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  1. Excellent lightweight 400 watt PA system. I bought this just prior to lockdown for a band project that now won’t happen. The mixer and cables are stored in the back of each speaker when not being used. Other than setting it up once at home to try it out it’s never been used and I’d have no hesitation in saying it’s good as new. I bought a pair of heavy duty stands separately which I’ll chuck in too. Collection only. Open to offers.
  2. I’m moving on my MIM Fender Precision Bass. It’s a 2005/6 model according to the serial number and is totally stock. It’s in excellent condition. Never gigged, only ever used at home. It’s in my way as I’m not playing much these days. Nice satin neck, nut width is approximately 42mm and it’s a nice chunky profile. On my bathroom scales it’s 4kg dead. The white scratch plate has aged nicely to a kind of faded parchment and the dark blue slightly metallic paint is spotless. No gig bag but I do have a sturdy bass box that a Squier came in for transporting. I’d rather meet up, not keen on sending. I’m centrally located (I live about a mile from M40 J11) but am often in the Midlands and northern Home Counties. I’m happy for you to arrange your own courier if you prefer and I’ll pack it well in said box.
  3. 'Yes' by the mighty Manics. 7/8 followed by 8/8 and on... (* C-bomb alert)
  4. Johnny Cash had the good sense to do it in 4/4...
  5. Great band, sad news that I'm sorry to hear.
  6. Excellent condition, minimal home use. original packaging, SD card, manuals, power supply etc Prefer collection or meet up but can courier. https://www.tascam.eu/en/dp-03sd.html
  7. Is it unusual for bloom to appear after a long time? I have a Yamaha acoustic that I bought new in 1993. For the first twenty five years of it’s life the finish was perfect, but in the last couple of years very obvious blooming has occurred. Surely after a quarter of a century any moisture in the wood would’ve manifested itself sooner? It’s not a big deal as it’s only on the (nato / mahogany) back and sides. Incidentally the guitar spends most of it’s life out of it’s case on a stand, but not in direct sunlight and away from heat sources.
  8. Thanks all, a couple of mics in there I hadn’t heard of, I’ll investigate.
  9. I’m looking to get a new condenser mic for the home studio - my budget is around £150-175. I’ll be using it for vocals and acoustic guitar only. I’m investigating products like the Rode NT1A, Sontronics STC2, Audio Technica AT2020. Any advise, experience, recommendations gratefully received, thanks.
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