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  1. Got mine over a decade ago when the UK/US exchange rate was ridiculously good. Ordered it straight from Audere and they sent it over. Don’t know if they still ship internationally. However, I think Bass Direct do them.
  2. Big big fan of the Audere preamps. Got one in my Frankenjazz. Really well voiced with a distinct lack of unmusical settings. Definitely one to put on your shortlist. Mine is the three band Z series which allows you to load the pickups differently for different core tones with a little toggle switch. Mine came mounted on a plate with solderless connectors. So simple to install.
  3. Well, let's see... I bought this bass back in 1992 for 500 quid... ...and it's been my No 1 bass ever since. So I guess that my answer to the original question would be a pretty definitive, "NO!!!" That said, I have played a load of really, really nice basses but none that's likely to supplant this one in my affections.
  4. What happened to my first bass - a 1982 Aria SB700? Well, I can pop upstairs and check… still got it and using it after all these years. Lovely little bass it is too! Recording one of those “record it on your phone and stitch it together later” videos in lockdown last year…
  5. Yikes! Keep up fighting the good fight.
  6. An opportunity to mentor them and help them improve perchance?
  7. I really wish I didn’t agree but sadly I do. I’m also double jabbed but with underlying medical issues, an elderly family member we’re supporting through cancer treatment, the almost certain need to head back onto a commuter train in September/October and a kid with special needs… this autumn still somehow feels too soon. Doubly so with the transmissibility of the current variants. I would also have voted for next year. And @silverfoxnik, @Hamster, @cetera happy to help out when it does come around to pulling it together (as part of the North Surrey massive).
  8. Hasn’t it been on display there for a few years now?
  9. Has more that three chords… OF COURSE it’s a cover! 😉😛🤣
  10. These are two of my fave songs. Never realised they were covers for years… And then there’s also this… sorta… …one of my fave ELO songs but it’s Jeff covering a tune he wrote and recorded 7 years earlier with The Move (and covered by Todd Rundgren)
  11. I know the person well who co-wrote it with Kongos. He’s the leader of the church I go to!
  12. Bernie and Manzanera were both really interesting. Sharlene Spiteri was fun, and very poignant when she was talking about Ally McErlaine’s horrendous brain aneurysm and the aftermath on him and the band.
  13. There used to be a Queen cover band called “Magic - A Kind Of Queen”, which I always thought was rather clever. Also saw Queen B at a festival once. By Jovi is probably my all time fave, though.
  14. For me it’s probably: Velvet Underground The Doors Captain Beefheart Frank Zappa. Heard just enough of each to know I’ve heard enough of each!
  15. Another “can’t unhear it” is Keef’s distortion pedal on “Satisfaction” - every time he switches it on for the riff there’s a huge, audible click on the track. You don’t notice it until you hear it but then it’s there forever.
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