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  1. I used to use a guitar 4x12 at practice with one band. It sounded quite decent (it was pretty beaten up to be fair), you just had to be mindful not to push it with the lows or volume, otherwise you'd start to hear the drivers complain.
  2. I've had 2 Squier Precisions. A late 80's Korean, which was lovely. The neck looked like flame maple, it sounded great and looked great...so obviously I sold it. And currently I have a Vintage Modified. That's great as well, so I obviously put a different neck on it (I've still got the original neck). They're good basses. I shoudn't like the VM, it's the wrong colour, but I love it...well, I did when I was playing, before my band split up, I hate singers, did I mention I hate singers?
  3. Marvin


    From what I can remember the SR and SRX ranges are quite different in some respects. The body of the SR is a lot slimmer and contoured than the SRX. The SRX is a more traditional slab with contour cuts. And I think the neck on the SRX is 'chunkier' than the SR range. They look sort of similar but are actually quite different. If it was a case of going from an SR300 to a SR500 than that is a direct step up, but this is more of a step across to something a bit different.
  4. I think he's rather good. When I started playing bass PM was someone who stood out for me.
  5. Basschat is fairly unique though, it is quite active. In comparison, I've just joined an angling forum...it's slower than a day with no bites.
  6. Is it? To be honest I never frequent the place...but that's because i can't play guitar so there's little point.
  7. He's not as good as Mark King. 😶 Old joke, couldn't resist. As you were.
  8. Sire are moving a million miles from what it's original selling pitch was. The price of the V7 is now £130+ more than what I paid for mine when they first came out. Even taking into account all the usual's, that's still a big hike IMO. The V7 used to be competitive with a Squier. The V3s are now approaching the price at what the V7s started at. I think it's a little disappointing that Sire seem to be creating ever more expensive basses. I also think the V10 looks awful 😛
  9. I got that wrong, it wasn't the neck profile that was changed, it was the fretboard radius. I like the version 1 radius a lot (7.25in). It's a minor thing but the radius is now flatter I believe.
  10. Marvin


    I've never developed even hard skin on the finger tips of my 'plucking' hand. Even on my fretting hand though I only get slightly hardened finger tips. I must play quite light and could probably get away with a lower action. I set my basses up acoustically and to have not rattles or buzzes when plucking the strings quite hard. Don't know why I do this 😳😊
  11. There’s an Ashdown MAG 15combo at the jam night I used to go to. There’s nothing about it I like, nothing. It’s part of the reason I don’t go to that jam night anymore because I dislike using it that much. I used my own gear in the same pub and it simply reaffirmed my negativity towards that combo. I had an Ashdown ABM500 a few years ago that had a fault. I didn’t find Ashdown very helpful when I contacted them tbh. They didn’t even point me in the direction of an authorised tech in my area.
  12. Peavey. I’ve played through both and the Peavey was a much better amp. I didn’t like the Ashdown at all.
  13. 0-0-0-0 and that's the way it'll stay for a long time. Last band. 5-1-0-0 I didn't really dislike anyone in my last band, but I did find a couple of them deeply irritating a lot of the time.
  14. I'll go against the grain. I thought too much time was devoted to effects pedals rather than the artists, or the instrument itself. It bypassed punk and grunge as if they hadn't existed and where the guitarist's role wasn't that of someone playing infinitely long solos.
  15. I'd have thought @obbm would be able to sort you out. He makes great quality leads and as long as your want them. Here's his web page. http://www.rock-wire.co.uk/
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