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  1. Hi All, this was sold by the deal has now fallen through so it’s up again!!
  2. Yep, I’m in Eastbourne and the bass is still available 😃
  3. Hi bud, it’s around 8lbs although this is using the bathroom scales technique!! It’s the lightest of my other Jazz basses
  4. Hi All, Here we have a 2002 German made Warwick Corvette standard. These are great basses and with the ash body it super light ( great for long gigs!!!) it’s passive but has a great tone and is great for slapping!! regarding the condition, this is no museum piece and has been worked hard. There are a number of knocks on the body, some darkening to the wood on the top wing and what looks like some heavy pick marks above the pick ups This is all cosmetic but it’s never been an issue for me, it has great mojo and is a great to play. The bass will ship with a hard case, nothing too flash but very functional. Happy to post at buyers expense happy to consider trade options, anything considered, looking out for a fretless too!! Thanks for looking
  5. Hi All, Here we have a Fender Marcus Miller Jazz Bass!!! This is one of the much nicer Japanese made basses ( just my view!) this Bass is a joy to play with a super fast neck and it just nails that Miller slap tone. I toyed with keeping this as I spent ages finding one, but my elite jazz can pull of the Miller tone so this little star needs to find a new home The condition is pretty good, it has a couple of knocks and a couple of marks on the back, but overall it’s in great shape It comes with a basic gig bag that will do the trick and I am happy to post at the buyers expense. Try outs are more than welcome Thanks for looking
  6. Hi All, I have come to the conclusion that my elite Jazz does the lot so it’s time to thin the herd a little and move on my jazz basses!! for sale is a Japanese Jazz bass from 1995/6. This was my go to gigging bass for a number of years and for its age, it’s in pretty good shape. The odd knock as you would imagine and there are some hair line marks on the finish ( shown in photos as best I could) It sounds great!! it’s been hanging in my studio for the last year with little action so would benefit from some new strings and a set up. The ashtrays and black scratch plate are all add ons but I do still have the original white plate which of course it will ship with along with a tatty but functional gig bag. Im happy to post at buyers expense or also happy for try outs if you fancy a visit to the south coast Not really up for any trades so a straight sale on this one please Thanks for looking
  7. Looks great bud!! buy with confidence, a great guy to deal with and basses in top shape too!!
  8. Hi bud, where are you based? is there a case for it? thanks
  9. Now Sold peeps pending the normal stuff Thank you
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