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  1. Beer of the Bass

    A (set of) query(s) about Valve Amps

    It's hard to generalise between number of valves and headroom or character. Preamp valves are not only used as simple gain stages - the number can vary depending on the approach the designer has taken, and whether any are used in auxilliary roles like reverb, active EQ stages or FX loops. And in power amps, a pair of EL34 (for example) could be used in amps ranging from around 20 watts to 80 watts depending on the voltages and topology, and with or without a valve rectified power supply.
  2. Beer of the Bass

    Relic-ing: is it still a thing?

    Fake poo is a steady seller, if you run a joke shop!
  3. Beer of the Bass

    Relic-ing: is it still a thing?

    I don't mind it at the light, subtle end of things, like the Gibson VOS models, but if the more extreme examples are falling out of favour I'm OK with this trend!
  4. Beer of the Bass

    Bi-amping/dual amping

    It's something I'd love to try sometime, but the extra setup time, transport hassle and soundguy acceptance factor (when it's already a 6 piece band with brass) put me off. The gear I already have around would probably make for a fun setup though, maybe using my Schalltechnik HPF to roll the lows off the guitar combo rather than doing the octave thing.
  5. Beer of the Bass

    Ampeg. Are they the Marmite of amps?

    Could it be down to the cabs rather than the amps? I'm not sure of the model numbers and age of the various ones I've encountered, but quite a few 8x10s have been way darker sounding than I like, or in the case of some of the 4x10s, had an annoying gap in the upper mids between the 10s and tweeter.
  6. Beer of the Bass

    24 string bass + $1,000,000 Strat

    Emmett Otter only needed one string!
  7. Beer of the Bass

    Dr Green Envelope Filter?

    I've noticed that a couple of places have these very cheaply, but reviews are mixed, to say the least. In Ashdown's own demo it sounds good in the intro, but terrible during the actual demo part of the video. https://youtu.be/mm9kXJ3RYxo So, what's going on with that? If anyone here has used one, can you get anything worth having out of it?
  8. Beer of the Bass

    NAD - Ashdown CTM30

    If the PF-20 is anything like the Pf-50t and other Ampegs, it shouldn't be mid-scooped with all the EQ knobs at noon, and should be capable of boosting the mids. From what I've seen of the Ashdown LB30/CTM30 schematics, I'd expect the Ampeg to have more mids on tap than the Ashdown. So it might not be a change in the direction that you're looking for.
  9. Beer of the Bass

    New Squier Classic Vibes for pre-order at Thomann

    I guess the change must be driven by the new CITES regulations on rosewood.
  10. Beer of the Bass

    Bunch of slappers!

    Same here, but to my mind doing it right involves only pulling it out in the moments where it really adds something, which for most bands is a very small proportion of their set!
  11. Beer of the Bass

    Good, quiet 9v wall warts - do they exist?

    Cheers, I've gone ahead and ordered one of those.
  12. Beer of the Bass

    Good, quiet 9v wall warts - do they exist?

    I don't have a steady pedalboard at the moment, and since I use no more than two pedals in any current project, I don't feel I want to go that route. A simple wall wart type power supply with a small daisy chain would be more convenient, but I keep running into noise issues with the ones I've had. For double bass gigs, I'm running a Schalltechnik Vong HPF/LPF and a Harley Benton tuner that's pretty much a TU-2 copy. For electric bass gigs, it's a fuzz (either a Superfuzz or Big Muff clone, I haven't settled on which yet) and the HPF/LPF. Both a Dunlop/MXR 9v and a generic 9v plug top supply from eBay have high frequency noise in various situations, and it doesn't appear to be a daisy chaining issue since it still happens with only one pedal powered. Both are SMPS types. I have a Harley Benton Powerplant Junior (linear supply with isolated outputs) which is quiet in all situations, but the form factor is less handy for my purposes. Everything is quiet running from batteries too. As far as plug-top supplies go, is something like a 1-spot going to be more reliably quiet than the other ones I've had? And are there other specific ones known to be decent?
  13. Beer of the Bass

    Fender Rumble 500 combo: thumbs up!!!

    Which venue was that, out of curiosity? It's always handy to keep track of which ones have useable backline!
  14. Beer of the Bass

    Newbie Valve head question.

    The Ampeg PF-50T is 8.8kg, and might be a better comparison as it's also a 50 watt amp. It saves quite a bit of weight by just having a cage on top of the chassis rather than a full wooden cabinet. Mesa had a couple of surprisingly light valve bass heads too.
  15. Beer of the Bass

    A great preamp/DI has had a price drop (Studiospares 458190)

    I did once email them and ask, trying to determine if it would make a good piezo preamp. At the time, they didn't have that information available.