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  1. Andy, that certainly is a thing of beauty! So nicely done! Bravo good sir.
  2. And similarly with the later change from hornbeam to hard rock maple for the centre laminates*. Hornbeam has a reputation for being super stiff and solid and Ian & Pete decided that, with the laminates, maple/walnut/maple/maple/walnut/maple was more than stable enough. *They were originally: maple/mukulungu/hornbeam/hornbeam/mukulungu/maple.
  3. Also worth noting that a lot of teachers would warn that 1fpf technique may not be the most appropriate that far down the neck because it forces the hand to stretch artificially. They’d say that some sort of modified Simandl technique could be more ergonomic, leaving 1fpf for further up the neck.
  4. TrevorR


    Genuinely interested to know... what were the reasons for selling it in the first place?
  5. Yes, that was my thought too. Don't just turn everything up to 11 and shred away. What I want to hear is milder overdrive like a cooking amp not "Big Muff into a Tube Screamer into an OD-1"! And like @WarPig said, no SlapWombles!!!
  6. Both the McMillans (Mr and Mrs) are artists I would definitely say are in the “definitely worth checking out” category!
  7. It seems sadly true, though. What starts off as churches who happen to have gifted writers producing new music for their churches to use and sharing it (for a return, of course) gets commoditised and becomes industry output. Presumably there, at that point, becomes pressure to continue creating product for the market (and sustaining revenue and turnover). At that point production rates increase and quality declines - doubly so since music isn’t something that can have simple economies of scale applied to it. It happened to Vineyard through the late 80s/early 90s, to Hillsong through the 2000s and to many others. The drive for the annual hit worship album (even more frequently with the early 90s “Touching The Father’s Heart” series - so much filler every 2-3 months!). So many big event worship albums with one, maybe two, decent songs on there. To be honest, these days I’d very rarely buy a worship album, just download the odd song I want, like or need. There are a few good more indie worship artists out there but they take a bit of searching out and some of the likes of Elevation and Planetshakers seem to be maintaining quality (within their own fairly constrained genres).
  8. I think we may have known this. Just thank heavens that all the playing on our fave live albums is completely authentic and hasn’t been liberally touched up in the studio afterwards, eh? PS I understand that Pink Floyd’s audience have popped along to a surprisingly large number of gigs where the band happened to be recording a live album that night!
  9. The "Most listened to live albums" thread got me thinking about this. Now, I don't mean "has your band ever made a live album?" Rather, have you been to any gigs that have been immortalised in vinyl (or indeed magnetic tape if it was a live concert video). My brother Brian always maintained that you could hear him yelling on Rory Gallagher's Irish Tour '74 album - he and some chums followed Rory around on that tour seeing quite a few gigs and were at both the Belfast and Dublin gigs which were used for the show - they never got as far as Cork. Thinking about it there are a few of the gigs I've attended that got caught on tape or camera - although I have nowhere near enough ego to claim that you can hear my dulcet tones cheering or yelling. So, let's think... Gary Moore - Blues Alive - went to the Albert Hall gigs which were used, including the one where Albert Collins breaks a string... Gary Moore - An Evening Of The Blues (VHS): recorded at the Hammersmith gig on his first ever blues tour after Still Got The Blues came out. Jean-Michel Jarre - Destination Docklands: when he announced that he was going to do a city concert in London there was no way I was going to miss that!!!! Very good, very wet! Gordon Giltrap and Friends: Live at the Symphony Hall: this was his big 40 years in the industry bash with a full orchestra and loads of guests. Great evening. I was in the second row, centre stage so maybe you CAN actually hear me cheering on this one! Threshold - Critical Energy: I've known the band for years so I came along to do their merch and some behinds the scenes, documentary filming for them on the tour where this CD/DVD was done (and the next one too) Threshold - Surface to Stage: recorded on the second tour and released as a direct to fan album. And one very near miss... I missed appearing on my favourite Rush live album and DVD by one day! My chums and I booked to see both nights at Wembley on the Hold Your Fire tour. We all talked about hammering up the M40 to see the Birmingham show which was largely used for the album and in the end decided not to on the basis that two in a row was enough... oh, if only! So what about you lot? Anyone appeared on Live and Dangerous, Live at Leeds, Get Yer Ya Yas Out or even, Celine Dion: Live In Las Vegas?
  10. Now there’s a niche choice! Fab album by a fab guitar player, though. I could listen to him play slide for days! And Bryn’s a lovely guy too. Had the pleasure of backing him a few times when he’s guested at our church.
  11. Yes, when you’re editing it and there’s a chord written it adds a button to that on the grey bar above the soft keyboard. Worship Together provides free official downloads of a lot of songs in ChordPro format if you sign up for free membership. Once you’ve pulled in the basic song I’ve found it easy it edit them to amend for home church custom chords - at least they’ve done a lot of the donkey work!
  12. The OnSong format is effectively a version of ChordPro and it can suck in a variety of file types. I found that once I got my eye in I could convert a chart pretty quickly - it did take a while to do all 200 odd songs in our repertoire!
  13. OnSong is great once you’ve got the tunes in the transposable format. So easy to swap key (or pop a capo on if you’re a 6 stringer,or go Nashville if that’s your bag). Literally 2 seconds to change them. I compile all our team sheets and have them all in OnSong format. Love that programme! Sorry, “App” - showing my age! Bish... Bash... Bosh!
  14. A "Hellborg Signature Deluixe" model!
  15. Very similar situation for us. We've done a few of those "record on your iPhone and stitch them together" tunes too. My wife adn I are both due to get our jabs tomorrow an dit will be so goods to be able to get back into church some time in the foreseeable!
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