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  1. Could well have done it without knowing , I`m new to it . thanks Pete
  2. Hi HX Stompers , The volume control on the unit just stopped working , anyone else had this problem . Re set factory , now OK , lucky I had saved my settings , so downloaded them again . Pete
  3. Hi Gavin, Cant seem to open them .......says I need HEVC Video Extension ? Pete
  4. Hi krispn, attachments will not open . Can you please send to my email [email protected] Thanks Pete
  5. Hi Guys , Just got a used Helix Stomp, its great . Been messing around with it , but need a bit of help . Has anyone got a nice clean Bass amp patch I could have as a starting point . All the presets seem over the top and "mushy" Just need one to mess around with . Pete
  6. petetexas

    Mod Dwarf

    Now up for sale !
  7. Mod Dwarf For sale the above, The difficulty I had was trying to adjust things on the unit itself . When you sort out how to the allocate the control knobs ( took me a while to get it right ) its straight foreward . When you use the Graphic User Interface , its very very easy . The quality of the sounds , selection of amps, effects are great , the quality of build , very roadwothy , in my opinion . Nice nifty carry / protection bag, mains power supply and USB cable. It still has the protection film on the screen. Manual and instructions on Internet. The GUI is on their website, so you don`t download , just link up . Price includes UK Mainland Postage
  8. petetexas

    Mod Dwarf

    After almost a week with it , l find that my 74 year old brain cannot cope . It's really great sounding , but far to complex for me , so it will be going up for sale . I will be going back to my HX STOMP , which l can understand , and tweek on the go . Pete
  9. petetexas

    Mod Dwarf

    Hi , Even using the GUI , its quite complex ( Computer nerds will love it ) Spent an hour or so on it last night , had to pack in , my head was spinning . Lots of things missing , or not explained very well in manual . I`ll carry on trying it out for a while , and see how I feel . Thought it would be so easy with the GUI , but spending so much time on PC instead of playing . Ive had Line6 HX EFFECTS , Mooer Ge200, Zoom B3n etc ....so easy to use , but this one takes a lot of patience and time . Pete
  10. petetexas

    Mod Dwarf

    All sorted now .... they got in touch , told me to change the setting on USB- B default to TO USB-MIDI ( Windows ) and re-boot . Now all is OK. You'll love it . Pete
  11. petetexas

    Mod Dwarf

    Do you have one then ?
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