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  1. I've never played The Red Barn so couldn't say. There isn't really a circuit up in North Devon, there just seem to be a lot of bands trying to get in to play anywhere that'll have them. To be fair, most of the pubs are just too small for bands to get paid a decent amount. They simply can't get enough people in to make it pay. Also, there's not really 'a crowd'. It's predominantly 'older' people living in North Devon who don't go out to watch/listen to any music. If I was running a pub in North Devon I wouldn't be putting bands on. All that said...I think I might have just joined a band 😯. The only person I said I'd join a band with just asked me if I'd play bass in a band he's putting together. Bit rude to say no.
  2. The pub gigs I've done in North Devon have never seen a band paid over £200. There are pubs that don't pay anything. It's part of the reason I wasn't much fussed when the last band packed up, and as a result I jacked it all in. Lugging gear around, playing music I wasn't interested in for £35 a night wasn't my idea of fun.
  3. I've owned one and it's a lovely combo, I really regret selling it. They are very competent combos, however, I sold mine and switched to an Aguilar TH350 + Schroeder 1212L. The Rumble couldn't keep pace with the volume of the band I was in, the Aggi and Schroeder did comfortably. I wouldn't switch the Aggie and Van for a Rumble, especially if your current set sounds really good.
  4. I refer to my previous answer 😁
  5. Unfortunately not. It'll be a PA owned by a member of the band and only suitable for vocals. Never had the money for a spare head. If my last head had gone I did carry a DI pedal, but that may not have been an option and was dependant on the PA (which wasn't usually suitable to DI a bass into).
  6. I sold all my gear (bar 2 basses) this year, I had no intention of playing in bands again. HOWEVER, a drummer, who I said would be the only person I'd be interested in forming a band with asked me to play bass in a new band he's getting off the ground. I'm going to have to get an amp of some sort. I'm going to be looking at lightweight combos I think. I can't face hauling loads of heavy gear around. I wish I had the money for a Fender Rumble 500. I've owned one before and always regretted selling it. Oh well.
  7. Finnbass. I forgot that even existed. I joined because they did have a decent few bods who were knowledgeable about cab making. Apart from that it seemed to attract foul mouthed weirdos and perverts. Looks dead now. Probably a post twice a month?
  8. Sarcasm will get you a slap. Have a firm opinion that doesn't conform to forum 'perceived wisdom' is frowned upon. Have a negative view of US made products. Most of the humour that is run of the mill on Basschat. Take your pick.
  9. It's too big. Takes ages to wade through to find something interesting or relevant. It's fine if you're interested in gear that's 'Made In America', otherwise forget it. Gear made elsewhere, particularly Indonesia, Korea or China, gets a slating, despite it being as good if not better than American made stuff. I've therefore found no particular use for the site. Also most contributors seem quite humourless.
  10. Of the two in the original post I'd go for the Ibanez. I've not tried a Jackson but have owned an Ibanez SR300 and it's a great bass. The newer ones are probably better than the one I had. The Sire M2, I can't comment on. However, I do have a Sire V7 and it's the one bass I own that won't be sold unless I'm absolutely desperate for money, it's that good. A little more expensive, the Yamaha TRBX204 (£260). Yamaha are always a good bet. Second hand Squiers you can't really go wrong with in my opinion. I bought my current one, unseen, from RichTone Music. I adjusted the action to my preference and it's been a great solid workhorse (and looks great with the Mexican Fender rosewood board neck I put on it :D )
  11. You could buy 2 of these 😜. To be honest, I don't know what they're like. The head is basically the MiniMax which seemed to get decent reviews when it came out. https://www.thomann.de/gb/peavey_max_115_2.htm
  12. They're good basses, I can't see me selling mine, but my word what utter tosh. If only for the fact that the basses have a considerable range of tones available, due to the onboard preamp, I should imagine that thing could be made from ply, with knobs made from baked bean tins, and it'd make no difference.
  13. Happened all the time in the last band. It was a 5 piece. We had 3 up front with different instruments all over the place. I got stuck in a bay window once it was so cramped.
  14. I own 2. A 1st Version, signed, Sire V7 Marcus Miller Jazz bass AND a Squier Vintage Modified Precision, that sometimes has the neck from a Fender Blacktop on it. That's it.
  15. I've looking around for kit that'll do 'the pub gig' (2 guitars and your average drummer). Can one of these keep up? They look good on paper.
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