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  1. Fender Flatwounds. I can't remember if they're Light or Medium Light. Anyway, they do the job well.
  2. It'll be quite a while before gigging returns for most I'd say. A few pubs that put on music in my area were in trouble before CV19. The post Christmas trade and footfall was becoming a real concern for them. May as well stay home, learn new songs, learn theory, to read music...???????
  3. What band were you in Dave? I might have seen you play.
  4. The last bass I bought from a shop was 11 years ago, when I got back into playing again. Since then I've bought online unseen. Some have come from Basschatters the others from online stores. The only concern when buying unseen is if there's something wrong with the bass you're buying. However, as I've bought from here and online shops that reduces the risk a lot IMO. Trying a bass in a shop tells me very little to be honest. You get to try it maybe for an hour or so. One bass I bought, for the first week I thought it was the best bass I'd ever played. After that initial week it all went downhill. I'd had the bass for a month and hated everything about it. My current squeezes are a Jazz bass from Thomman and a Precision bass, second hand, from RichTone Music. I love them both
  5. This was taken a couple of years ago, but I don't change much
  6. I think I've only played 3 P basses, owned 2 of them. So, it's got to be my current bista. A Squier VM Precision with the neck from a Fender Precision Blacktop. The MIK Squier P bass comes a close second. Last was the MIM Fender P, very underwhelming to be honest (glad I didn't spend the extra £s on it) So here's my current P bass.
  7. Indeed yes. If my memory serves me correctly did you not own a Westone Spectrum II at some point. I owned one, it was my first bass, it was complete garbage.
  8. I have 4 pieces of 450mm x 1225mm 18mm ply. It's ok ply. I suspect it's not totally void free, but it's decent enough. Having read quite a few cab building threads over the years on here over the years, 12mm is the usual favourite. However, I got this 18mm free. It was supposed to be for something else but isn't suitable. To the speaker cab/audio boffins. Is it enough to make a speaker cab? If so, what speaker could I chuck in it? Cheers ta and etc.
  9. I've used one of those amps, and can say with authority they are very, very stationery
  10. Sire V7 (or the V3 if you want to keep a few quid back). I've got a Sire V7, one of the first 1000 that got signed, it's great and won't be going anywhere, and that's despite the fact I gave up playing bass 18 months ago (I literally haven't touched a bass since leaving my last band). I've also got a Squier P bass, which I love to bits, but the Sire walks all over the Squier. The Sire walks all over a Mex Fender to be honest. They are good. All the best
  11. I'm not convinced by the substitution argument regards UK bands would get the gigs not being done by EU bands. That's not really how the industry works. You get booked by promoters who think they're going to make a profit from your gig...so ergo you get booked where your fanbase is. That being the case, UK bands will already have been booked. To some extent this will apply to individuals as well, they're hired for who they are and what they bring.
  12. In a time when recorded music is all but a waste of time monetarily, and live performance is the way ahead, putting up barriers for musicians is nothing short of vandalism.
  13. I bought a Quick Lok BS/317 combo stand. The spec states that it'll take up to 45kg, which I thought was ideal as my combo was 28kg...plenty of headroom. No. I went through 2 in a matter of weeks. They are dreadful, don't buy one. The adjustment/locking mechanism just won't take any weight at all. https://www.dv247.com/en_GB/GBP/Quik-Lok-BS-317-Amp-Stand-For-Large-Amps-Combos/art-GIT0019894-000
  14. I used to have one of these, great cabs. GLWTS
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