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  1. There was a lot of hyperbole during the pandemic about how it would change things. The spike in demand for instruments was hailed as a return to people having a renewed interest in music, and this would go on. It wasn't, it was a one off. Combine that with input costs going up... I'm working for a building suppliers and manufacturer. There has been a huge influx of 'work from home' employees moving out of the city to quiter locations. They've bought houses and then had lots of work done on them, hence it's been very busy. However, that's tailing off
  2. I watched one of the My Life As A Rolling Stone episodes on iPlayer, the Keith Richards one. Pretty vacuous and poorly made to be honest. Keith himself, I love listening to anyway, was great, but they didn't focus enough on Keith telling us about his life as a Stone. I'd like to hear from the man in his own way. Perhaps it's my age 😁
  3. Depeche Mode live at Glasgow Barrowlands 2017 on BBC4
  4. Probably on BBC Sounds. Bono on Desert Island Discs. I'm not a big fan of U2 or Bono but I actually quite enjoyed the bits I caught (I was at work, in and out the van). I'll try and listen to all of it at some point.
  5. Mike Mills in REM or Tony Levin in Peter Gabriel's band.
  6. I'd love to get back into a gigging band. What puts me off is trying to find others who have a similar outlook as myself. Basically, because I've been out of the loop for some time, the only people available are those who would pay to play at the opening of an envelope. Not really for me.
  7. Send it back if you can. For that price I'd expect a factory set up to have no problems. Is your luthier buddy a luthier or someone who just does set ups? Either way really, it shouldn't take someone with experience and knowledge to diagnose the potential problem, and tell you what's wrong in a short period of time. I've become very wary of people who've been in bands, tweaked their own guitar a couple of times, then all of a sudden they're calling themselves a luthier. I used a guy once who told me the neck on my Korean Squier was made if 'rubbery maple' and that's why the action would always be a problem. He was talking drivel. I did the set up myself after he had been at it, it was fine. Now anything I can't do I take to a guy who makes acoustic and electric guitars, an actual luthier (the lead singer in the Manics uses one of acoustics)
  8. There will be those who knock him, but I hope I'm able to do a +2hr set to that standard when I'm 80...having done a gig the night before.
  9. Anyone reckon Macca's band bass bod is playing a Limelight?
  10. Standard BBC utterly abysmal mix. First song Macca did the whole band was drowned out by Wix's acoustic guitar. And FFS why are Macca's vocals so low in the mix. Do the sound guys not care?
  11. He may as well be playing a cardboard cut out, I can barely hear any bass at all
  12. Jo Whiley is irritating The only performance that's interested so far was by Les Amazones D'Afrique. It was just on the beeb.
  13. Anyone into Public Image Ltd might be interested in a documentary about them on Amazon
  14. Sire V7. Always gets used more than my P bass. I bought the P bass for a punk band...that I knew some if the venues we'd play my gear my get a knock or two.
  15. I tap my foot, maybe saunter around a bit, but mainly just tap my foot. This mainly due to the 'stage' areas I've played have always been quite small, or there seems to be a lot of gear belonging to other band members around me. I dare not move too much for fear of standing on a lead and dislodging it from its connection or knocking over an instrument.
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