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  1. Sad news, RIP Martin, I only dealt with him once - but a true gent
  2. Apple Firewire to Thunderbolt 2 adapter. Does what it says on the tin. £29 from Apple, offering this at £15
  3. I had some store credit at PMT that I needed to use, and bought an SM57 as I couldn't think of anything else I could possibly need. I don't really even need another SM57, so my misfortune is your gain. Haven't even taken it out of the box. £75 cleared funds, gets it shipped to your door fully inclusive. Please see receipt, so you can see that it is a genuine sale.
  4. When I moved from the UK -> USA -> UK a few years back I used a freight forwarding company called Panalpina to move all my stuff (they do this sort of stuff all the time). They dealt with all the paperwork & I didn't have to pay any tax. They also got the goods door to door in one piece! I'd definitely advocate getting professionals to do it rather than chancing your arm with self-arranged couriers and DIY forms
  5. Makes the 'incredible sound proof room' a bit redundant though I was thinking as the OP (or his drummer) had gone to the trouble and expense of building it, then play in it using headphones a bit daft. Unless of course they live under Heathrow flight path and are trying to keep the sound out rather than in!
  6. Even simpler solution. You could get away without any audio interface..... route DI from your bass, DI from his Drums, and the line out from the MacBook into the mixer. As you have a soundproof room, why on earth would you use headphones? Take the output from the mixer into his Drum Monitors, and voila!
  7. Maybe they had some fixed capital costs (or other one off expense) in 2020 that they didn't have in 2015. I wouldn't read too much into it
  8. Of late I have been spending too much time in GG and GAK looking at Fenders (guitars rather than basses). I tried everything from Squier Classic Vibes, right up to American Ultras (and a few special editions in between). The absolute worst, and I mean really terrible instruments are the American 'Performers' (beyond me why anyone would pay £1000+ for one of these), the Squier Classic Vibes and Mex Players were really too good for the money they cost, American Professional 2's and Ultra's are ok, but uninspiring for the amount of cash. The stand outs for me were the Mexican Vintera range, really lovely instruments at a keen price. However, as investments, i'd pick a used American Fender any day of the week. Bought at the right price it won't lose money - it's like someone is paying you to play!
  9. £900 should buy you a very decent Fender Jazz (probably USA Standard if you are patient)
  10. How was the singing journey for you? Was it enjoyable? I really enjoyed the journey of learning bass in my late 30's and learning guitar in my late 40's
  11. The feedback I get from my kids/family when I sing in the car etc etc.. ... big dent in the confidence!
  12. yes you can tap the individual sounds into the pattern..... personally I just use the x0x style on the grid... but it works both ways
  13. Maybe I should go and see a vocal coach? Just to see if there is anything that could be salvaged! Good to hear that you're going for it
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