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  1. Regarding cases , the TSA Spector Flight version is definitely a step above the standard TKL Kramer case . Tried to order one from BD but sadly they unable to import them and instead had to obtain one via Bass Central in Florida. Fits Brooklyn, Kramer and Woodstock NS models perfectly.
  2. After many years I’ve still got my 1983 ‘62 Reissue , love the sleek heavily contoured body and slim fast neck .
  3. Great stack jazz ! Sometimes we realise how great these were once they’ve gone. What was the reason behind selling it ?
  4. Fullerton American Reissue literature.
  5. A few more Fullerton accessories. The thin breifcase versions were made during the eighties and nineties.
  6. A few photos from my Fullerton catalogue collection.
  7. Although many British musicians have over the years used the NS 2 model , it still remains quite elusive on these shores . No doubt the unfavourable exchange rates plus Warwick’s European dominance has pushed US made products further down the ‘must have’ list .
  8. NCD : Spector NS flight case, many thanks to the team at Bass Central , Florida. Sadly these are not available via the UK distributers although they tried but it wasn’t financially viable. The original TKL Kramer/Spector tolex case is still as new but the Gator version is definitely a step up from it , very surprised that these are not shipped as standard with US models.
  9. A few items supplied with US NS2 Kramer basses .
  10. Not too sure about the case accessories Spector supplies these days , here are a few items from the Kramer days.
  11. BritBass 2

    Case porn

    1982/83 Fender Tweed case for ‘62 AVRI Jazz Bass plus briefcase .
  12. They did give me some free stickers. )
  13. The company still feature it on their bass string sets.
  14. Back in 1986/87 Kramer had a special batch of 5A solid quilted maple .Apart from this bass the remaining quilt was used to produce NS2s for Doug Wimbish, Mario Cipollina , Adam Clayton and Henry Vaccaro (Kramer company owner).
  15. The photos were taken during lockdown.
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