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  1. The Colour of Spring and Spirit of Eden are masterpieces. The latter especially is a slow burning gem that rewards repeated listening.
  2. I’m just about to start working with an artist now. It’s my first ‘big’ tattoo (slready have a few smaller ones) I want something really, really amazing. I don’t mind paying a lot as I’m kind of going to be stuck with it forever 🙂 There are some insanely talented artists out there doing incredible work.
  3. Oooh yes. Dangerous information. I got a spotless 2018 Affinity P for £100, including a decent gig bag, from their website.
  4. We had trouble finding new relevant material to cover that was a) guitar based, b) currently on the radio / appealing to a younger audience. I was really pushing for this as we billed ourselves as ‘modern indie / alt rock’ and yet the most recent song we did was a Royal Blood track from 2013. In theory my bandmates were all up for it but in practice they baulked at nearly everything suggested; Blossoms, The 1975 etc. We got close, with a Sam Fender song, but it was too high for the singer, and he refused to change the key. They liked the idea of playing new stuff but we just always ended up doing another Kasabian album track... There was always resistance and prejudice towards certain bands (‘don’t like Muse, don’t like The Killers...’ ad infinitum) when in reality personal taste shouldn’t come into it. I was always keen on the idea of taking something pop / dance / hip hop and giving it an alt rock treatment but they could never see it. Words failed me at times.
  5. Great bass work from Leon Sylvers.
  6. We were asked to play at an outdoor charity event a couple of summers back. The organiser was genuinely surprised that we would need electricity. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  7. Good luck getting that together, great track to cover. Post audio if you do, I’d like to hear it 👍🏻
  8. 16 gigs with band in 2019, that’s one roughly every three weeks which suits me fine. On average the gigs were within 5.5 miles radius of home. The furthest away was 26 miles and many of them were within 1-2 miles from home. All the above suits me down to the ground. Pity the bastardss sacked me really...
  9. So the general consensus it that CleanMyMac (sounds like something Columbo might say...) is worth the money and offers a noticeable improvement in speed?
  10. My perspective: get the bass you will use and lose the bass you don’t use. I really liked my Stingray but it was lying in it’s case unused for month after month. I sold it to fund my Jazz which truthfully I like less, but gets used every week. Depends how you view your basses, to me they’re predominantly tools that have to earn their keep.
  11. My Mac is also a 2011 model and it’s decrepitly slow. I get massively frustrated with it and am regularly tempted to kick it down the stairs, which won’t speed it up but will vent my ire with it. I’ll be watching this thread closely because I’ve tried everything to improve things and nothing has worked for me so far.
  12. Lots of activity for sure, but not much in the way of Precisions. Loads of Js seemingly, but noticeably few Ps. Are Jazz Basses out of vogue?
  13. The simple fact for me is that if I wasn’t in a gigging band I wouldn’t play bass. I’m not a home player. I’m temporarily bandless and looking for a new opportunity. I have a few irons in the fire currently but if they come to nothing that’s me done, in all likelihood. Back to my solo singer-songwriter stuff.
  14. I love gigging but the last few years have been quite intense, and there were times last year where I was wondering how long I wanted to carry on. It’s not the playing, that’s the best bit, it’s the load in / out, the carrying equipment up stairs, trying to find somewhere to park, all the usual stuff. Coupled with having a young family and a job that takes me overseas it starts being a hassle. And when the hassle outweighs the enjoyment it’s time to go, right? I’m currently bandless, since just before Christmas, and was kind of relishing the prospect of a break for a while. But a new band opportunity has come along which is interesting, so if I get the gig I guess I’ll sign up for it but only if it works for me.
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