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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/372808795050 These are described as "new" with no disclaimers, but that packaging doesn't look like anything made while I've been playing, and I'm 40 next year! The packet art is kind of charming in a kitschy way, but I wonder if there's much demand for NOS strings?
  2. Does it run clean like that? Most amps that use a master volume would be getting pretty dirty with every preamp control maxed.
  3. Just adjusted my double bass bridge down to where the strings are 5-8mm off the end of the fingerboard. It really brings out the growl, it's easier to get around, and it's a bit kinder on my hands given I don't get as much practice time as I'd like. But I feel like the old-school "real players dig in" guys will disapprove!

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    2. Beer of the Bass

      Beer of the Bass

      Yeah, I suspect a lot of the players who are my reference points for tone (which Danny certainly is) have a similar setup.

    3. owen


      I have my action higher than that, but that is because I find that a low action for me means that I run out of headroom if I pluck harder.

    4. Beer of the Bass

      Beer of the Bass

      I guess playing style, string tension and other parts of the setup like the fingerboard relief can make quite a difference to where the optimum is. When I was spending more time playing each week and did a lot of unamped jams in noisy rooms, a higher action worked OK for me even with my Spiro Mittels, but there's a distinct voice that comes out with it at the current height too.

  4. Maybe just people expecting more than even a very good single 8" will do?
  5. Are those multiple Fender 400PS heads racked up in the older picture? That must have been a pretty crazy setup for the time!
  6. I'd also say it is for me, in the bands I play in, although I do run into bands playing in the same venues who'd probably want more power. I've usually got one guitarist on stage with a style that's not too heavy, plus brass, and my bass sound has a lot of midbass in it, not pushing the deep lows. In that setting it sits nicely with the level of the acoustic drums and guitar backline, and beyond that we'd need decent PA anyway. But if you brought in multiple guitarists doing the chunky modern rock thing, a scooped bass sound and a drummer using double pedals, the PF50T wouldn't be my choice.
  7. For wah I'd say Michael Henderson on Miles Davis' On the Corner. I thought this was some sort of envelope filter at first, but apparently it's a wah with very good foot technique! For envelope filter, Parliament's Chocolate City is a big favourite, and I think it's because of this that I won't even consider filter pedals without a reverse sweep mode. Thinking about it further, I really can't come up with a favourite example of synth pedals on bass. There are keyboard synth or sequenced basslines that I love, but I feel like synth pedals are mostly a convenient means for a bass guitarist to imitate those live.
  8. Impressively neat work with the tolexing there! I've done a couple of guitar combos, and there's certainly a knack to doing it well. I suspect that Ampeg never put in that level of attention to detail over the check pattern.
  9. If you're making a big box that looks like an amp, and then putting an amp inside the box, are you really going ampless?
  10. Yep, it looks like the Carbon would fit the bill. The Audio Technica AT95E mentioned in the linked thread falls into a similar price bracket too, so I'll do some searching around for opinions on those two.
  11. I'd definitely be looking sub £100, both in terms of what I can sensibly spend at the moment, and what I'd be willing to put into this old turntable. So I could certainly look into some of the suggestions here.
  12. I'm presuming that the cartridge is the original; I can't see any markings on it, but the styli that fit are labelled as a replacement for the Pioneer PN10/11/14/15/20 cartridges.
  13. I'm not a massive hi-fi enthusiast, but have and listen to quite a bit of vinyl. I have an old 70s Pioneer Pl-11 turntable that I've had for a long time, with the original cartridge. I had a few NOS styli that I picked up a few years ago, but I've just put my last spare on, and it doesn't seem to be a very easy replacement to find now. So, would it be worth thinking about a new cartridge rather than looking around for more replacement styli for the old Pioneer cartridge? And if I did, what's OK and not too expensive?
  14. The Orange Terror Bass definitely gets a big chunk of the flavour of certain valve amp sounds, too. When I've used one I'm not always sure if the voicing is to my taste, but the character is certainly there.
  15. I used to use my 506 quite sparingly, chorus on one tune, octave and distortion on sections of others, so I had the effects off most of the time and it was the difference between the Zoom with effects off or bass straight into amp that was noticeable. But I'd expect like any other piece of affordable digital kit, things will have come a long way in the past 20 years! I don't have any complaints about the sound quality of my Zoom recorders, for example.
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