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  1. @BlueMoon @Piers_Williamson Chap called Vic Young…
  2. And then continuing treading the boards playing jazz… http://www.deirdrecartwright.com
  3. Ben Miller on drums and Ron Weasley’s dad on keys (great outfit, suits you sir!).
  4. That is very pleasing as you say!
  5. Maybe your browser just really hates reggae? 🤔🙄 #dadjoke
  6. Yours for just shy of £12k! So John ‘Rhino’ Edward’s from Status Quo is selling off a load of his bass collection. Including his Wal. Quite a special Wal… Wal MK1 (ex-Rhino) Live AID bass: https://thebassgallery.com/collections/all/products/wal-mk1-ex-rhino-live-aids-bass Why special? It’s the Wal played on the Band Aid “Do They Know It’s Christmas” video by John Taylor of Duran Duran!!! A quick look at the distinctive flaming on the upper horn pretty much seals it! Wow!! Just WOW!!!
  7. Yup, so many different sounds hiding in a Wal if you care to look. My personal Wal Custom faves are “Every Day I Write The Book” with Bruce Thomas on his Wal, Dave Paton on the Elton John Live In Australia video/album, Walking On The Clouds by Polish rock band Eleanor Gray (video below), Laurence Cottle on the Alan Parsons Project album Gaudi, Failure’s Stuck On You and Flea on Give It Away. All very different (but still somehow Wal-y to a greater or lesser extent).
  8. Yes, I worked out the way to get a nice Wal at a reasonable price… buy second hand but do it 30 years ago when they were rather unfashionable and un-sought after.
  9. My number 1 ever since I bought it second hand in about 1991 or 1992! 1985 Mk 1 Custom Series Wal.
  10. It would be my 85 Wal Custom Mk 1. Done almost every gig with me since I got it back in around 91-92… Usually paired with this fella…
  11. Just weird light reflection…
  12. Managed to secure tickets to see Public Service Broadcasting (one of my new fave bands over the last 10 years) premiering a new album length piece at the Royal Albert Hall for the BBC Proms - so chuffed and excited! Not Proms but still a flavour if you've not come across them before...
  13. Sounds like you need a conciliatory banana! When they came on I thought, “Oh, this is going to be some sort of super cool Daft Punky thing… oh how I laughed!
  14. Insert profound thought here: [… …]
  15. A look at the public vote from Saturday suggests probably not… Spain : 228 Sweden: 180 UK: 183 Suggests that, if the 439 votes which went to Ukraine were pro-rata divided along the distribution of the other overall televotes, Sweden would have more or less maintained its 30 point gap to the UK and Spain would have drawn closer but probably not have had enough votes to make up the 50 vote deficit…
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