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  1. My autocorrect is on something really odd.


    'I'll get my coat' became 'I'll get my case widget'. 



  2. Gives you quite a boxy tone, apparently. I'll get my coat.
  3. That's probably considered quite lumpy, as it's just over 11lbs. My 1st generation V7 is about 9¾lbs, my Squier VM Precision a few ounces lighter. I'm not someone to worry too much about the weight of a bass however, 5kg is getting a bit heavy imo...that's assuming Bax have their information correct, I've never seen Sire quote the weight of any of their instruments.
  4. D'Addario Chromes. They've been on there 3 or 4 years. I restrung my Jazz with rounds about 6 months ago, but they only stayed on a week. I suppose I've got very used to flats.
  5. Not true at all. Hermes is a private German company...owned by another German company called otto.
  6. I sold my first bass to a mate. It was a truly dreadful Westone Spectrum II. My mate asked me a couple of years ago if I wanted to buy it back. I politely declined...especially when I found out it had a nice split in the headstock.
  7. Outside of their most well known bands, I wouldn't have a clue who was playing on any particular track. Billy Sheehan plays on a Richie Kotzen track called Locked Out, the only reason I know that is because I read the sleeve notes, it doesn't sound very Sheehan.
  8. Or a predatory stalker...
  9. 🤣 the ever elusive Tim. One of BC's most well known members, but never seems to post.
  10. Lots of bands got lumped in to 'grunge'. Almost any slightly heavy rock band that wore dirty jeans and check shirts were grunge. One of my favourite bands, Blind Melon, get classified as grunge on some lists. Then again, Janes Addiction are grunge according to some. I don't think so. (Neither are STP) It was the last interesting wave of music for me, perhaps that's my age. It was miles better than Britpop, which was abysmal dross. What irritated me about Britpop was its unfounded confidence and arrogance. The singer from Franz Ferdinand said that Britpop connected better with British audiences than a check shirted rocker from Seatle, utter drivel. I've just listened to Pearl Jam Vs, a cracking album no doubt.
  11. The roasted maple does look great
  12. I thought about getting one, but it would mean selling my V7 and Squier VM Precision...and I quite like the both of them. The thing about the early V7's like mine, that I really like, is the neck. 38mm nut, 7.25in radius and it's lacquered finish. If Sire put that neck on the P5 I'd go for it 🙂
  13. @xilddx @Tinman @Mrs Tinman @OutToPlayJazz @ShergoldSnickers @discreet @Zoe_BillySheehan @Josh @jakenewmanbass Of course there was @OldGit, who will always be missed. I seem to recall their being someone called The Butler who was in a band called Midas Fall, bought their first album which was very impressive. There was The Funk (?). @discreet is one of the funniest people I know. I don't think I've met anyone else who's got a euphemism for almost everything. I'm probably in a small minority of the people, who've been here long enough to remember Beefy, who found him to be a complete derrière.
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