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  1. I'd offer an opinion, based on me selling a 'lot' on eBay. The seller is well within the time limits to file a item not as described case.... and based on what you have said above, is likely to 'win' that case. Outcome will be - case found against you.. [1] she can return the item AT YOUR COST to you for a full refund (note she may damage it/have damaged it, and you will have no comeback). [2] she keeps the sax, and you will have to give her a full refund (this is likely to happen if you do not co-operate with the process). As BassTractor says - do respond, and try and placate her - offer her half the money. If you 'fight' this, you are 99.9% likely to lose.
  2. Not true, I did the SSD upgrade on my 2014. Was a piece of p*** with youTube tutorial.
  3. High feedback buyers do this too, we have more than our fair share of people trying this one on. I've learned to always insist on a return & full refund rather than mess about with partial refunds. 9/10 if they have caused the damage, they won't bother sending them back. Feedback only really tells you how many transactions somebody has bothered to click the button on. On our ebay sales, probably less than 5% of buyers will leave feedback & I've given up leaving it for them. eBay these days is very safe for buyers, but is becoming more and more risky for sellers. On the plus side, buyers on eBay tend to pay a higher price for their goods
  4. If you are sure the Mac path is for you, i'd give anything older than 2015 a wide swerve. With each new release of MacOS another generation of Macs become obsolete - the next in line are the 2012 line (that will be in September 2020). They are cheap for a reason!! With the 2018 & above models you can upgrade the memory yourself (see youtube for instructions) up to 64gb & you can hook up an external SSD to expand storage. Whatever you do, if you plan to run an OS higher than Sierra - get an SSD, otherwise you will be in for a 20 min wait everytime you boot! Personally I've got a 2014 Mac Mini with 16gb and a 1tb SSD. It does the job, but it will be soon time for an upgrade.
  5. These day's eBay have far more sophisticated ways of promoting good sellers and hiding the bad ones. In fact it is pretty hard to be a bad seller on eBay, natural selection filters them out. Mostly
  6. It is very difficult to leave negative feedback on eBay these days for sellers, as prolific sellers we have people very occasionally leave us neutral/negative feedback. eBay themselves automatically remove it, you don't even have to request them do it for you nowadays.
  7. Cambridge Audio A1 mk3 amplifier. Bought new from Richer Sounds some time back, used in my music room (not pushed) for a few months before I started using powered monitors. Put into storage, and now I'm having a bit of a clear out. Boxed (as you can see from the pics), with all packaging & a couple of lengths of decent speaker wire. You're welcome to collect from Northampton, NN3, or alternatively I am comfortable with packing securely and arranging a courier of your choice (at your cost).
  8. This 100%. Learn to use what you have before you look for more 'stuff'
  9. I'm on two basses (Stingray and a Jazz) and two guitars (strat and acoustic). If I'm honest, I could survive quite nicely with just the strat and the stingray. I've been there in the past with massive (expensive) collections of synths and recording equipment, which I didn't miss one bit when I sold it. Gear/GAS is just a distraction and prevents you from enjoying and playing music. But we all have to go through it.
  10. Latest delivery arrived from BaxMusic this evening, was a couple of days overdue, but all things considered excellent service and really cheap prices.
  11. My favourite (because he plays a lot of 70's/80's soul/boogie/disco) is a guy called BelgaBass. A man of few words, but his playing is on point. Often playing very tasty pieces of vintage gear too.
  12. All DAW's do a similar thing, I don't think one is more difficult to learn than another when you start your journey. The problem is when you switch from one DAW to another & have to relearn everything you've learned previously (keyboard shortcuts/menu options) etc. I'd go with a cut down version of a proper commercial package (Cubase/Ableton/Studio One) that comes free with one of the many audio interfaces on the market -> then upgrade to the full version as/if you grow into it.
  13. ^ this. I wouldn't mess about trying to source a 'nearly' there replacement. Just call Strings and Things and they will get the OEM part from EBMM in the USA. When I needed a part for my 'ray they bent over backwards to help me, really first class service.
  14. Another one was a mint condition Moog Prodigy for £50 from a local second hand shop in about 1988. I didn't bond with it at the time because it didn't have MIDI (like my more contemporary synths). Fell on hard times when I lost my job and sold it to a 'friend' about 6 months later for £30.
  15. Couple more drum machine deals I had off eBay in the mid 00's (it was a golden time for bargains back then).. Akai MPC 3000 - £480 Akai MPC 2000 - £90 (with a dodgy output jack - £2 fix) Roland TR-707 £52 regret selling them on for obscene profits!
  16. I cant recommend any wireless, because I would always recommend wired headphones. Anything using bluetooth might be good enough for general listening, but probably have too much latency for recording. Which probably rules out 99.9% of the 2020 wireless headphone market
  17. Back in the 1980's, guy I bought it from couldn't figure it out. I didn't keep it long 'cause I wanted an Oberheim DMX
  18. Have you got her phone number? (asking for a friend)
  19. Original Roland TR-808 in fully working condition for £75
  20. Just had an email from PMT saying their stores are open for 'Click & Collect' (sure they do mail order too) - not sure if they stock GHS though.
  21. These are the ones that I think I might get.. Is this the right size for the Hercules hangers if I have standard thickness drywall - R-SM-05052 ?
  22. But it's not just the emails, it's the incessant interruptions on YouTube, banner ads etc on other sites.
  23. I would love to put all my guitars/basses on these, but only have plasterboard walls. I'd be really afraid my boat anchor jazz would end up on the floor.
  24. It's very easy to set up, get yourself a MOTU 8Pre (or similar) for around £150, plug in an optical cable to the Audient -> preamp. Hey presto another 8 inputs appear in your DAW. No other config needed.
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