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  1. I had a terrific week in the mid-90s doing a run of Christmas parties at British army bases in Germany - 7 days, 3 camps, 7 gigs, full Christmas dinner and all you could drink every night. Officers were worst behaved, the wives were most intimidating. Great fun.
  2. It's all about Live After Death - that was the first Maiden album I heard, never heard better than that
  3. Hi there - I'm interested in the Zoom, got a couple of questions if you don't mind - are there any voltage issues with the Euro adaptor? Does it come with cubase? And whereabouts are you? I have a Diago Tourman (midsized one) for sale if that's any interest for a PX (but would rather not post - I'm in north London) Cheers! Len
  4. When I was Les Paul hunting last year I played through one of these - I've never sounded better! Great amps, unfortunately I have no possible justification for this, but would thoroughly recommend
  5. This would suit me - will PM when not in the office, cheers
  6. [quote name='CamdenRob' timestamp='1445496920' post='2891834'] You could always get a fretted one and have it defretted? It would have lines by default.... [/quote] I play a fretless Fender P-lyte. There are/were a couple going on here recently, even adding the cost of de-fretting it will be a pretty cheap option. I have TI flats on mine, very happy with it
  7. Seven. But as that's over 25 years I don't feel too bad about that. Fretless Precision Lyte 75 RI Japanese Jazz 71 RI Japanese Precision (flats) Cheap Spector 4 string (forget which model, but PJ pickups make it perfect for my occasional metal gigs) Shine 8-string Hofner Contemporary Violin Bass (40th birthday gift to myself) Cheap electro-acoustic which I'll get defretted one of these days. Plus 3 electric guitars, an acoustic, couple of ukuleles and a borrowed mandolin. Sounds pretty reasonable actually...
  8. I play a Shine one - picked it up pretty cheaply on here as an entry point, and I'm very pleased with it - decent to play, decent sound. This one in fact; http://basschat.co.uk/topic/138206-shine-8-eight-string-bass-for-saletrade/ I saw a clip of someone playing a converted Spector and that sounded awesome (tuned D-A-D-G - I do the same). I remember someone also converting a P-bass to 8 string which looked great.
  9. [quote name='algmusic' timestamp='1443529127' post='2875536'] I use this with my Mac... so flexible.. great unit! [/quote] Does it work with GarageBand?
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