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  1. As a newbie you will probably not know you need to post it here: https://www.basschat.co.uk/forum/20-amps-and-cabs-for-sale/ You'll need to say 'To Trade only' and there is also a fee to pay to post it too.
  2. 'pic up only'..I thought that was a style of playing.
  3. Not trying to be a killjoy but have you looked at the T&C's( at the top of the thread) for selling on here? Its just if things go wrong you may not have any comeback... 1. Ownership: These forums are for selling USED items only. You must be the owner of the item you're selling.
  4. Cheers, I was so near too. I'll keep a note in the unlikely event of winning, it's not the best photo of him even though I have no idea who is is/was.
  5. Every month I do the Mojo Magazine crossword and usually complete it in around 45 minutes. To do this I use my knowledge and that of the internet and have a variety of tools for incomplete words and clues I do not understand. Since the sad demise of Fred Dellar there's a new compiler and I've managed to complete the last 4 or 5 he's done but still never won anything! Occasionally I ask for help, usually with a photo and today is no exception... It's a picture clue and I literally have no idea who it is although I have the following letters for his name which I am sure are correct: P_A_O ( 5 letters) _ _D (3 letters) Piano Sid/Ted? There are only around 4/5 words that you can make up with those letters but my tool does not do names. So any correct answers gratefully received, if I do win there will be compensation for the first to help! I can only enclose the whole crossword and the photo clue is bottom right , Clue C IMG_20220518_0001.pdf
  6. Tony Iommi was in Tull? I never knew that! (Actually I did as I'm a bit of a player geek)
  7. Noticed 'This is Spinal Tap' was being repeated on the TV and realised I'd never watched it all the way through so recorded it. Sat down to watch it with Mrs YFS and after around 30 minutes she got up and left the room saying 'when it finishes I'll tell you something'....anyway after it finished I asked her what she wanted to say. She explained she'd never got into metal as a teenager during the 60's and 70's and bands like Spinal Tap had passed her by( and she did not like that sort of music anyway). I gently explained it was all a spoof anyway! Moving on to last night at rehearsal with current band. We were looking at 'Handle Me with Care' by the Travelling Wilburys as some low-hanging fruit for the festival set and got to discussing the members of said band. Someone mentioned George Harrison in connection with the Beatles, our bandleader said " You mean George Harrison was in the Beatles, I never knew that'? Mouths dropped.....!
  8. I always love it when people can't spell proffessional,professionall, professional!
  9. Must admit I thought you were nailed on for 'that band' when I heard about X... some people can be 'son' of a beaches...! Anyway good it is all sorted.
  10. Thanks all, I've been to the Rainbow many moons ago too...but that explains why it did not come up on a search of current venues.
  11. Not familiar with London venues so I'm enlisting the BC massive, as stuck on this crossword clue... _ _ I _ _ O _ (7 letters and the I is an i)! Any help gratefully received!
  12. Thanks, but you did tell me when you said "I really like your teeth". But it's nice to get repeated compliments. Thanks.
  13. Just got back with my mate Jim from Turin as we both depped for Subwolfer. Good job I like Bananas...( this only works if you know my first name)!
  14. Maybe Rat Scabies could be interested in it?
  15. No, it's much better, I seem to recall there used to be a topless weather presenter at one time....
  16. I contacted them about a bass stand I had bought from them nearly 3 years ago as one of the anti-rock tags on the head had broken ( not not that kind of anti-rock!). Sent a photo and they said keep it and we'll send you another which they did by return. Granted if it was an amp they'd probably want the broken one back but they were exemplary with the stand which I'd bought nearly 3 years ago but had broken it maybe 18 months ago and forgotten about the warranty.
  17. If you buy from Thomann you get an extra year to 3 years.
  18. Yep, just try getting a long stand.....!
  19. Despite its name, I don't think it would fit in a Fiat Uno.....
  20. '6. This bass would grace any stage or studio and requires a professional to enjoy' Well luckily that's me ruled out.....
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