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  1. Hi , When you put a post up , for sale eg , and you get a message saying " Bill and Bob reacted to your post" , how do I read what the reaction is ? Pete
  2. For sale my Zoom B6 Brilliant piece of kit, just an overkill for what I am doing now. Only a few moths old, bought it when I was playing three bands - a Stones Tribute Band, a Rockabilly Band and a Dr Feelgood band. Ideal to get different bass sounds for each band, with both my basses. Only in Dr Feelgood tribute at moment, so one basic sound. Fully working, in as new condition with original box and power supply. I`ll probably regret it but here she goes. Price includes UK Mainland delivery.
  3. I`m 75 next month , failing eysight , bad back and shoulders , angina , loosing my hair , only get VERY large knickers thrown at me on stage now , but still gigging ( be it only a couple of times a month with Dr Feelgood tribute ) They will have to carry me off stage when I go . Started playing Guitar in the early 60`s , a few breaks over the years , VERY VERY understanding wife ! Pete
  4. Up for sale again is my Laney Digbeth Bass Pre amp . Full working order , will include original control knobs Not reqd now , got Zoom B6 Price includes UK Mainland Postage Pete
  5. For sale my Artec Parametric Equalizer SE-PEQ , in excellent condition , with original box . Full working order . Price includes UK Mainland Postage
  6. For sale my Marshall Regenerator RG-1 pedal . Very good condition , with original box and manual . This is true bypass as well , using output 1 / left . Works well on bass , some nice sounds can be obtained , full working order .. Reason for sale , I now have a Zoom B6 Price includes UK Mainland Postage .
  7. For sale my Laney Digbeth Bass pre amp . As new condition , great piece of kit . Have a look at the reviews on youtube . Full working order Reason for sale , now have Zoom B6 Removed the original control knobs and replaced with Boss Knobs , much easier to see on stage . No original box , or manual , but manual can be downloaded . Price includes UK Mainland Postage
  8. For sale my little used Zoom MS60B , in near perfect condition . Includes original box and manual . Fully working . Reason for sale - not required now due to having a Zoom B6 Price includes UK Mainland Postage
  9. Used mine last night for the first time with the band at rehearsal.......at volume . At the moment lm using just the presets to get used to the box . Went through quite a few of the presets and immediately noticed the difference in sound at a volume , compared to bedroom level . I settled on 80's studio , very over compressed at bedroom level , but l found it great in band situation . Quality of sound ( IMHO ) far, far better than the b3n . For a 75 year old , things ain't half improved over the years . Now back to the box , to learn how to tweek it , to get it even better .
  10. Ran the Ashdown Retroglide now for three days bedroom level ( not continuous playing ! ) but longest about two and a half hours with the fan switched off , did not even get warm . Nice not having the noise .
  11. Added an on /off switch for the fan after talking to Dave Green at Ashdown , who informed me that there is also a thermal cut out in the unit . So if the amp starts to get too hot ( forgetting to turn on the fan at a gig ) it shuts down .
  12. I got in touch with Dave Green at Ashdown ( very helpful man ) about the noise of my Retroglide fan . He suggested that l put a on/off switch for the fan ( off for bedroom usage , on for stage ) saying that the 800W head should not get hot at bedroom level . Pete
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