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  1. I have the BX1600....what an amp, have been taking it everywhere for the last few years as a standby for my Warwick LWA1000 , but now started using it occasions .....so loud - and versatile preamp . GLWTS
  2. Any suggestions for replacing my gretsch blacktop pups on the above bass , appart from tv Jones ?
  3. The schaller 232 bass humbucker , was their version of the dimarzio Model G. They are the same external dimensions as a guitar humbucker . I had two on my Hagstrom Viking ( neck and bridge position ) beautiful thick sound . GLWTS Pete
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. For asle one set of Rotosound SM77 long scale flatwound strings , cut to suit two a side headstock ( Gretsch G5440LS ) Flatwounds not my type of string , been on and off bass a couple of times Price includes UK Mainland Postage Pete
  6. One set of LaBella Flats 760FX Long Scale , cut to suit two a side headstock ( Gretsch G5440LS ) On and off for a couple of rehearsals , flats not my type of strings Price includes UK Mainland Postage Pete
  7. For sale my Mark Bass Little Mark Ninja , in original box . A few very light marks , fully working , 1000W into 4 ohms .Used it for the last 2 years , never let me down , Now on ebay as well. Needed a two channel amp ( bought a Warwick LMA1000 ) for that . Price includes UK Mainland Delivery .
  8. For sale set of LaBella Deep Talkin Bass stirngs 760FL. Bought two weeks ago , not needed ....still sealed in bag Price includes Uk Mainland Postage Pete
  9. My Peavey head was connected to a Markbass 2x10 cab , running very quietly at bedroom level . After about 15 mins , I noticed an electrical burning smell , and the amp made a strange squeaking sound , the cones of the speakers moved from rear position to front and the sound died . Speakers were now solid , no cone movement . Bought 2 new Markbass speakers , and replaced them in cabinet , and all works well with my other two heads ( Carvin and Ninja ) . I opened up the peavey head , no sign of any burning on any of the boards . Does anyone know how to check the output of a digital amp . say with a multimeter ? Pete
  10. Hi Guys, Any of you suffer with feedback from your f hole bass guitar or upright double bass, then this may be your answer. [email protected] Bob is a real gent and craftsman. I have just purchased a pair of f hole blockers for my Gretsch G5440LSB, the fit is superb, very quick turnaround as well. Solved my problem - tried out my Gretsch at a very very loud volume in my garage, cut the feedback down to virtually nothing. Pete
  11. Hi , Andertons do not have a replacement at the moment , 1 - 2 weeks , if their supplier has any in stock . Said I would wait . Pete
  12. Hi all , Thought you may like to see the latest delivery from DHL of my New Gretsch Case..........as left by the driver . If I had been present , I would not have accepted it . If I wanted ventilation holes in the case I would have asked Gretsch for them . The forklift hit the case that hard , that it pushed some of the outside packing inside the case . Question ....is it DHL or Andertons responsibility ? See pics...... Pete NOW HAVE MY REPLACEMENT CASE - DELIVERED BY DPD - NO FORKLIFT DAMAGE (06/07/2020)
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