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  1. Some things cannot just be unseen….
  2. The main offenders know who they are…
  3. Anything that looks like it might have fallen off an antique Spanish galleon gets a no from me…it’s just wrong.
  4. Ah …my bad, I misread the spec, yes it is both switching and tapping. I’m going to have to chat to status about this like you mentioned earlier and see what they say. Thanks.
  5. Ok …I’m not getting that mod, I was getting coil tapping mixed up with coil splitting, I was after coil splitting which it isn’t.
  6. this will be my second s2 status build so there wont be too many surprises hopefully, but yes literally its a yes or no type deal, anything custom that deviates from the norm is going to cost a lot with these guys. I'm sure they will think its a good mod but forums like this will hopefully give me the real down to earth no bs user point of view... I already think their prices are way too high so I don't want to add to it unnecessarily but on the other hand i don't want to be kicking myself for not getting something that later on I wish I had. I do appreciate the single coils on my jazz with that tight response... ps...this is a forum, we are here to hear your honest personal experiences!!!!!!!!!!!!..
  7. Ok …thanks for the feedback…appreciated. I suspect the s2 and slimline do share a lot of the same tech when it comes to the electronics. I think the upgrade you had is different since the coil tap as far as I understand just turns the humbuckers into single coils.
  8. love everything from these four guys in all their various formats. Having young's fragile voice weaving amongst the harmony is like taking the whole thing up a notch from a solid 10 to a sublime 11.
  9. quite surprising that he would dump the shergold and eccleshall.... is this auction like a symbolic final separation from new order??
  10. For me everything is important but if pushed to choose then playability and sound trump the looks.
  11. Yeah i remember the neck seemed really long in comparison to the body so you had a bit of neck dive on the thunder iii.
  12. yeah i was at that same gig, did the quadrophenia thing and slept on the seafront, their best gig for me was Glastonbury about the same time when they played during a full on lightening storm which just took the whole experience up to a whole new level...robert himself remembered it as being one of the best as well.
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