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    Your Go To Bass

    My actual go to bass is this one... ...but the one I probably noodle on round the house most is probably this one... Faith Neptune Titan
  2. Love this little doobrie for fuzzy cabs...
  3. Thanks, love my Pro IIE bass. Yes the mutes are really nice. Made by a girl in the States I found on Facebook - Patton Bass Mutes. I’d been playing around with foam mutes for a while and saw these. Spotting a customer comment/endorsement on her page ascribed to a certain @wateroftyne piqued my interest. I really liked the design concept and thought the little loop would make using it so much easier to use... it does. Blew £45 on getting three. Don’t use them lot but they’re perfect when I do. Money well spent. The “holes” are slider switches that engage EQ filters. The middle one is an early version of Wal’s “Pick Attack” presence function. The other two are (had to look this up) low-mid boost switch for neck pickup, upper-mid boost/bass cut switch for bridge pickup. Gives the pickups a more punchy 70s rock tonality. Very useful as instant tone changes.
  4. Or pity me... I usually rest my thumb on the neck pickup surround... then I play this bass where they’re practically flush with the scratchplate... #firstworldproblems
  5. Yes, I rest my thumb on the pickup and E string but “rest” is the operative word. As in gently... not grind it into the edge of the pickup with 1000lbs of force like some seem to do. As to your new bass. Just find somewhere comfy to put your thumb, keep doing that and in a week or so it’ll be second nature. All just part of adjusting to a differently designed bass.
  6. Notoriously unreliable are hookers. Do the rest of the scrum and forwards usually arrive on time?
  7. P.S. Pike narrated the remade version from 2016. Not the 1974 original...
  8. The bass was built for the live shows. He was pretty much a P-Bass guy back then IIRC. Much more info here... http://walbasshistory.blogspot.com/p/blog-page_17.html http://walbasshistory.blogspot.com/2016/01/chris-squire-custom-triple-neck-wal.html
  9. Perhaps Partreon is the answer... the OP could ask subscribers to fund him buying the bass and setting up a YouTube channel where every month he posts up a video of him playing a bass line on his Mayones Viking followed by him singing “I’ve got a lovely bass! I’ve got a lovely bass! I’ve got a lovely bass! And I didn’t even pay for it... you did... Nah na na nah!” That could work... maybe...
  10. On the certification... the EU has very strict sustainability rules (much more than many other jurisdictions). So take the appearance of FSC stickers as a sign of success rather than the opposite. Of course compliance enforcement is the critical adjunct to that but audits are undertaken on a random sampling basis to trace the paperwork back to source. In my job I have close contact with biomass sustainability criteria in the energy sector and I know how stringent those criteria are in Western Europe, how seriously they are taken and that regulators do monitor carefully. Will some unscrupulous operators do what they can to get around the rules? Of course, the same goes in any area of society or business. But ultimately we “shouldn’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good”.
  11. In answer to your questions... Have you ever thought about where the wood comes from for instruments? Yes, it’s a consideration. My custom built acoustic guitar has a locally sourced walnut back and sides for that reason. For me it needs to be sourced in a fully kosher manner as a minimum. If a wood looks amazing but came from an unethical source, would it bother you? Yes. For a custom build I would want to know woods came from CITES approved sources and from proper FSC accredited and tracable sources. And no mass builder should be flaunting the law. Would you buy an instrument from a company that refuses to use a certain timber? Yes. There are options. I love rosewood fingerboards but would be happy to go for Paul ferro or a similar option. I wouldn’t want an “ebonised” board though. Rather have a naturally attractive wood. My custom acoustic bass is European sourced flame maple and spruce. How important do you think the wood is to the overall sound of a bass (i realise there may be many, many discussions about this on here but can we keep it specific to exotic timbers vs native european timbers?) It’s certainly a factor/contribution but by no means an overriding faction not certainly in the simple and binary way most folk argue for or against when this is discussed on the interweb. It will definitely be much less predictable than many argue given the organic, non-homogeneous nature of wood and massively outweighed by other factors like hardware, design, electronics etc. Ultimately it’s value to the builder and buyer will mostly be aesthetic (and workability for the builder). Do you like decorative timbers, or prefer a more simple aesthetic? I am a fan of natural and trans finished woods. Personally not a solid colour fan (the red Wal below is actually deep trans red on a plainish ash body). But a builder will want/need both as an option in their finishing range. As an example, my bass collection to show preferences...
  12. I think that Raffall need a better (or more honest) lawyer. Prize competitions should be free entry NOT by paid ticket. That’s by definition a raffle or lottery. Hence the old “no purchase necessary” disclaimer on magazine comps - to show you didn’t have to buy the magazine as an entry ticket.
  13. I’m not even sure that the terms of that lottery are legal under the Gambling Act 2014 which states that, unless for a charitable cause and various other stipulations of the act are fulfilled, a formal lottery licence from the Gambling Commission is required. Genuinely the only way to save money is, as others have said, spend less and save it or earn more and squirrel it away before it gets frittered.
  14. Saw this Kickstarter video posted on Facebook and am still scratching my head thinking “Why?” I set my strap height on all my basses to where it’s comfortable some years ago and, unforeseen massive weight gain excepted, don’t envisage changing it again any time soon. I don’t think I’ve ever done a gig where I’ve thought, “If only I could have my bass at Mark King height for this song and down at Hooky levels for the next one...” A solution to a problem that surely pretty much no one actually has!
  15. That was what put me off Schallers when I was first looking at strap locks. Everyone I knew who had them on their straps regularly hadn’t realised that the cup had rotated so that the mouth of the U was pointing down. It looks like the newer design is a bit better designed in this respect. So been using Dunlop’s for 20 years now with No problems and, unlike others, I find them very secure, easy to use and maintenance free. All comes down to personal taste, I guess. The one thing to remember with installing them is to drill your guide hole before screwing in the screw otherwise there’s a risk of reaming out the cross head. The screws are longer than your average strap button screw and aren’t tapered self tapping.
  16. MyMMV coz I’m exactly the opposite! Lol. Horses for courses! Dunlop’s all the way!
  17. That is a gorgeous bass. I am aware of a couple more thar Wal built like that in the Pro/Custom transition phase. I recall a white poly gloss one but this trumps that one for looks!
  18. A chum knows him and asked. He said P not TB!
  19. Leesten varey carefully. I weel say zees ernly wernce! Glad to see you seem to be sorted. Sadly since dad moved we don’t get up that way any more...
  20. Oooooooh, and the sheer tone in every note from Tiran’s P-bass on that track... drool!
  21. ....whilst in space or so high you might as well have been...!
  22. Good to see that there was no expense spared by the Beeb on the stage set. Not so much Rockin’ Down The Highway but rockin ‘ in the loading bay!
  23. Had to cop Guy Pratt’s bass part on Ain’t No Doubt... that alone would be enough to give me a nervous breakdown!
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