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  1. Not a single thing! PS that’s just my old church music folder. The covers band had two folders that size of songs our BL might decide to throw into a set with no notice!
  2. I've been clean for pretty much a calendar year - since a bit of a pedal splurge back in September 2018 (EHX Bass Clone to replace a dead Boss Chorus, Eden Californiwah that was going at a price I couldn't refuse and Palmer variable voltage power supply because I hadn't clocked that the flippin' Eden ran at 15V). No plans for any more purchases either so looking good (/bad) for the rest of the year too... PS I just checked, last bass purchase was back in August 2015 as far as I can make out.
  3. Have a look at Silvia's photo blog of the day and you'll get an idea of it. Very relaxed, chilled out time. Bunch of bass geeks getting together to bass geek... Last year: https://silviabluejay.blog/2018/10/26/basschat-south-east-bash-2018/ The year before: https://silviabluejay.blog/2017/12/08/basschat-se-bash-2017/ And Gary forgot to mention that any excess door money and the raffle money goes straight to a selection of worthy causes. Usually all winds down about 4ish/4:30ish...
  4. Long time since I used PDFs but I’m 99.9% that it will move straight to the next page straight away. It does the same with OnSong format docs. One tap on the switch places the line below what’s visible at the top on the screen - just like “page turning”. With PDFs the pages are defined by the document on the OnSong format by what’s visible on screen. I’m sure that buried in the mode options somewhere there is a slow scroll or autocue type option but the mode I use is page up and down... You can check out the manual here... https://www.airturn.com/support/product-support/product-manuals/bt200manual —————————————— Here you go... Mode 2 is scroll up and down. Mode 3 is page up and down If you cue up a playlist of songs the switches take you up and down pages within the song. At the start of a song left/switch 1 takes you to the start of the previous song in the playlist. At the end of the song right/switch 2 takes you to the start of the next tune in the playlist. Easier to do than to type.
  5. As a stop gap you could take the individual pages and create a playlist to scroll through for each song. But it may still be a bit clunky.
  6. Scan the A4 pages as a 4 page document rather than as separate files. OnSong will read it that way and treat it as one song you can scroll up and down through. Quite simple...
  7. Just looking at Mobile Sheets advanced options... even more flexibility to format like you like it IF you’re using a transposable file format!
  8. @SICbass, not used MobileSheets much - other than a trial version on my phone which I downloaded to test for a chum who only has an Android tablet. I'm presuming that you're using PDFs for your chord sheets rather than one of the native, transposable formats? The problem with a PDF is that in this context it's a pretty dumb medium - it's a photo with pretensions of grandeur. The only option is to increase the page magnification and you're at the mercy of where the app lands you on a page when you scroll. With OnSong I transferred ALL of my charts into OnSong and ChordPro transposable format - it was a pain but doing it a chunk at a time it got done over a few weeks of here and there . It really opens up the functionality. You can not only do the transposing stuff but change font sizes while maintaining song flow or add highlight colours to chords etc. Once I got the transposable format rules it was a straightforward (if a bit laborious) to do. Basically you insert the chord in square brackets in the lyric line where it is supposed to be. The programme then links that chord to the next letter and displays it above it. So in the photos below the display you see is produced by the following text in the file - if that makes sense - pretty straightforward format but to get the full functionality you doo need to convert or re-do your charts. It's worth it though IMHO... [Bm7]The One who made the [F#m]blind to see Is [G2]moving here in front of me, moving here in front of me In the chorus, the word with the A chord above the "c" of "miracles" would be notated as "... mira[A]cles ..." It allows you to be very specific/precise with chord placement. 13 font: Text display drop down: Font size increased to 18 (and highlights added in second photo):
  9. Being able to scroll hands free really is great with OnSong - so much more convenient and your hands never leave the bass. Once you’ve got it paired it’s pretty effortless and when setting up the only potential hassle is making sure it’s in the right mode so the buttons do the right command. However, it’s easy with the manual - all of which are downloadable from the AirTurn website...
  10. I first got an AirTurn several years ago the soft pedal Duo model. 2013? Maybe 2014? Took a bit of setting up at first as it was early Blu implementation plus the only vis aid was an led that flashed red/green - I am, of course, red green colour blind so that was a pain. The key was ensuring that it was in the right mode. From then it did many years of sterling, no problem service apart from the odd Bluetooth disconnection/reconnection issue when I closed the iPad during use or wandered out of range. Just needed reconnecting the Bluetooth and I put that down to normal usage/user error. I’d still be using it now if it hadn’t had a mishap that damaged the connections. I could have fixed it/got replacement bits and carried on with it but it would have been hassle and cost as much as the BT unit which had just come out. Just checked, got the BT just over a year ago. It was easier to set up, and uses Bluetooth 4, (so is even more stable). Feels nice and firm under the feet with the conventional switches, small footprint, good battery life and does everything I need for chart navigation with OnSong - Fwd/Back, Top/Bottom of song, Next/Previous song. Charges (or runs on power) with a USB charger (I have one which powers both iPad and BT for gigs. Very happy with it. I had been tempted by this page turner which looked really cool: https://www.codamusictech.com/products/bluetooth-page-turner-music-pedal-for-tablets but they didn’t supply to the UK then. I was wondering if I could finagle it via some American chums or something but then the BT came out and it seemed to give exactly the same functionality at half the cost (and hassle) - decision made!
  11. I use an AirTurn pedal. The BT200/S2 is small, neat and works really ell. I prefer the feel of the conventional stomp box switched rather than the soft touch pedals on some of their other models (which also work perfectly, though). These are going for about 60 quid on Thomann which seems pretty good value to me! https://www.thomann.de/gb/airturn_bt200s_2.htm
  12. The bass choice in the shop came down to the Aria and an Overwater Classic Bass. In those circumstances I couldn’t have lost! A win whichever way I’d plumped (the Overwater was sparkly pink so Aria it was). And yes, I count myself as super-lucky!
  13. This Aria Pro II SB700 (still got it, still play it) and a 75W 1x15 Laney Combo. In 1982...
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