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  1. JMJ gives a quick tour of his cool and quirky bass (and guitar) collection. The video lingers nicely for a moment on his three Wals... what a collection! https://www.instagram.com/tv/CMqRYTeBdF1/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link And the rest...! https://www.instagram.com/tv/CMqR-cfh9U0/?igshid=qny4dim2m9m6
  2. TrevorR


    Great to see you again! The NYE set sounds great, really enjoyed that. Love a stripped down acoustic band and that Club is sweet. Hoping all the medical stuff goes really well!
  3. “...Return To The Forbidden Planet...” - oh that brings back memories! I love that show! An old school chum, Rosie, was stage manager for a load of the national tours back in the 90s/00s. Saw that show so many times. Always a blast!
  4. 90s pop throwback evening... Alisha’s Attic - Illumina
  5. Yes, a lot of folks pop advance warning up at the Wal Bass Lovers Of The World Unite FB group before they consign them or launch their TB/BC/Reverb ads... Well worth a look.
  6. Row 2, #7 - Glen Gregory from Heaven 17, I presume... [EDIT] Ah, no.. there he is in row 5 - for certain! Still looks a bit like this era...
  7. Yeah, like @toneknob says, that's Aimee in 'Til Tuesday mode...
  8. I wondered if it was Hazel Dean next to Midge?
  9. I know 65 of the 80s popsters for certain with about 10 others which would be guesses... Great graphic, though! [EDIT} Make that 67!
  10. Wow, someone who's heard of Aviator! Yes, he'd have been fully Wal-ed then up. His short scale JG bass.
  11. To be fair, both Caravan albums were pre-Wal on a Gibson EB!
  12. The leather is mounted on a metal plate, if that helps!
  13. Wal did like a bit of leather! The first ever Wal, owned by John G Perry (ex Caravan) Me having a noodle on it at Wal in High Wycombe way back... Leather scratch plate JG series... Theo de Jong Chris Squire’s triple had one too... The orders list. Some famous (and one or two surprising) names on there...
  14. Doubly so given her well documented performance anxiety issues. That can’t have helped! Touched By Jesus has some cracking songs on it! That’s my morning playlist sorted!
  15. I understand they’re pretty much recognised as the leading lights in the slime scene - and innovative blend of grime and frogspawn stylings!
  16. Three pages in and not a single mention of The Toy Dolls big hit! Off their credibility and career went with a trumpetty trump trump trump...
  17. But to be fair, Cornershop’s original is deadly dull while Norm’s remix is a cracking single! Which suggests most of the attraction is the added Fatboy touch!
  18. Very few people can look cool and dignified playing a keytar but Patrice still oozes cool!
  19. Brilliant!!!! It's one heck of an education, isn't it!!!
  20. Seems like such a long time ago (because it was, a year to be precise!) but we’d get a songlist with keys (provisional of course!) and notes/comments on a Tuesday or Wednesday, evening rehearsal on Thursday 8-10 then musos set up and line check 8:30 to 9:00 on a Sunday, preservice rehearsal 9-between 9:45-10:00 for a 10:30 service. We’d get up at 10:20-25ish and quietly play a pre-service song or two as folks were arriving. Here is a typical song list from way back I happened to find on my iPad...
  21. Yes, but according to the Bank of England's Inflation calculator, that Jazz bass cost the equivalent of £2,319.15 today! P bass a snip at £1,931.57
  22. I struggled with this approaching my 50th. What I would really have liked was a YOB bass, maybe a Jazz. But since I’m... erm... “of pre-CBS vintage” that was never really on. My wife’s big “21st birthday” (again) was also only 6 weeks after mine so in the end we had a joint present commissioned - but in a very different musical direction. We are big fans of Gordon Giltrap and have got to know him well over the years so we decided to commission a piece of music from him. I chatted to Gordon about it and he asked us to provide a title (the fulfilled promise is our little boy whom we had adopted a few years earlier). He knew I loved his 70s prog albums so felt inspired to create something a little in that vein. When he came up with the melody he thought it would sound great with a violin doubling the line and it prompted him to get back in touch with Ric Sanders from Fairport whom he’d done an album and tour with many years earlier. So near my birthday we got a CD with the song featuring both Gordon and Ric. Then it appeared in a more fully arranged version similar to the version above on his next album. Not a bass but still a nice, musical way to mark two big birthdays!
  23. Andy, that certainly is a thing of beauty! So nicely done! Bravo good sir.
  24. And similarly with the later change from hornbeam to hard rock maple for the centre laminates*. Hornbeam has a reputation for being super stiff and solid and Ian & Pete decided that, with the laminates, maple/walnut/maple/maple/walnut/maple was more than stable enough. *They were originally: maple/mukulungu/hornbeam/hornbeam/mukulungu/maple.
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