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  1. Yep they can’t play in Birmingham and not do Handsworth Revolution!
  2. I saw Frank last weekend in Birmingham with my boy, and booked tickets this morning for his next UK run in March, Aylesbury Waterfront, this time with grown up daughter.
  3. I’m seeing them at the Birmingham show, can’t wait!
  4. I went to my son’s school Christmas concert this week. His school has a very strong musical emphasis and as such has a superb music department. The concert showcases all the different departments, whether it’s a string quartet, jazz band, choir and many others. These boys are aged 8-10. Most interesting to me were the three rock bands that played. Considering how young the kids are the performances were amazing. Band 1 played Born To Be Wild, Band 2 played Rolling In The Deep (complete with expletive, which cracked me up) and Band 3 played We Are The Champions. One little lad played bass with all three - his Squier Precision looked massive on him but he played well, simple stuff but solid. Which is a great place to start. When I was 10 I was still tuning my nylon acoustic down til the strings went floppy and pretending to be Paul Simonon. I was impressed!
  5. I see the swear filter has been turned up to 11. What if you’re referring to someone actually called D*ick? 😂
  6. I definitely get that, there are certainly types of male that I don’t feel comfortable being in the company of and will actively avoid. Usually the alpha male type. I’m the least alpha male you could wish to meet and really hate the ‘Richard measuring’ dynamic that surrounds such groups of men. I’ll talk to and try to get on with anyone but I have a problem relating to them.
  7. Those of you in bands, how would you describe your relationship with your bandmates? One of the bands on our local circuit are always posting photos of themselves out together, drinking, socialising. Nice situation to be in I suppose, where you’re all close friends as well as bandmates. Personally I don’t see my bandmates unless we’re rehearsing or gigging. Not to say I don’t like them, we all get on well (most of the time), I just have my own circle of friends that are totally separate and a busy life away from the band. I have nothing in common with my bandmates other than the fact that we’re bandmates. I don’t feel any need to socialise with them. In fact if ever I left the band our paths probably wouldn’t cross much. I like them as people and I enjoy the camerarderie of being in a band but they’re definitely colleagues rather than friends.
  8. Is Wattie back to full strength again now?
  9. Yes and also Seth Lakeman was in my home town of Banbury, literally about a mile from where I live. If I hadn’t booked Frank I’d have gone to see him. No good gigs for ages and then loads on the same day!
  10. I’ve spent all day waiting for FedEx to deliver work stuff that I need to take away with me overseas in a few days time. 17.02 and still no show... No way to track when it will arrive, other than just ‘today’. Pathetic
  11. Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls last night at the beautiful Symphony Hall in Birmingham. I’ve seen him many times over the years and he never disappoints. This show was a stripped back affair with a strong story telling element throughout. It was also my eight year old son’s first gig; I play Frank in the car on the school run and he’s become a fan. A special and memorable night. Excellent.
  12. My son’s school took part in Young Voices earlier this year so I travelled to the NEC to watch him sing, with many other school choirs from around the country. The band were awesome and I was particularly impressed with the bass player, a chap called Carl Stanbridge, who had a great tone and was absolutely spot on in the groove the whole night. Very good indeed.
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