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  1. Looks amazing. I've always loved black paisley; in fact one of my favourite guitar pics I've ever seen is of a black paisley Strat that I thought was vintage but might not be. I never thought they'd bring it out as a production line finish!
  2. When I bought my first bass I fell for the "if you do such and such it will make it sound like a different bass" that I read people saying on forums. It was only after getting several types and a lot of experience playing and hearing them that I found out the truth that one bass isn't going to sound like another type no matter what you do to it.
  3. I thought it was Diddies Monthly which I subscribe to
  4. I only had a quick Google but I did find that, while buying privately comes with fewer protections than buying brand new from a retailer, it's not just left down to "buyer beware" and that's the end of it. If it's advertised as a "Fender Jazz Bass" then it would have to actually be a Fender Jazz Bass. I only had a brief look so didn't find any specifics about how much can have been replaced but it clearly can't be something completely different - even if the buyer doesn't spot it at the point of sale. So either it has to be a complete Jazz model bass made by Fender or there's an allowed amount of leeway for parts being changed. I'll take the time to find that answer if it's going to affect me.
  5. Aye I do agree with that on this occasion - it's not like it came stock with Custom Shop pickups that they might have swapped out to sell separately or keep - the likely scenario is that the pickup was replaced as a perceived upgrade or if the original one broke, it's unlikely it was replaced with something inferior to the basic ones that came with the Mexican Standards. I was more interested in the idea in general. If I'm about to buy anything second hand in the future I'll definitely be looking in to the legal aspects of this. If the bass I'm buying is meant to have high end pickups then I'd want to make sure I got them but it's pretty difficult, if not impossible, to tell without taking the bass apart (or even then, depending on the brand).
  6. Just want to be clear first and and say that I'm not claiming to know for a fact that it is illegal or otherwise. But in that house example, it's obviously a very different scenario so the ruling in that specific case doesn't itself indicate that anything there is to be known about an item being sold privately is up to the buyer to find out. It could be that that very specific piece of information wasn't deemed important enough to require telling anyone since most reasonable people wouldn't care. It would be different if it was an important piece of information about the house itself, e.g. The walls are made of a material that you can't screw or nail anything in to. If the judge had deemed something like that to be still up to the buyer to find out then it would be an appropriate example (or if the bass situation was that it used to belong to a paedophile or something rather than having part of it changed).
  7. So even the Harley Benton example is legal?
  8. I wasn't talking about legality though I really doubt that the law leaves it up to the buyer to be able to tell if some of the parts had been swapped. Maybe if you quoted specific legal text that said that I'd change my mind. On basses swapping pickups is seen as common and usually an "upgrade" but the law doesn't specifically cater to basses, it's just an item sold where part of it has been changed to something by a different manufacturer. If the neck or body was swapped would it still be up to the buyer to spot that? If everything except the volume knob was swapped? How much of the original item are you saying the law requires to remain what is advertised for it still to be up to the buyer to notice? Or are you saying they could call it an American Fender, it really is a Harley Benton with the logo changed and it's still up to the buyer to notice at the time, otherwise that's perfectly legal?
  9. That doesn't work as an analogy - you're talking about minor accidental cosmetic damage (which I definitely do point out when selling an instrument) but it's actually a deliberate swap of a key component to something else.
  10. Just sharing this info that I've found while researching this - you can buy a Professional neck and a Player bass and the combined price is still cheaper than a Professional bass. Obviously there is a lot more to the bass than the neck but if the neck shape or feel, fret style, lack of graphite rods or the fretboard material are any of the things swinging your decision it's something to think about. For me it's a very useful option because if I got a Player but after a while got annoyed about the square edges I could chance the neck and not feel like I wasted a lot of money. I do really like the idea of the fluted tuners as well though - anyone got one to comment on them? As much as I like them in theory, I don't know if I currently have a problem that they would solve.
  11. For me it's nothing to do with feel or tone - even with rosewood vs maple - it's just the look. The pau ferro is a lot lighter and has a kind of orange tint to it. The Player precision with the orange body actually looks quite good with the pau ferro, which makes sense, but I had decided on black with maple for looks. Now you've reminded me about the possibility of rounding the edges on a pau ferro board though I might have to think about it. I think I'll try out the Player and if the square edges bother me then I can look at the option of getting a pau ferro/orange bass and round it myself rather than having to pay an extra grand for that feature. So I'm very glad you brought it up - cheers!
  12. You've been gifted the opportunity to judge the sound of the pickups honestly without any bias from prejudice you'd have if you knew what they were. That's something that few people get.
  13. Ah yeah if they still did rosewood on the Mexicans I'd genuinely consider that in order to do the edge roll thing but I just don't like pau ferro. There's a good chance this won't be an issue even if the Player doesn't have the rolled edges - on 6 string guitar it's a total deal breaker for me but I hold the bass neck differently so hopefully it won't even be an issue for bass, I'll just need to wait til I try the Player to see (unless anyone has the info that either the Player does have rolled edges or the Professional basses don't).
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