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  1. Can post any item at buyers expense. Thanks for looking! EBS Microbass 3 - £290 Brand new condition with box, instructions and power supply. Home use only! Darkglass Microtubes Vintage - £120 #763. With box. Boss Bass Driver BB1X - £100 With box. Boss FBM1 - £90 Fender Bassman sounds in a pedal-sized format. With box. Fuzzrocious Demon - £110 Second gated boost footswitch and HPF/LPF switch. Will update post properly when I get a minute.
  2. If I hadn't just ordered one I'd have bitten your arm off! Damn. GLWTS
  3. I bought a Nordstrand Pickup from Will. Very fast and easy deal. Proceed with confidence!
  4. Hi Which model of Bareknuckle are these?
  5. Any interest in trading for an EHX Stereo Pulsar?
  6. Slug Ice


    I have one in black. I've always wanted a natural one. Awesome, awesome basses worth much more than what they go for! Good luck.
  7. Interested in the Aerodyne.
  8. On doing a bit of research it seems I might be short-changing myself somewhat... Coming soon!
  9. Sold some pickups to Ian. Great Basschatter and very accommodating of my bullsh1t. Deal with confidence!
  10. Darkglass VMT #763. Original box and bits. £125 including UK postage.
  11. Boss OC3 in used condition with original box. Heard on a lot of Rolo Tomassi recordings and tours, if that floats your boat. Range feature is pretty cool. £80 including UK postage.
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