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  1. For sale my Line6 Bass floor pod . Full working condition, with power supply. in great condition . Price includes UK Mainland postage . Pete
  2. REDUCED to £45 For sale , a pair ( Neck & Bridge ) of Mexican Geddy Lee Jazz Bass pickups , just removed from bass. Some light marks from gigging . No screws or foam . Price includes UK Mainland Postage
  3. NOW £20 One set of above ( 40 , 60 , 80 , 100 ) cut to fit Geddy Lee Jazz Bass . Been on my bass for one rehearsal and one gig . Price includes UK Mainland Postage Pete
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  5. Hi , is it still for sale at £250 , incl UK Postage ? Pete
  6. petetexas

    Boss GT-1B

    Hi visog, Read somewhere that you can adjust the sensitivity of the tuner , cant find it anywhere now . I tune to the harmonics , seems to hold it better . If and when I find it ( sensitivity ) I`ll let you know . Brilliant box , almost as good as the Zoom B1Four .IMHO . Pete
  7. petetexas

    Boss GT-1B

    They have replied ! ! ! ............... They are saying it ia my Win7 that is causing the problem , blocking the driver download ( no licence ) and 80% of drivers today , do not have a licence ,. Anyone know how to stop digital verification of drivers permanently in Windows7 Have tried most of the solutions on the internet , but no sucess . I know how to do it temporarily ( F8 ) , but as soon as you re-boot , blocking is back . Need to know , or buy a PC with Windows10 installed . Cannot load drivers for Boss GT-1B . Pete
  8. petetexas

    Boss GT-1B

    Just bought this pedal on this forum , Brilliant pedal , having to do all the editing on the pedal itself , not with Roland / Boss software , because my Windows 7 PC will not download the driver software . Anyone else had this problem, have they overcome it , how ? I have emailed Roland / Boss about it , but dont expect any reply . Pete
  9. Just bought a Boss GT1-B from him , faultless transaction , VERY fast delivery , one of the good ones . Thanks again
  10. Hi , I sold my B3n and replaced it with the B1 Four ( this fits inside my bass case ) Great piece of kit for the money , I use it all the time , home practice , live and rehearsal . Plastic , not metal , but once over that its great ! To my ears , there is not a lot of difference between Ms60B , B3n and B1Four , had them all . ToneLib ( free download ) is a must for easy patch creations and backup . Anyone who buys this please try Al Krow Clean patch , I use it all the time . GLWTS , bargain at this price . Pete
  11. petetexas

    Zoom B1four

    Hi Al Krow, Used your CLEAN setting without the ZNR ( with just a few small tweaks for each venue ) for an outdoor festival Sat afternoon , Large pub gig Sat night and a small pup gig Sun afternoon . Suits my set up perfectly . Thanks for sharing it . When I can get a suitable PHASER setting , and CHORUS , I will share with all . Thanks again Pete
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