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    Zoom B1four

    Hi Al Krow , Tried your CLEAN setting ( without the ZNR ) suits my bedroom set up , as you say , gets rid of the mush at the low end . Will try it out at a small Festival Sat afternoon , with full rig , and if ok , will use Sat night and Sunday night . I play a much modified Hagstrom Viking Bass 2012 ( Schaller 232 pups , re wired for normal 3 way switch , tone & vol for each ) through MB Ninja and 2 MB 2x10 cabs on end , for a Stones Tribute Band . Have tried going straight into the front end of the amp , and through the effects return , sound very simular ( both good ) Will let you know how I get on . Working on a Phaser for the intro to Anyone Seen My Baby . I have now put my Zoom B3n up for sale , because the ZoomB1four fits inside my guitar case . Less to carry . Pete
  2. petetexas

    Zoom B1four

    Hi Guys , Been away for a few days ( without Bass , with wife ) , will play catchup tonight . Pete
  3. petetexas

    Zoom B1four

    Hi , what settings did you use ? Pete
  4. petetexas

    Zoom B1four

    Gonna try it next wekend then
  5. petetexas

    Zoom B1four

    Hi , Has anyone used the Zoom B1four as a preamp yet , feeding into a power amp or effect return ? Itried it at rehearsal , seems ok , but not tried it at a gig yet . Pete
  6. For Sale , my Zoom B3n Bass Effects Processor . In good clean condition, some very light marks from gigging – can hardly see Original box , power supply , manual etc . Reason for selling is that I have now gone down in size to the Zoom B1Four ( it fits in my guitar case ). Full working condition . Free postage to UK Mainland only . SORRY I`M AWAY TILL SUNDAY 11TH
  7. Here is a guys website in Germany , who has been very helpfull in pointing me in the right direction for Schaller parts / pickups etc. www.guitar-pickups.de Pete
  8. I know that they are for a Ricky , just that somewhere on the web l have seen a pic of a Hagstrom Viking Bass with the Seymore Duncan pup in the neck position . The guy who had this must have modded the surround . Thanks anyhow Pete
  9. Hi , sorry to have bothered you , have now found all the dimensions on the internet . It would meam quite a lot of mods , so I will leave it . Sorry again . Pete
  10. Hi , Is it possible for you to measure the outside dimentions of the neck pickup ( over the chrome cover ), and the pitch of the two height adjustment screws ) The reason being that I may get them for my Hagstrom Viking Bass Pete
  11. I bought a 2012 White Viking , 3 months ago . Was in a poor state , dings , dents , chips - what I would call many battle scars . Gave it a complete set up , ( the neck had a 4mm forward bow - now flat ) new bone nut , rewired the 6 way switch and moved the strap buton to the top horn ( had to insert a block inside , but thats another story ) It has got to be one of the most versatile Basses I have ever had . It has now done about 7 gigs , and its great . If someone wants a GOOD short scale versatile Bass , then buy one of these . It looks gorgeous in Black............................ GLWTS.
  12. For sale , my Little Mark Tube 800 . Only used as a practice amp , now not needed as the rehearsal studio has one . Great little amps , having the ability to blend from Solid State to Tube , with one control . Less than six months old A few very minor marks , quite hard to see , but nothing serious . Bank Transfer ..........or Paypal - if you pay fees . Postage - UPS Delivery to UK Mainland ( I have all the original packaging ) add £30 Pete
  13. Just sold Neil a EWS Tri amp pedal . Great comms , a real gent . Poor sevice from Royal Fail , still awaiting their explanation for the delay in delivery . Neil waited patiently for over a week before getting it , great chap .
  14. ZOOM MS-60B For sale my Zoom MS-60B Bass multi-effect pedal . In excellent condition , fully working , with original box and Manual Price includes UK Mainland Postage
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