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  1. Had to cop Guy Pratt’s bass part on Ain’t No Doubt... that alone would be enough to give me a nervous breakdown!
  2. Oooooh I love that song! And to get to back TH while playing it... WOW!
  3. Won some tickets to HRH Prog IX at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire. Not so interested in the bands further down the list or the second night (Dave Brock and Focus) but really looking forward to John Lees’ Barclay James Harvest and a full band set by Rick Wakeman - presumably performing tunes from his new album, The Red Planet!
  4. Yup, sounds interesting, and after all, waste not, want not!
  5. I love, love love that Maruszchawotsit! If I ever plumped for one that's pretty much the spec I'd go for - well, maybe dots not blocks... gorgeous!
  6. Last Friday, Fairport Convention at Bath Forum. Supported by the excellent Smith & Brewer. Cracking gig!
  7. Like others have said, Wal Pro series. These were made between 78 and 81 - precursor to the “Custom Series”. Mine’s an active Pro IIE.
  8. Three of my own basses provide the perfect answer for me personally...
  9. That’s some serious mojo... I’m sure it’ll buff right out! Just discovered the thread. What a great gig to be part of. Can’t wait for more updates!
  10. 11 years gone today! Sad loss. Loved his playing.
  11. Amazing how many of these bands we have in common. For me it’s... 1) The Beatles. As a wee nipper my (much) older brother, Alfie, had The Beatles Complete and we’d sit on my bed with him bashing away on his guitar singing our hearts out to those tunes... 2) Thin Lizzy. An influence nicked from my brother Brian - specifically Jailbreak and Johnny the Fox. Lizzy were my first proper gig back in 81, with Snowy in the band. 3) ELO. One of my first “my own bands” when Out Of The Blue came out and still an all time fave. Honourable mentions: The Doobie Brothers, The Eagles, Gordon Giltrap, Horslips - all introduced to me by Brian too. Rush I discovered on a school geology field trip. Yes I took a punt on with a £3.29 pocket money splurge... after some initial scepticism I never looked back.
  12. Yes, it was a small, dead ghost... or it could have been a cloth! And a little European flag.
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