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  1. For sale set of LaBella Deep Talkin Bass stirngs 760FL. Bought two weeks ago , not needed ....still sealed in bag Price includes Uk Mainland Postage Pete
  2. My Peavey head was connected to a Markbass 2x10 cab , running very quietly at bedroom level . After about 15 mins , I noticed an electrical burning smell , and the amp made a strange squeaking sound , the cones of the speakers moved from rear position to front and the sound died . Speakers were now solid , no cone movement . Bought 2 new Markbass speakers , and replaced them in cabinet , and all works well with my other two heads ( Carvin and Ninja ) . I opened up the peavey head , no sign of any burning on any of the boards . Does anyone know how to check the output of a digital amp . say with a multimeter ? Pete
  3. Hi Guys, Any of you suffer with feedback from your f hole bass guitar or upright double bass, then this may be your answer. [email protected] Bob is a real gent and craftsman. I have just purchased a pair of f hole blockers for my Gretsch G5440LSB, the fit is superb, very quick turnaround as well. Solved my problem - tried out my Gretsch at a very very loud volume in my garage, cut the feedback down to virtually nothing. Pete
  4. Hi , Andertons do not have a replacement at the moment , 1 - 2 weeks , if their supplier has any in stock . Said I would wait . Pete
  5. Hi all , Thought you may like to see the latest delivery from DHL of my New Gretsch Case..........as left by the driver . If I had been present , I would not have accepted it . If I wanted ventilation holes in the case I would have asked Gretsch for them . The forklift hit the case that hard , that it pushed some of the outside packing inside the case . Question ....is it DHL or Andertons responsibility ? See pics...... Pete NOW HAVE MY REPLACEMENT CASE - DELIVERED BY DPD - NO FORKLIFT DAMAGE (06/07/2020)
  6. New set of above , unopened pack, price includes UK Mainland Postage
  7. Hi , Up for sale is my SansAmp VT Bass DI , in excellent condition , fully worling . No box or Manual . Will be well packed . No longer needed . Price includes UK Mainland Postage .
  8. Just bought a Gretsch G5440LSB from Keith , very smooth transaction , and packed very very well . Great guy to deal with , communication great . Thanks Keith
  9. Just sold a Ibanez Talman to Stew , great guy to deal with and even suggested a cheaper courier , payment straight away . This is how transactions should be . Thanks Stew
  10. Hi , would you post in UK ?
  11. Harley Benton Bass Expander DI For sale my Harley Benton Bass Expander DI, in as new condition. Great unit for the price, Aux (line) in, Headphone socket, DI as well! No box or manual (manual downloadable from internet) Price includes UK Mainland Postage
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