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  1. sammybee

    Midi keyboards

    Generally they don't support their stuff for long. If you like to keep up to date with OS updates etc, then you'll probably find what ever you buy from M-Audio becomes a brick after a couple of years
  2. sammybee

    Midi keyboards

    I'd give anything with M-Audio on it a wide berth!
  3. sammybee

    Midi keyboards

    The last keyboard controller I had was a Novation Launchkey Mk2 - 61 full size keys. They are well regarded, full size keys, light up touch sensitive pads, faders etc..., quite solid & just the ticket for controlling Logic, nice synth type action from the keys. I sold mine for about £100 so it would fit your budget nicely.
  4. Just pulled the trigger on the Behringer RD-9, which will make the holy trinity of drum machines in my arsenal complete! Just got to sit tight till it arrives (end of August hopefully)
  5. Of course there is no 'gun to a buyers head' just like there is no 'gun to a sellers head', I can decline your offer to purchase, just like you can skip onto the next ad. But, if you want one of my items (you don't sound like one of my target buyers btw ), you will have to pay the price we ask (we never discount however politely a buyer might ask, or however many they want to purchase. We do however raise prices, as other sellers sell off their stock until we are the only ones selling a particular item). Selling on eBay, isn't just selling to an audience of 1. I might get 5000 views on a listing, but it only takes one of those buyers to click the button, and the other 4999 viewers to scroll on by... then the money's in my account, deal done. And I'm patient, with a lot of listings Actually the new payment arrangements aren't that terrible (but our customers will still pay more for the privilege). Not sure that I like paying fees at the point of transaction.. makes accounting a bit easier to pay one invoice at the end of the month, but we'll live & continue to thrive! As will most successful sellers.. and if the Basschat collective decides to boycott eBay, I'm pretty sure that that eBay and Basschat will survive too
  6. It depends what you are buying. Take a particular product x for example... I might be the only seller on the internet. If you want one of product x, you will either have to pay my price or buy product y. It's absolutely no skin off my nose if you choose product y because there will be someone along 5 mins later who'll pay the asking price. FOMO is a very real emotion/motivation for a lot of internet shoppers
  7. You'd be surprised. (Us) Sellers won't simply 'absorb' the additional fees, we will work them into the deal. Buyers will end up paying the additional. Especially on a lot of our stock (for which it is a sellers market). Buyers will still buy, and sellers will still sell, in a market place such as eBay - price is a secondary (or tertiary) consideration for most. Have you not seen the prices that basses and guitars sell for on the bay. Stupid prices... and there is a queue of buyers round the block for them
  8. I bought this very same laptop model last week. I can confirm the new M1 chips are utter beasts when it comes to running Logic etc. The 8gb of Unified memory is more than enough (the new Macs use it far more efficiently than a windows machine or an Intel Mac - so don't be put off). £650 is a crazy bargain for some lucky person!
  9. It was a Shoreline? Gold 1960's Fender Jazz that I was considering.... was that the one
  10. Yep. I had a couple of chats with Andy about it. It took him a few weeks to shift it, I guess it was a lot of cash back then for a bass. Kick myself at least once a week for not grabbing it at the time & getting the OG to show me how to play Rhythm Stick properly
  11. Not a BC ad, but Norman Watt Roy's 1960 Fender Jazz for 6k at Andy Baxter's a few years back. I had the (spare) cash at the time, thought about it too long & it was gone. Think it would have been a cracking investment
  12. Just in case anyone was wondering, I clicked on the 'Accept All' button and my world didn't collapse. I did find the blog an interesting read @stonevibe - good work and best of luck with it.
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