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  1. I haven't heard the newest version, but I quite like the Blues Juniors at low volume. They get sort of boxy if you're pushing them for volume (maybe the tiny cab?), but otherwise they seem like useful amps.
  2. I think Robert Smith has been using Line 6 Spider amps lately for some big gigs, admittedly a bit higher up the range than the model in the video. Though he is both a bit of a contrary sort, and a "clean amp with loads of effects" type player, so I could imagine him taking to them more than most would.
  3. It's a while since I've had one, but I remember the bass channel being very bassy, and the guitar channel being very bright. So running the two together and varying the mix to to taste gets you a broader, more balanced bass sound than either alone.
  4. You can definitely use the two channels on these together, so it ought to work just fine. There are numerous old multiple channel valve PA heads that would also get you there. I wouldn't describe it as stereo though, as the two channels are being mixed into a single power amp and speakers.
  5. I think it can happen with any string manufacturer - I don't know of any who have never had a faulty string. The important thing is how they deal with it.
  6. Ah, glad it's working and sounding good! I wonder if the preamp differences between this and the Eminent make it a bit nicer sounding for electric bass (the Eminent being more geared towards being a PA mixer amp. I'd use the 4 ohm output when using both drivers, as the two 8 ohm outputs will be connected to the 8 ohm tap, so a 4 ohm load will be a mismatch. That probably won't kill anything, but does run your output valves a little harder than they need to and may lose some power too.
  7. I'd like to change my user name, if possible. My current one is based on ny real name, and I've recently had someone locally paying an uncomfortable amount of attention to my online activities, so I'd like to move away from that.
  8. If you did want to get the 2x12" up and running for use with that head, there may not be much benefit in choosing the Kappalites over certain cheaper 12"s, given that they'd only have to handle 50 watts per driver. A pair of something like Eminence Betas or some of the Celestion bass drivers would cost less than one Kappalite and can be got in 4 or 16 ohms to make an 8 ohm cab. Of course, mixing it with your 1x15 could still be hit-and-miss though.
  9. IIRC they waited until I'd dispatched it, but not until it reached them.
  10. Are they guitar humbucker sized? There may be some blade polepiece guitar humbuckers that would do the job if so.
  11. I had much the same with the G on a set of new Spirocores a couple of years ago, also bought from Thomann. They sent a replacement which was fine, and I had to return just the G.
  12. I'm wondering if "surprises" are a good idea when working on instruments for others. It seems like one to discuss with the owner. If you do go for a smaller radius, the fingerboard thickness may be an issue, since most electric bass fingerboards are quite thin already, and a smaller radius would thin it further at the edges. Of course, if you're replacing the board rather than just defretting and filling the slots, you could address that.
  13. Only one half of the ECC81 is acting as a gain stage in these (the other half is a cathodyne phase inverter which has no gain whichever valve is used), and the power amp uses a lot of negative feedback to keep it clean and linear. So I'd say there's not a lot of potential to get dirt out of these with valve swaps alone. My own Eminent II that I built a new preamp into will get just a little grit, but it's all from the preamp. Though it's a pretty fun sound and it's only really the mid control and DI outs that cause me to favour my Ampeg PF50T over the modded Dynacord.
  14. I think I used that name in one or two places, yeah! I used to wear hats a lot...
  15. I'd say re-working the Peavey wouldn't be the most sensible route - it's a hybrid preamp which will have its own power supply requirements and is likely to be built around one large PCB, making it difficult to rehouse. With my own Dynacord, I started by making sure the amp was fully checked over and working in stock form, before building a new valve preamp from scratch to a relatively simple design.
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