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  1. In fact, I’m pretty sure that the credits don’t list... Bruce Thomas - Bass ...they list... Bruce Thomas - Wal Bass EDIWTB is one of my all time fave basslines and was even before I realised it was a Wal!
  2. Seen in closer detail being used to good effect here... He used a Wal for pretty much all the Punch The Clock album.
  3. Absolutely agree. Paul’s a really nice person whose desire is to build really high quality, unique basses - no compromise. Yup, Paul’s not interested in the corporate “dream”. When he left Wal the first time it was to set up as an independent sole luthier hand building hollow bodied jazz guitars... he’s in it for the craft, not the cash! Well, if you fancied a trip down the M6 and M40 if we ever manage to have another SE Bass Bash there will definitely be a couple or more there which you’d be welcome to have a go on!
  4. Back in the days when a new one was £5k and second hand was £2.5-3k, I used to say “one thing’s for certain, buy second and you’ll not only break even but make on the deal if you do sell.” Its so hard to know how things will go with current crazy second hand prices - some listed recently than more than the new price. I guess that these days sellers are effectively pricing in the value of jumping the queue by 3 years, as well as any reflection of the intrinsic second hand value/desirability of the bass. Where can second hand prices go from here? They’re already pretty insane. But that’s market forces for you!
  5. Aaah, but I fooled ya! My wrench ISN'T rusted! It's came in that matt brown/grey colour and has always looked like that! Mwah ha ha ha ha! Gets 'em every time!
  6. It was such a shame when Schaller canned the MB4s but so good that the light versions they replaced them with are direct replacements. And so easy to fit. Simple enough that even I trusted my cack handed bodge-it skills to fit Hipshot D-Tuners to my two Wals! Great tuning heads (old and new!).
  7. Ha! Ironically this query post just popped up on the Wal Facebook group... @Andyjr1515 I don't suppose you've confirmed the spec or sourced where you plan to get the neck bolts from yet? Or @Fishman have an original spare set of bolts?
  8. Only just found this build thread so late to the party - and redundant now - but the original brochure refers to 3 carbon fibre strips in the neck... Hi res scans here... http://walbassarchive.blogspot.com/2013/04/1970s-wal-pro-series-brochure.html Watching the rest of the (re)build with great interest...!
  9. That will go nicely with the Pro Bass ethos, given the originals were ash bodied and natural was one of the standard options.
  10. Was really looking forward to reviewing this one but found it very patchy and underwhelming. Crowdsourcing the music was an interesting idea but apart from 2 or 3 tracks I found it very average.
  11. Given that I review for R2 Magazine I listen to a lot of new CDseach year. However, the two that stood out were rather backward looking in a lot of ways... The Absence Of Presence, by Kansas showed that even with minimal remaining original members they can rock with the best of them. America Live At The London Palladium showed that great songs are always great songs. Other notable mentions... Rachel Sage - Character Kathleen Edward’s - Total Freedom, some cracking indie country
  12. The beauty of Amazon wishlists and being able to order from Amazon Japan (for the box sets produced this lovely little selection which will keep me nicely occupied for a while... Have finally got all the discs pulled down onto my MP3 player! There was a cool Thin Lizzy Jailbreak t-shirt too! I got another book too by Simon Garfield (the one about maps) but some errant clicking by my lovely lady meant that it arrived on my iPad Kindle app instead of under the tree!
  13. Standard for all Wal double necks, and as @4000 said, inspired by Hellborg’s one (the original Wal double).
  14. And my Little Mark amp has one jack and one combo Speakon so if I want full output and two 8Ω speakers connected to the back (as opposed to daisy chained cabs) then it’s either two jack leads or one jack + one Speakon!
  15. Fab! YES!!! That’s it! Thank you!
  16. Aaargh, was watching this clip of Steve Winwood educating his young whippersnapper of a second keys player in the finer arts of the B3 when I thought, “Oh, I know that bottle blonde bass player with the Wal 5-string, that’s... erm... um... ah...” and I can’t for the life of me recall his name. So I’m throwing it out to the combined wisdom here. Pleeeez put me out of my misery. Who is that?
  17. The cheap, knock off Speakons are getting a nasty reputation of getting stuck in sockets and only being able to be removed with brute force and ignorance (with a 50/50 chance of knackering the socket on the way out). Much Talkbass and Facebook chatter on this. I’d only ever use kosher Neutrik ones - anything else is the definition of a false economy. My Cleartone speaker cables have given me well over a dozen years of uncomplaining, reliable service.
  18. Also highly recommend Cleartone cables... https://www.award-session.com/cleartone_cables.php
  19. I have to confess that one of the biggest attractions of getting the Fish Out Of Water deluxe expanded reissue was that it had the original version of this and the B-side on it on CD for the first time! Sorry, Jakko it wasn’t because of your remix!
  20. TrevorR

    Acoustic Basses

    I put some La Bella Black Tapes on mine. Really like the sound and feel. Tried Whites... they were far too floppy.
  21. TrevorR

    Acoustic Basses

    I’ve actually got 2. A custom one I had made 30 odd years ago by the Welsh luthier, Tony Revell, which is now a bit too fragile to take out of the house... And a Faith Titan Neptune which sounds and feels great and works nicely fo “unplugged” style events... Here’s the Faith in action (apologies for the very mildly God-botheringness of the tune’s lyrics). Love the Celtic vibe to this song and the bass (resplendent in black tapes) comes through nice and clearly in the mix!
  22. Just put this together on my FB page... The tree’s up. There’s Christmas music in the car... cue Noddy... IT’S CHRISTMAAAAAS!!! Time for a personal top 10 of my fave Christmas pop and rock songs... 1. I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day - Roy Wood: let’s face it, this one’s just Wizzard! 😉🙄🤦‍♂️ 2. That’ll Be Christmas - Thea Gilmore: the stereotypical British Christmas to a “T”. 3. A Merry Jingle - The Greedies: 60% Thin Lizzy, 40% Sex Pistols, 100% Jingle! Who could ask for more? 4. In Dulci Jubilo - Mike Oldfield: total earworm. I end up humming it all over the Christmas period. 5. I Believe In Father Christmas - Greg Lake: cynical but still wonderful. 6. Jesus What A Wonderful Child - Maria Carey: cue the lady getting her car serviced meme but played this tune on the bass a load of times and it’s always fun, especially when it goes full on gospel at the end. 7. Carol Of The Bells/What Child Is This - Point Of Grace: I think this was an M&S advert one year but I’ve played bass to this one a couple of times with the orchestral backing track. So fabulously OTT that even for a girl-band it’s practically prog-rock! 8. Ring Solstice Bells - Jethro Tull: speaking of prog, this one’s in 7/8... not strictly a Christmas tune but fab nonetheless... I dare you to clap along with it. Dare ya! 9. Jingle Bells & Run Rudolph Run - The Brian Setzer Orchestra: I’m going to claim a twofer for this one. A Rockabilly/Swing Band Christmas, love it and especially the horn section’s backing vocals on Jingle Bells... hilarious! 10. Run With The Fox - Chris Squire & Alan White: got this on single years ago. Fabulous song. Actually, maybe THIS should be at No 1?
  23. Oh look! It's... ..."The Dark Night Rises"! Ba-da-da-dum Tish!
  24. My only bitsa is my Frankenjazz. Body and neck bought from a guy on eBay called “Build-a-bass”, Hipshot tuners, Graphtech saddles, Audere preamp. Turned our to be a monster Jazz. Was going to swap the pickups but once the Audere was in never felt the need to. Maybe one day I’ll add some split “single coil” humbuckers? Similarly was going to add a high mass bridge but I like the old BBOT bridge plus graphite saddles fine as is!
  25. Katzenjammer! Bonkers band in all the very best ways!
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