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  1. Thinking about it, haven't there been a few cases where manufacturers have used a proprietary power module, run into reliability issues and discontinued support of them after a short while? That would make me lean slightly towards amps using ICEpower or modules from other large, established makers just because they're likely to be more of a known quantity and have continued parts availability.
  2. As much as I'm enjoying the valve amp and coloured speakers approach for bass guitar (OK, it's not very logical but it's fun and fits the vibe of my band), I would think seriously about something like this for double bass amplification if I had the gigs to justify it.
  3. If you're going used, I'd rather go for a steel core string like the Spiros too, as they tend to stand up to being taken on and off better. Some synthetic strings don't take well to that.
  4. Bootsy has always been pretty good at getting his complex fx chain to work with the music! Sometimes by having synth bass in the mix too, but it works...
  5. This will depend on income etc, but in any situation where a 100 watt valve amp was loud enough I'd prefer that to a 300 watt version because it will be so much less expensive when it's time for new power valves.
  6. Peacock's family have now confirmed his passing to NPR, so that seems to provide some certainty. RIP Gary... https://www.npr.org/2020/09/07/910054995/gary-peacock-a-jazz-bassist-always-ahead-of-his-time-dies-at-85?fbclid=IwAR0iLTeNEif5ouHru8fsX5uHUVYV5VnDEDMSqRpoKOny9zL6-JhCZ-gqpLQ&t=1599501388367
  7. Though DeJohnette apparently did post that and then deleted it once the hoax rumours started circulating, which is why it's not there now.
  8. I'm less certain - the source for the claims that it's a hoax appears to be a particularly dodgy looking website where much of the content looks bot-generated. It carries word for word identical "death hoax" stories on multiple celebrities.
  9. Effects do require some extra thought and preparation to work well live. I don't use more than occasional fuzz and a Mutron clone that pops up even less frquently, but even with those it's noticeable that what sounds great through a bass rig during rehearsals doesn't always play well live when you bring a DI into the equation. I don't take this to mean I shouldn't use them, just that there's a slight learning curve to really get them working well.
  10. I think Ampeg's UK distribution is changing since the company changed hands, so it may be a case of Polar wanting to shift their existing stocks, similar to the deals a lot of us got on the PF50T and PF20T heads.
  11. The one reservation I have with the Stentor 1950 is that the examples I've tried have been rather small proportioned for a 3/4, and personally I'd prefer a little larger. I have always wondered what kind of size the "4/4" version is, but I've never seen one in the flesh.
  12. An 8x10“ with just a pair of side handles, no tilt-back castors and bar handle? It looks like good value, but I suspect not that many will end up being moved around and gigged!
  13. I think they stopped making them, but Sadowsky Black Label flatwounds also had similar mid thickness to TI Jazz flats, but in a much higher tension, stiffer feeling string. The D'Addario Chromes, Ernie Ball and Fender flats I've also used don't have that same midrange character.
  14. On the flute chat, are we talking about the sustained portion of the note, or the whole note from start to finish? I feel with flutes and whistles, a lot of the identifiable character is in the transient at the beginning of the note, so it could be possible to have a sustained tone close to a sinewave but still contain the complexity that makes the instrument recognisable. From experience, it's surprisingly hard to make a convincing flute patch using a sinewave oscillator on a synth...
  15. Price is a big consideration for me, all my valve amps have been unfashionable off-brands and often bought needing work, except the Ampeg PF50T which I bought on Kenny's half price clearance and it was still the largest amount I've ever spent on an amp. And the compactness and weight of it definitely made it more appealing, since I'd already had heavier heads and found I often left them at home.
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