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Beer of the Bass

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  1. Dance yourself dizzy?...blimey.

    [quote name='discreet' timestamp='1509715865' post='3401128'] Shiny green pants were de rigeur at the time. I'm wearing mine now as I type. [/quote] With the matching socks and tie?
  2. Dance yourself dizzy?...blimey.

    The drummer's stage wear is memorable...
  3. Is there any really bad new gear out there?

    [quote name='Deedee' timestamp='1509666319' post='3400791'] Am i the only person who had an Encore P in the early nineties that played fine? Did loads of gigs with it 😳 [/quote] I think Encores have come from a few different factories over the years. An old bandmate had one which was really not bad and played nicely but I've seen others which were horrible.
  4. Fixing up a cab - is it worth it?

    It's hard to say without hearing what you're hearing, but is it definitely the speaker farting and not the amp distorting? It's only a 15 watt amp, and the speaker would have to either be damaged or very poorly chosen to be running out of steam at that amount of power. It'd be worth checking through another cab before you spend more on it.
  5. Strap buttons! Are those still in the post?
  6. A pair of 1x12" cabs

    [quote name='DIYjapan' timestamp='1508472340' post='3392405'] What a great looking pair you've got there. Any further word on how they sound on the stage? Looks like they'd fill out most any venue just fine. [/quote] They're doing fine; most of the time one cab raised on a chair does the job and there have only been a couple of occasions where I've used both. I'm sure that the limiter on the GK MB200 kicks in before the cabs start to complain, so I suspect I could use a larger amp if I needed to. I'm pretty happy with the sound of them for electric bass either with the MB200 or my Dynacord valve amp. For double bass they're quite usable but do sound a little coloured.
  7. Valve ~ Tube question

    I'm not too familiar with that amp so I won't comment on any difference in tone between them, but I will say that Allparts prices are not the best. I'd look at somewhere like Karltone or Hot Rox.
  8. Cab Conundrum...

    I haven't used the TKS cabs themselves, but I have some experience with the driver used in the S112 and S212 and I have an 80 watt Dynacord valve amp I bring out sometimes. I think either the S212 or a pair of S112 would be a nice combination with the Echolette - they should have reasonable efficiency (or about as good as you'll get without going for something huge) and a voicing that works well with an old-school valve amp, but you would need to determine whether they would meet your needs for volume and low end output with the GK.
  9. Flat strings no silk?

    Sadowsky Black Label flats have fairly discrete silks. They're a light grey that isn't very noticeable against the colour of the string. They're a bit darker and more old-school flatwound sounding than Chromes though.
  10. Maple veneer for fret markers

    Are you sure you want 1mm veneer? For the bass I defretted a few years ago 0.6mm veneer was a good fit in the slots.
  11. Rickenbacker... 5s?

    Given that they have narrow string spacing as a 4-string, the 5-string conversions must take a bit of getting used to. It does look like Rath's conversions are better thought out than RIC's own though.
  12. Classic gear, how good was it really.

    I'd say this is an example of a nice bass sound on an old OGWT performance, if a little low in the mix. But then it looks like he's using a Fender Showman on some sort of fridge-sized cab and it doesn't sound like the band are playing loud, so that keeps it out of fart territory. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=soOiBvbRvsw
  13. Bands tuning out of tune, why?

    Could it be something to do with optimising the track time for vinyl mastering? I remember reading that the average level and quality start to decline over 20-22 minutes per side. I cwn imagine playing with the tape speed to get the master in that range.
  14. Love the band, hate the fans?

    I love Gong, but somehow online encounters with Gong fan groups have not always been to my taste. There is a facebook group which shuts down and deletes any posts which do not conform to the prevailing fluffy hippy good vibes. It ends up being more satisfying just to listen to them in my own little bubble than to engage with the fandom, though I suspect that may be true of many bands.
  15. Fender Jazz Highway One rrp

    I paid £549 new for one around that time.