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  1. Hi guys, hope ya doin OK, long time no see. OK, along with the bass that I play - some may argue that point - I've got a Fiddle coming on Friday, lockdown may as well learn something else....this time tuned in 5ths😀 A fiddle on basschat, what next. But, it has brought up, for me, a WTF are these diads called, or if indeed two note chords indeed have a name? I guess they are chords, afterall guitarists play 2 note power chords? Why diads? Now, being a boring old git I'm sitting here trying figure out how those folk and 'blue-grass' (I hate that term along with streetfood) play some of the those double stop diads...think Bugs Bunny Hill Billy hare intro here So, now I know that these fiddles do a 'country' stylee great power chord and, also a umm err, power third?🤠 https://youtu.be/h4CenuFbGiA So, with my poor grasp of music theory in that second video... 1/ G double stop:- G on the D string and, B on the A string gives a major third. 2/ C double stop:- E on the D string and, the C on the A string gives an inverted major third, C/E 3/ D double stop:- F# on the D string and, the D on the A string also gives an inverted major third, D/F# .....if there is such a thing as a C/E to describe a E over a C? So, these are diads, or partial chords. Now a power chord is root and 5th G5 for example, so are these 'power' thirds called G3? All the best, stay safe guys. PS if you drink fine wines it's a violin, if you prefer cider, it's a Fiddle I believe?
  2. Aria SB-R60 in Paduak red...never meet ya hero's, lovely to look at, nice enough to play, but no zing factor for me. Stingray in Trans-Orange, lovely thing but the E string was a tad quiet and the neck was bit P bass for me Yamaha RBX4-A2......everything I hoped for.
  3. Holy Thread Resurection! Just been playing along to Harvest For The World...having a 5 year old its that time of year. So, been listerning to their old classics, always liked them back in the day, When The Fingers Point, Hooverville, Forgotten Town but where there is some footage of the bass player from the 80's playing the original bass player is on various Fender 4 string Jazzs. But, that glorious bass tone seems to me, a 5 string, 4 string thru an Octaver or maybe bass synth'? Whatever its bloomin' lovely [url="https://youtu.be/LjEla5Lw_TI"]https://youtu.be/LjEla5Lw_TI[/url] [url="https://youtu.be/dssA5ApFbo0"]https://youtu.be/dssA5ApFbo0[/url] PS did they have Bass Octavers back then when it was all fields 'round here?
  4. Thanks guy, I bought the bass and have to say the fit and finish is very, very good indeed, even under the pickguard with surprisingly nice tidy wiring, soldering and routing. New set of strings, truss rod and nut setup and she sings, great neck good 'n shallow. She will having the pup to parallel this week and I'll chime back later. The one critisism being a slight lack of top end fizz.....acres of bottom though!
  5. Got a Vintage EST-96 active and currently it looks like its wired in series, I want to wire this to parallel to get a brighter sound. My wiring colours are red and white (currently joined together) green and black. I'm being lazy as I could, given enough time and reading, work this out, but would anyone know the wiring for these humbuckers...picture below is of a WSM4 off the web....you can just see the white and green wires...well OK you can't but believe me they are there I [b][i]think[/i][/b] its wired like a Semour Duncan so from the images below, do these look OK? good link for wiring:- http://www.1728.org/guitar.htm
  6. On the first fret what clearance have you between string bottom and fret top...measure using feeler gauges. I also have a very light playing manner and run .5 to .6mm which makes one hell of a difference....obviously the close trussrod action and low saddles also help me.
  7. [quote name='Bottle' timestamp='1309186661' post='1284258'] Matt, Had the control plate apart now, looks like I've got ~ 4.5k between black and white, and about the same between red and green, seeming to suggest it's the same as the SD wiring colour code (it appears that when in series it didn't matter if black and green were reversed). In that case, I'm going to use the SD colour scheme and switching arrangement - I've got a spare DPDT toggle knocking about at home. Tasks for tomorrow will be to re-dress the control cavity wiring (BTW it ain't screened either!) and fit the switch as well as drill 'n' fill a couple of holes with stripped threads. Ta muchly fella, Ian [/quote] Did you ever finish this mod? Did wiring n parallel make the sound brighter and quieter? I see you are still logging in to BC!
  8. Anything by Mr Burt Freeman Bacharach...reminds me of Sunday mornings with the stereogram on, just before Sunday lunch...
  9. 12800 after a lifetime of motorsports on very loud bike, karts and cars....I do know I have a 'frequency hole' in my right ear which I think was from kart racing...I had to take a 3 monthly hearing test when I worked for Lucas CAV and worked in a cold room area. good find.
  10. [quote name='Bilbo' timestamp='1454933177' post='2974252'] Saw them at Bristol Colston Hall in [i][b]1836[/b][/i]. Great band (it wasn't Pino on bass but I cannot remember who it was) [/quote] Both Richard and Peter have worn really well from what I see.
  11. I always get muddled up with Gilbert and Leo Sayer...may have been 'cos of the haircuts...which one did Get Down? Great song smith.
  12. [quote name='Geek99' timestamp='1454931475' post='2974227'] I've got one It's very good indeed - the preamp has a wide range and fretting is good [/quote] Would you know if the pup is wired in series or parallel?
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