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  1. These are great sounding basses. A good gigging workhorse 😎
  2. Interesting mods and I’m sure all done to improve the sound and looks. I would have liked to have seen some pics of bass in its original form too.
  3. A jazz gig favourite 😎 NICE
  4. I think drums & bass get the raw deal no matter the musical style. The most awkward gear to transport and set up and expected to keep things tight at the back while the other instruments improv, let loose etc... I enjoy a jam where I know I’m responsible for the music sounding solid but with jazz there usually is a house band vibe with guest soloists 😩
  5. Mr. Pastorius would get my vote. The guy single-handedly jettisoned the bass into the stratosphere influencing pretty much every other player on the planet.
  6. A nice tort guard would set that burst off nicely 😎
  7. A work of art as well as the tone of a thousand + hit singles 🤖
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