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  1. This 100% and, ensure you have lots to choose from😉
  2. How does the JB20 neck compare to a say a Squier VMJ or maybe Squier Standard J? Many thanks
  3. BAX appear to be the cheapest for a lot of gear.
  4. Fantastic review, thanks for the upload😎
  5. This is why I can't sleep without some background 'noise' of some kind, music, spoken book of some kind.....I need something above my 'ambient' tinnitus level if that makes sense....
  6. Whom doesn't like a good octave run.😎 Not disco but, the biggest octave fest I've heard (and played) is Durans Girls On Film. Again not disco, more funk Positive Force We've Got The Funk, lashings here too. Proper disco octave frenzy...
  7. I was like this once, a long time ago, in a galaxy, far, far away.....
  8. Do proper guitarists have similar GAS? .....I have 2 strats, 1 tele, 4 acoustics but, I presume I caught this from my bass interest so, that may make me 'abnormal'?
  9. I'm embarrassed to say I have just realised that I possess more posh basses than posh shirts...
  10. I think the problem with basses maybe their size......or lack of. If I was into old double decker buses... Motorcycles are a problem for me too.....V twins, I4s, single cylinder, 2T or 4T, triples....then there's the usage, track, road, fastroad, touring, off road in it's many forms, old or new. You can fit a fair number of bikes in a garage...😉
  11. Did he also invent those anti static car sickness dangling earth strap things.....
  12. I was going to suggest the same thing😎
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