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Beer of the Bass

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  1. Beer of the Bass

    Playing without an amp

    I have done it, and it can work, but it is very drummer dependent. While people did it "back in the day", you really need a drummer who is aware of how they played in that era, or at least one with some restraint and sensitivity to the ensemble sound. A kick-heavy rock or funk approach rarely works with unamped bass!
  2. I voted no, because I don't have any electric bass gigs at the moment, only double bass, often with the bow and sometimes unamped. I could do anything I do on electric bass on a 5-string Squier with a decent setup though.
  3. Beer of the Bass

    I played through a Laney......... and I liked it!

    The current R500h does look like good value for what you get, though not the most compact of it's sort. And I guess the graphic EQ might appeal to the guys who pine for their old Trace Elliots! I like that they used sparkly grille cloth too, superficial though that is...
  4. Beer of the Bass

    I played through a Laney......... and I liked it!

    I'm not intimately familar with Laney's range over the years, but is that definitely a bass cab? The basketweave tolex and cloth grille looks like a lot of their guitar stuff over the last few years.
  5. Beer of the Bass

    Fender Mustang GT 100 rickrolled

    I'm probably something of a luddite in these matters, but putting bluetooth in a guitar amp at all seems like a solution looking for a problem.
  6. Beer of the Bass

    Tape echo emulation - any suggestions?

    I'm hanging on to the Melos, it's just not coming out for gigs. I have two of them, one I was using and another tucked away waiting for me to refurbish it if I ever get around to it, both the silver-fronted cartridge based model.
  7. Beer of the Bass

    Handbox Audio WB-100 - new valve head (pics)

    Ooh, proper Hammond! I always like seeing those used live, as it seems to happen less and less often now.
  8. Beer of the Bass

    Marshall 1987 re issue, anyone owns or tried one?

    A post-phase-inverter master volume (PPIMV) can work really well with this circuit to dial it down to lower volumes, though you lose the effect of the presence control at lower settings, and it's still not exactly the same sound as cranking it with no master. I built an amp for a guitarist friend a while back, based on the 1987 circuit but in a 1x12" combo cabinet. While the PPIMV is effective right down to practice volume, I'd suggest that it might be too much amp unless you're regularly playing very loud gigs. He's never had his above 50% on the master even in larger rooms, and it'll be even louder with a 2x12" or 4x12".
  9. Beer of the Bass

    Handbox Audio WB-100 - new valve head (pics)

    I'm concerned about that photo of the back. From that photo it looks a lot like the plates of the 6l6s are glowing red. This does not happen in normal use; it's usually a sign that the valves are drawing too much current and can lead to short valve life and sudden failures. Perhaps check in with the maker about that.
  10. Beer of the Bass

    Barefaced Cab price hike

    Only if the collectors in question are refuse collectors!
  11. Beer of the Bass

    Barefaced Cab price hike

    I have heard a pair of these, and I'd say that the screws are the least of their worries!
  12. Beer of the Bass


    Ooh, there's a mapleglo one! I still won't be able to afford one, but I could definitely make good use of one of those.
  13. I know there are a couple of basschatters who play there - have any of you noticed what their house guitar amp is at the moment? I have a late gig tomorrow on guitar and I'm temporarily without a car. If it's the same old Peavey as a couple of years ago I'd lug my own combo anyway, but I'm hoping they might have changed it by now.
  14. Beer of the Bass

    Cab Sims & DI

    I could see the value with certain fuzz pedals, though it's something I haven't got around to playing with yet (having few electric bass gigs at the moment). When running a DI with my Superfuzz clone, it takes a competent sound guy, a decent desk and a little time in the soundcheck to sort out the excess high end fizz that a tweeterless bass cab cuts out. A lot of my gigs don't have all of those things, but that pedal does exactly what I want when used through my cabs. I think I'd rather have a simple lowpass response rather than a more complex cab simulation though.
  15. Beer of the Bass


    I'd be very tempted if my finances allowed (which they don't). I like the look and sound of Rickenbackers, and the slim-bodied proportions (I started on an Ibanez faker), but the daft metalwork and lack of an effective 5-string put me off, and the 4004 loses too much of what I like about the looks IMO. So this does tick all of the boxes, the walnut model especially.