonce-1696701
  8. Came across this footage of Jaco playing Continuum today. Never saw it before. Cool that he appears to be using a wireless system as he wanders around the venue amongst the audience. The Bass of Doom sounding awesome as always.
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