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  1. Electro Voice N/D767a Microphone. In great working condition, Neo Cartridge (very clear sounding) including Sure Wallet. Price includes UK Mainland Postage
  2. Electro Harmonix EXH 2020 Tuner Pedal As new condition, only used a few times, with box and power supply. Price includes UK Mainland Postage
  3. Eden Terra Nova Bass Module In great condition, bass module with loads of functions. With original box, including the original 18VDC power supply. Price includes UK Mainland Postage.
  4. For sale , my hardly used Zoom MS-60B, with original box . No Manual ( can be dowloaded from Internet ) Price includes UK Mainland Postage Pete
  5. Bathroom scales 7 1/2 lb , nice for an old man like me , centerline join on Mahogany body . Dont know if its a Thunderbird pickup or not ( looks about the same size ) Fingerboard was really dry when I got it , used plenty of Leamon Oil . Frets still need polishing I have set it with a highish action ( as I like ) , and I have still got to find out what difference the push / pull pot makes on the overall sound . Bedroom level is not a true test . Got to wait now till our guitarists fingertip has healed to start gigging again ( cut most of it off on a guillotine at his works ). A Gator Les Paul delux case is on order , after a lot of research on internet , which came up with this case as the best fit . Slight neck dive , but have got used to playing with my 1997 Epiphone Rivoli which has neck dive , so no problem there . Will get a few more pics up later . Pete
  6. Just got a Gibson Les Paul DC from Bax . At the price they were throwing them out , l could not resist (£575) Always fancied one . I see they have gone back up to £800 ish now . Some small quality issues 1) end of fingerboard not stained correctly - patchy 2) scratchplate screws going in at an angle 3)small "ding" on back of neck . Could have sent back , but at this price l was expecting some quality issues . Plays and sounds BEAUTIFUL . Pics to follow
  7. To get over the gap at the bottom of pickup to body , when the pickup was raised , l put some black modelling putty ( milliputy l think it was ) around the resin coils , and sanded back to make the pickup cover look deeper . Looks ok to me . Going to put the parallel , series switch in and remove the choke connections next . Pete
  8. Just put my 1997 Rivoli ( no scratchplate ) on the bathroom scales............9lb 13oz ! I`ve gigged it a few times , does not seem too heavy ! Gap of pickup poles to bottom of strings E and G held down at last fret .........E = 5mm.....G = 4mm Pete
  9. Hi Jus Lukin , I have a 1997 Rivoli that weighs a ton , made in the Peerless factory , same pickup , coils in parallel but with the choke and different capacitors . Can I ask what height the pickup is - the gap between the top of the poles to the bottom of the G and E strings when held down at the last fret . I have found a great difference in Tone and volume by having the pickup near / far away from strings . I`m working on a bass cut control pot , to try and "tame" the series boom at the moment . Pete
  10. At the moment I play through my Helix stomp into my Messa D800 ( set flat ) into two Markbass 2x10 cabs . I am looking at going through my Helix stomp , into a full range powered speaker (lightweight) Any suggestions ? Pete
  11. Hi, I have put a DiMarzio Model One on my 1997 Rivoli . Coils in series , far too "boomy" , but wired in parallel , it is a bit lower output , and has more clarity . I also removed the .02 capacitor from the from the choke , and replaced it with a .100 , and replaced the tone cap ( dont know what it was ) with a .047 . Now that is some improvemet , more to my taste . I use D`Addario Nickel Wound 50 70 85 105 (EXL160S) Sounds great in a Stones Tribute Band . Pete
  12. Eden Ext112 for sale , in as new condition . Used for a couple of acoustic rehearsals , and as a bedroom practice cab . 300W at 8ohms , back top handle , one man lift . Meet anywhere around Coventry M6 , or you arrange courier at your expense and risk ( I have got original packaging ) Pete
  13. Hi, Just got Rivoli back from my local luthier , neck heel crack repaired , you can see it but not feel it . Just noticed , the pickup routing on this one is the size of the pickup, so the whole pickup drops inside the routing ...... very strange , my old one had the routing done for the pickup chrome flange to sit on the surface. Anyhow, I have far more adjustment in height on this one.
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