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  1. I feel that EADG like the bottom four of a guitar would be a little low. It's possible, especially if you have a long scale tenor, but it would miss a chunk of the range that a banjo sounds good in.
  2. Bridge piezo pickups on double bass. I don't think there are any that sound all that great, but they work, a mic is finicky in the situations I play and I don't have a lot of cash to throw at chasing the perfect amplified tone.
  3. Apologies if this is an overly dumb question, but how are you setting the VLE and VPF filter controls on the Markbass? The "off" setting on those knobs is fully anti-clockwise, and I've seen a few people not realise that and start with them at 12 o'clock.
  4. Could have been worse - you haven't truly known campfire singalong horror until you've heard a public schooled, land owning, white British trust fund hippy with dreadlocks murdering Redemption Song at 4am, and truly believing he's providing a beautiful and significant moment for everyone there!
  5. I think Georgie Born did this with Henry Cow, also coming from a cello background. But unless your student is using a 30“ scale instrument, the amount of shifting needed to play typical lines in the lower register is already going to feel quite different from cello. And if she's at that standard on cello at 14, I suspect she'd pick up standard tuned bass guitar quite quickly anyway. Fifths tuned bass guitar could work well with the right strings, but if your student is interested in bass guitar then it would make sense to get familiar with the standard configuration first, as it would help understand the nature of the instrument.
  6. I like valve amps for bass guitar, and have had a few different ones. I've never gigged with them on double bass, but I've used them at rehearsals a few times where it was just what I had with me. If you're staying within the headroom of the amp, it can sound very good. The character of it varies depending on amp and pickup choice, but in general they're a little more obviously amp-y sounding than most solid state amps, whether in a warm, rounded way or more mid-forward. I'm thinking I might bring my Ampeg PF-50T for a little gig I'm doing next month, a trio with drums and low volume electric guitar, so I'll report back if I do.
  7. This thread is from 2016 - I haven't looked at that shop in a while, but it's entirely possible their current stock aren't the same ones they carried 6 years ago. My warning people away from those wasn't about snobbery (otherwise I wouldn't have also recommended the lower end Stentors and older European laminated basses), it was simply because at the time I'd seen them stocking basses with major issues and ones of low quality that weren't good value for money.
  8. The odd thing with Insane Clown Posse is that Violent J in particular has proven to be quite a thoughtful and likeable person over the years, for example being willing to examine and express regret about their homophobic earlier lyrics. I don't get on with their music at all, but really, they seem like OK people.
  9. Hybrid usually implies the back and sides are laminated, and the description of this one says it's all solid. Though I think there have been both hybrid and all solid Zeller models, so it'd depend if you can see the lamination layers at the edges of the sides.
  10. My Ampeg PF-50T and pair of 1x12“ cabs are pretty well to my taste for what I do, and my band doesn't go wild with stage volume because we have brass and flute. If budget, transport and venue size was suitable I might be tempted to look at a V4B and one or two slightly larger cabs, but that wouldn't be an actual need - I could probably be fine with what I have.
  11. I played with a fiddle player using the violin version. It could sound good, but was really variable in tone and output level as the band shifted around or got loose. And I'd imagine making it big enough for a bass wouldn't help with that.
  12. I thought Fender's use of the name came from V. C. Squier, an American string manufacturer who were bought out by Fender in the 60s.
  13. I've definitely seen a few sound guys spend the largest part of the soundcheck getting a massive kick sound to the full ability of the system, then everything else is almost an afterthought over the top. I don't know if this is a genre specific thing, or some sort of strange soundguy tunnel vision!
  14. I wouldn't go too small - although I used to fit mine in a Fiesta and then various tiny rental and car club cars, I never liked the way it reduced visibility when upside down in the passenger seat, or the way it sat close above the handbrake and gearstick when put in from the boot with the back seats down. Currently we're keeping our 2007 Zafira going until it needs anything too expensive doing.
  15. It'd be worth checking you're happy with the string spacing of the Allparts bridge before you commit yourself to it. Rickenbackers are narrower spaced than most other four strings at the bridge, and not all modern day copies imitate that. You might find it leaves you with a lot of space at the edges of the fingerboard.
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