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  1. Cool looking bass. Is the body size reduced because it is short scale?
  2. Love Acoustic gear. Very powerful and great versatility.
  3. 😎 It’s a looker. Pity that the Squier medium scale wasn’t still available also.
  4. I use an Eden WTDI. Nice bit of kit and makes my acoustic sound great.
  5. Being a lefty, many instruments that interest me are only found online. I’ve been pursuing a ‘ buy to try ‘ policy for years.
  6. I’m guessing that something took a large bite out of the body? 😲
  7. That’s how i play. A lefty who plays with it strung upside down 😁
  8. I had one made by Jack’s Instruments based here in UK. Great service.
  9. I really like the look of no pickguard with this build 😉
  10. This has been the best run-down of the theory behind this track I have seen and I found it fascinating. My favourite bit is when Rick plays along some jazz chords on a six-string. I felt he took something extraordinary and explained the ordinary behind the scenes element very well. In the end it is music and it abides by certain rules no matter how clever. I still don’t grasp theory or dots on a stave but my ears are good and presentations like this make me feel a little bit closer to the musicians I love to listen to.
  11. See pic for size comparison against a normal size precision
  12. I can’t wait till you make a lefty one of these with perhaps the stringing upside down 😉
  13. I remember trying one of these cabs in the 1980’s using my Acoustic 160 head. Just wow! Never occurred to me how on earth you would transport one of these around 😆
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