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  1. I guess an A-width Precision neck would have forked off from Jazz bass production quite early in the process, since the J would get block inlays and binding in that era. Presumably the same stack of blanks, though.
  2. I thought back in the 60s you could special order a Precision from Fender with a Jazz width neck, still called a Precision and marked Precision on the headstock? Few would argue that that was not a Precision bass.
  3. My band Big Hogg have got our new album finished up, full release is June 18th but there's one track to preview here https://bighogg.bandcamp.com/album/pageant-of-beasts

    1. Nail Soup

      Nail Soup

      I had a listen. Not really my kind of thing I'm afraid, but I tried 😀! Good luck with the album though!

  4. The band I've been playing with for the last wee while have just finished up our new album. It's the bands third album, but my first with them. The full release is June 18th, but there's one track up as a preview right now. It's quite a varied album musically, there's a definite Canterbury prog influence though we also get a little jazzy in places, there are some folk horror vibes in the lyrics and even a bit of a tongue-in-cheek yacht Rock feel occasionally! I play double bass for a couple, too. We should be getting out for some gigs in the autumn, fingers crossed... https://bighogg.bandcamp.com/album/pageant-of-beasts
  5. I'd be more concerned at the speaker end of things, personally. Though I've often tended to have amps that aren't crazy high powered compared to the speakers, so it would take some unusual use to really stress the drivers (detuning, crazy effects, excess low-end EQ etc).
  6. For me the presence of a telecaster would push things in more of a Western Swing direction, which can also be fun.
  7. I've depped on bluegrass gigs a couple of times. It seems to really vary as to how purist people are in the UK - some will be happy with electric bass, and some will scowl at you if your double bass doesn't have gut strings!
  8. I've found it a little awkward where I have gear that's at all idiosyncratic. Particularly on guitar where I've used a couple of different valve combos that I built - I've had people get annoyed there's no dirt channel, that it's not some big clean pedal platform amp to run their looper into, and a lot of younger musicians have never encountered valve amps at all. I've had someone struggle through a half hour soundcheck not figuring out how to turn an amp on while I was next door eating and then be grumpy at me, and others frantically toggling the power switch because it didn't make sound instantly (which is terrible for valve rectifiers). But if I hang around and offer explanation on how to use it, some find that patronising...
  9. That seems like a good, solid choice, I remember quite liking the Zeller basses I've seen.
  10. His actual playing's great, but that's exactly the kind of perma-chorus sound I was thinking of as my least favourite! Tastes vary, I guess...
  11. Glad it worked out! Harmonica is weird for volume - it's not crazy loud but sits in a frequency range that we pick up easily and where there's rarely much else going on. Especially the higher key diatonics!
  12. I don't know if these things still happen or if it was an early days thing, but I get the impression Ashdown would sometimes stick whatever driver was in stock into a combo rather than necessarily the one they designed and spec'd it with. Certainly my old Mag 200 tilt back combo in about '99 came with an Eminence driver that wasn't very well suited to the small sealed cab, rather than the custom spec Celestion they advertised and listed in the spec sheet.
  13. Looks lovely, it's a very nicely proportioned bass.
  14. I think bass balalaika players use massive leather plectrums, but I have no idea where you'd find those.
  15. Favourites; a lot of just slightly not-clean Fender kind of tones with that high end detail. I also really like the sound of octavey fuzz pedals on leads. Least favourite; anything with always-on subtle chorus. I feel like if you're going to use chorus, make it an actual effect and use it strategically.
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