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  1. Miming on TOTP's

    Plus the inch thick foam rubber mats on all the drums...
  2. Miming on TOTP's

    Actually, at the moment I love it. It makes me chortle so much. Give it a few more months... Fortunately I’m not prone to Expletive Delighted outbursts so it’s rare to fall foul for me...
  3. Miming on TOTP's

    "derrière about" - I love it!!!! That should, of course been "[email protected] about"
  4. Miming on TOTP's

    Aren't Iron Maiden one of those bands who are usually very picky about TV appearances and try to apply a "We PLAY or we don't play." rule. Also I love the fact that Adrian has clearly said to the others in the green room, "Brilliant idea lads, but it you think I'm going to let Niko derrière about with my nice white Jackson and get a load of scratches on it..."
  5. How about a Basschat Builders session with Andy, Pete Stroud and the like showing off some of their builds and chatting about the challenges of making instruments? As a guest builder/company we could ask someone like Bernie Goodfellow? Guitar Guitar to do a feedback session similar to the Andertons one? Just freewheeling here...
  6. If Gary brings "The Axe" we'll have to insist he comes "in character" and full regalia!!! Or at the very least his "Soft Rock Ballad Stetson"!!!
  7. Been wondering about special guests... I can't help with any contacts or hook-ups. However, Dave Swift and Rhino have both been regular attendees in the past. I wonder whether they might be coaxed to give an insight into their playing or their careers. Also, I would love to head Neil Murray, as one of my early bass inspirations, talking about his life playing bass (from the National Youth Jazz Orchestra to touring the world's enormodromes, to working in the pit for We Will Rock You). What about Lol Cottle? He plays a bit in the Surrey area, esp at Boaters in Kingston, but I'm not sure where he's based. Another player with a hugely interesting CV. On techniques and the like, Dave Marks (Bass Guitar columnist, bass teacher, session player, rock and jazz sidesman etc), lives in the London region. He is someone I do kinda know and could ask if he would be interested. Top player and absolutely hilarious to boot. Might be dependent on whether he has a paying gig or not.
  8. Miming on TOTP's

    No he wasn’t, it was some unknown piano playing bloke called Reginald Dwight.
  9. Miming on TOTP's

    Of course, it’s not strictly necessary to palm mute when no one has actually plugged in your guitars and basses!
  10. Miming on TOTP's

    OK, that was odd... properly stuffed up my formatting there!
  11. Miming on TOTP's

    Poor old AAE... the production team forgot to turn on the feed into the actual studio but had it going out on the TV. They were waiting to start in embarrassed silence. Hence the smattering of applause half way through when the music starts and then Julieanne Regan actually does start singing.
  12. Aria SB700 - Searching for my old one.

    Nice! Personally I reckon the open book models are dead classy so not being a batwing model is no loss really!
  13. Wal custom MK1

    And they keep on coming thick and fast...
  14. Wal custom MK1

    7:29am... maybe I was getting ready to catch the train...