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  1. Musicianship vs Personality & Stage Appeal

    It always amuses me that when this topic comes up folks tend to start discussing it in polarised extremes. It's worth bearing in mind that there is a spectrum of different approaches between... ...and... I think Gary put it very well above. It's about the band demonstrably enjoying being there and connecting in some appropriate way with the audience, wherever on the spectrum that is!
  2. Musicianship vs Personality & Stage Appeal

    Hmmmm... I think you are taking a small and pretty unrepresentative selection of popular music history. In fact, other than the over-earnest late sixties protoprog noodlers (think the early Floyd or Dead head type happenings) or the shoe-gazing miserablists of the late 80s/90s and so on I can’t think many other eras/genres where your thesis holds true. OK, maybe some pretentious chin-stroking bits of jazz... Most people in most audiences in all genres have gone out to be entertained. Show business is, after all, the business of show - and whether you like it or not, bands are part of the entertainment industry. And anyway, I think you’ve also set up a false dichotomy. It’s never been an either/or. It should always be both. And even those bands like the Genesis, Yes and Floyd type (at stadium or local venue level) who needed to concentrate on stage on their complex musicality tried to add visual interest through lights and other stuff... So a good band can have the chops, a good band can put on a show. A great band who really entertain their audience will tend to have a good balance of both. For me, if I go see a local circuit band I want them to have at least better than average musical ability. However, I also want them to connect with the audience in some sort of meaningful, genre-sympathetic, venue-appropriate manner. BOTH! A rubbish band is still a rubbish band no matter the show. A dull band is still a dull band no matter the chops.
  3. Wal Fretless 1989 -Withdrawn

    Can’t believe it’s not gone yet... it’s a beauty!
  4. Best place to buy a Mooer pedal

    Ah, hadn’t clocked you weren’t Uk based...
  5. Best place to buy a Mooer pedal

    £48+£1.50 p+p from GAK... https://www.gak.co.uk/en/mooer-audio-bass-sweeper-dynamic-envelope-filter/79396?gclid=Cj0KCQiAieTUBRCaARIsAHeLDCSQx7ba54mxOHMxf2_YX2C-H35GHYE82hDZvUlMkvwpiC25vk1DSOMaAoK2EALw_wcB £49 post free at Rattle & Drum http://www.rattleanddrum.com/mooer-mbef1-bass-envelope-filter-pedal-sweeper.html?gclid=Cj0KCQiAieTUBRCaARIsAHeLDCTp3HY-jpsRcT_0uJ2UwVFLaLx8DBhwWtlGcpCjfjjH4qD2wJAwRUgaAhH9EALw_wcB
  6. Bass Soul Food

    I really like my Bass Soul Food. I'm not a big distortion fan and really wanted it for a low level of OD break up - in particularly to add a wee bit of square wave tonality into my Wah pedal for slightly synthy tones. Having listened to a wide range of demos I came down to the BSF as the practical and affordable option. Most complaints I've seen online about it are that it doesn't have enough gain and enough dirt and enough fuzz... Of course for me, that was it's big bonus point. The settings I've settled on are Vol: 12 o'clock, Drive: 1-2 o'clock, Blend: 1-2 o'clock and Treble 12 o'clock. That gives me a not much more than unity gain setting when on. Works very nicely for what I want it for - to be honest I only very rarely use it as an actual OD pedal. I'm pretty sure that a lot of OD/distortion fans would look at me and say "When are you ACTUALLY going to switch the pedal on?" Which is fine as far as I'm concerned. And considering that judging from the specs and demos, my other option for the sound I was looking for would have been trying to find an original Bearfoot BlueBerry Bass Overdrive second hand of from the States at a couple of hundred quid plus import duties... my sub-£100 BSF will do me just nicely! The one thing I REALLY don't understand about the BSF is why they bothered to put a -10db switch on it. It's such a low gain structured pedal I can't really imagine a set of circumstances where, even with level and drive maxed out you'd end up with an unacceptably hot output (that wasn't trimmable by the Vol knob, which - after all - is what it's there for!).
  7. Always enjoyed Kirsty Newton playing with Mitch Benn and the Dirstactions http://www.kirstynewton.com/ And Miranda Sykes slaps a mean doghouse bass with Show Of Hands... http://www.mirandasykes.com/
  8. Used to bump into a bassist called Eilis Phillips on the singer-songwriter circuit round London. She’s as good a bass player as she is tiny... and she’s really rather short! Lol! Then there’s Jo Wadeson who’s played with Thea Gilmore and The Waterboys. Top player. Carrie Melbourne who plays bass and Chapman Stick. Wonder what she’s doing these days. Wonder if Clare Kenny’s doing much playing these days? Always liked her back in the late 80s/early 90s. Has a lovely Aria red back then. Also, if you’re looking for young female players for a bona fide touring band, contact one of the colleges like ACM, BIMM or whatever to see if they have senior students looking for live touring experience.
  9. Bizarre but true musical collaborations?

    Oh yeah, Status Quo And Maddy Prior From Steeleye Span... And possibly the ultimate Christmas single... Trying to work out what bass Madame Cholet is playing. Looks nice, though.
  10. Bizarre but true musical collaborations?

    There ya go...
  11. Bizarre but true musical collaborations?

    This came on the radio once and my wife said, “Is that the song with Cliff Richard and Van... Van... erm Van... ...Halen?” I nearly had a hernia from laughing!!!!
  12. Bizarre but true musical collaborations?

    Presumably that's him tinkling on Fluff... ...oh, there's an image I'll never get out of my head...
  13. Bizarre but true musical collaborations?

  14. Wal Fretless 1989 -Withdrawn

    Yes, sporadic is perfectly right. I’ve seen plenty of Wals that weren’t signed on the tape.
  15. Wal Fretless 1989 -Withdrawn

    Absolutely... in hindsight I should probably have added some winking and grinning smilies liberally through the first two thirds of my post... that’s how those bits were meant... that’s one lovely Wal and someone’s going to be a lucky person when the courier knocks of their front door. And you do know that seller’s regret is a terrible thing... Good luck with the sale. Its already getting attention on other Wal based forums. Won’t hang around for long.