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  1. One of my heroes when I was younger saw them on four consecutive tours, had the tour t shirts etc. I have the UFO at Rockpalast DVD, me and a group of mates (I was in the Army) were at the front for the gig and Phil Mogg shouts down to us "you are f*#king mad!" Proudest day of my life. we may have had a drink beforehand though!
  2. No but that's a good idea
  3. Hi all, I have a flame maple fronted Warwick Infinity, it's currently a natural wax colour, would a darker wax take or is it sealed. Even more extreme, I would love to get it finished in a violet/purple colour to highlight the flame. Any advice very welcome.
  4. I have a barely used white Unitune I don't use, still got the plastic on the screen, in the original box with instructions etc pm me if you are interested. Cheers Paul
  5. Moog Subsequent 37 arrived today, not had a chance to have a play yet, I feel the hours will fly by tomorrow. I have been on a bit of a Synth bass splurge of late as by new Source Audio C4 Synth pedal arrived along with its friend a dual expression pedal also today. Tomorrow should be Konig and Meyer stand and HXFX. My head is spinning with the amount of stuff I am going to have to learn! Still it will be fun.
  6. I have been following this with interest, so much so that Moog Subsequent 37 arrives tomorrow, so steep learning curve ahead, it will be a long time before I post a video though!
  7. For sale Korg Pitch black tuner I great condition, velcro on the bottom, I still have the box, instructions etc. No longer needed as I have HXFX and Pod £25 plus postage
  8. For sale mint condition, Harvest dark sand coloured canvas and leather very heavy duty gig bag. Very thick, rock solid protection, large pocket at front for cables, pedals etc, smaller pocket for mobiles or tuner etc. Inside there are leather patches to further protect in the tuners and bridge areas. Looking for £150 plus the postage. You will not find a better or more classy option at this price. Please contact me with email address for detailed photos, i can't seem to add them currently Details from website, these currently retail at 299 euros Bass Bag for professionals Handmade from strong polyamide (nylon) canvas with water buffalo leather applique. Plus beautiful, sturdy chrome fittings. Lighter than the full leather bag, but just as stable. A wide 10-line nylon zipper opens the bag completely. This allows you to place the instrument very well in the bag. When closing, the bass is now fixed in the bag like a sandwich and can no longer slip – no matter what size! The zipper has a higher foam bar inside, so it can't chese the bass. In addition, two leather patches are incorporated to protect the inner lining. Upstairs is a small bag for guitar tuners and small parts. Below there is a large bag for a realbook and an additional compartment for replacement strings. Inside there is a small transparent pocket for inbus keys or plectrums. The handles as well as the straps are fastened with two steel rivets each – double holds better! At the bottom of the bag we have sewn on an additional adjustment protection. Enough space also for 6 strings and large basses. The bag has two well-balanced, removable shoulder straps and a hanger. TECHNICAL INFORMATION: The interior The bag consists of a 5-layer sandwich construction. Location: outside strong poylamide (nylon) canvas and water buffalo leather. Position: 3 mm soft, dense foam that serves as a shock absorber. Layer: 2 mm thick, hard plastic plate on the bottom, which gives the bag strength and provides protection to the instrument. If you place the bag on the wall, it stands firmly upright and does not let the head hang. Location: 20 mm foam as inner padding, which attaches itself to the bass body - around the instrument forms its own shell. Location: Inside anti-electrostatic, durable polyamide lining. With two leather patches to protect bridge, strings and mechanics
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