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  1. I've never been messed around by a group of people more than 'musicians'. I got back into playing 10 years ago, and hand on heart, people who want to be in bands have been the biggest time wasters I've encountered. JMB, gumtree, bandmix, ads in music stores, open mics, word of mouth...every one has been a complete waste of time. Watch grass grow, it's more rewarding.
  2. Trademark Infringement and Trademark Counterfeit aren't the same thing.
  3. Claiming Trademark Counterfeit is a fairly bold move, by bold I mean ridiculous. Nobody who buys a Dean thinks they're buying a Gibson. It's a pity Gibson don't put as much effort into making good quality instruments, at sensible prices, as they do into this sort of faff.
  4. I think I could count on one hand how many times I've tried an instrument in a shop. I rarely go into music shops anyway as I don't really like them.
  5. I don't need any at the moment...
  6. Could be too late as Gibson have done nothing to protect IP for a long time. That aside, far east manufacturers simply won't care and carry on. ...and unless it's got a novelty detachable neck, then it's clearly not a Gibson or an accurate clone of one, so still no need to worry 😎
  7. I sort of got the feeling that the VMs were basses from a certain period with 'upgrades' someone had done to them, I suppose you could say it was trying to feel modded. For example, my Precision VM is quite 70's in looks, but then you've got these meatier pickups in it. I could be wrong, I usually am 😀
  8. Cameron bought a guitar stand from me. Great comms, prompt payment. Another basschat success 😎
  9. I've got D'Addario Chromes (flats) on my jazz. It sounds great. Although...the rounds I had on my jazz were SO old that the Chromes sounded very bright initially.
  10. SOLD sorry for not updating earlier, these sold a while ago.
  11. Afraid not, I'm giving up music so not looking for trades. Cheers
  12. It's an SR300 Made In Indonesia. It's the model that had the 3 band active eq with the Style Sweep mid control. I asked @KiOgon to make me a passive wiring loom for it as the pots had started to play up. I actually think it sounds a lot better.
  13. I sold Dave an Aguilar TH350. Absolutely brilliant to deal with. Excellent communication, no hanging around, payment made super quick. I'd sell or buy from Dave without any hesitation. Cheers
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