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  1. Thanks for all the info , tweaked channel 1 on LWA1000 for the 51, and left channel 2 set up for Geddy Lee . The reason for buying the 51 was as a standby bass on stage for the Geddy Lee , but with the tweeking , its beginning to sound better . I thought ( stupidly ) that it would sound the same . Thanks guys .
  2. Have had a reply ( after sending my wiring diagram ) they said there looks no problem to them Suggested l ring , and discuswith Lindy , he may know what the problem is. I have dug out my old Eden Terra Nova preamp , used that with it , and it seems ok . My Geddy Lee Jazz sounds ok direct into my Warwick LWA 1000 , so maybe its some kind of miss match at input ?
  3. I have emailed Lindy Fralin , awaiting reply . Lowered the pup -050" each side - does have more top now , but obviously less output .
  4. Anyone used one , what sort of sound are you getting ? All I can get out of mine is BASS BASS BASS . Normal 250K log pot for volume , normal 250k log with .047 capacitor for tone ( even with the tone wound right back , only slight variation to sound ) Pickup height set Exactly as instructed . Have I got a DUFF pickup ? Pete
  5. petetexas

    Mooer ge200

    Any views on it ? I know it's designed for our 6 string friends , but anyone got one ?
  6. I pressed the button , and bought one to try out ( thinking If I did not like it , I could send it back ), and I love it . Agree , its aimed at the Guitarist , but I have found that a bit of tweeking goes a long way . There is a fender bassman amp , and 4x10 cab in there ( maybe this has been an - upgrade ? ) I use the Messa Mk III clean , with the drive backed off , tone tweeked , linked to a Bassman 4x10 cab . The Chorus / Flanger / Auto wah / Temolo and Drives are all usable - IMHO with tweeking .. Now the editing software has been updated , its very easy to use . Soundwise , Its up to the individual , but I love it . Pete
  7. petetexas

    Mooer GE 150

    Anyone got one ? I know they are designed for our 6 string " friends " , but l was wondering . Looking on line , one of the amps that is modeled is a Messa mark lll clean , l really miss mine ( my back doesn't ! ) Pete
  8. I have the BX1600....what an amp, have been taking it everywhere for the last few years as a standby for my Warwick LWA1000 , but now started using it occasions .....so loud - and versatile preamp . GLWTS
  9. Any suggestions for replacing my gretsch blacktop pups on the above bass , appart from tv Jones ?
  10. The schaller 232 bass humbucker , was their version of the dimarzio Model G. They are the same external dimensions as a guitar humbucker . I had two on my Hagstrom Viking ( neck and bridge position ) beautiful thick sound . GLWTS Pete
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  12. For asle one set of Rotosound SM77 long scale flatwound strings , cut to suit two a side headstock ( Gretsch G5440LS ) Flatwounds not my type of string , been on and off bass a couple of times Price includes UK Mainland Postage Pete
  13. One set of LaBella Flats 760FX Long Scale , cut to suit two a side headstock ( Gretsch G5440LS ) On and off for a couple of rehearsals , flats not my type of strings Price includes UK Mainland Postage Pete
  14. For sale my Mark Bass Little Mark Ninja , in original box . A few very light marks , fully working , 1000W into 4 ohms .Used it for the last 2 years , never let me down , Now on ebay as well. Needed a two channel amp ( bought a Warwick LMA1000 ) for that . Price includes UK Mainland Delivery .
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