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  1. I lasted 2 practices, and I say practices in the loosest sense of the word. Wednesday was the worst practice I've ever been to, an utter shambles. They hadn't even attempted to learn any of the songs. Neither guitarist bothered to bring a single lead (they had to borrow my spares). One guitarist didn't have his amp and couldn't even remember where he'd left it. That same guitarist turned up stoned off his face and went on to get more stoned...so I've walked. It'd be a miracle if this ever made it out of the practice room Trying to land a spot with 'better' musicians isn't particularly feasible. It's a closed shop in my experience, they all play musical band chairs. So I'm done. Wednesday concentrated many of the reasons I dislike bands into 3 hours, and why I'll not be playing again.
  2. I'm assuming you're referring to the modified "Apple Logo". I haven't used that one for about 8 years @Happy Jack 😁. You've a very good memory
  3. I'll be quitting this band. I've been in this situation too many times and my patience is too thin to put up with it. The kicker last night was they couldn't even play the songs they'd supposed to have learnt for last week, let alone the ones for this. The basses will be going back in their cases and will, at some stage, probably be seen in the for sale forum. This year was the first year in the last +10 years where I wasn't in a band, and it's been a good year. I've spent a lot of time fishing with a mate of mine and taking my kids. Last Saturday I took my eldest fishing, I loved every second, we had a belting day. I've not felt like that in a band,not that I can remember. So...day off Tuesday, weather looks good, I'll be getting the rods out, NOT learning songs.
  4. Get a Schroeder 1212l, you'll never need more volume than that. It may say 350w, but the Aggie is a very capable 350w. It could probably keep up with some 500w heads.
  5. I quit bands, and music, everything at the beginning of the year. I sold almost all my gear, bar 2 basses and a bag of leads. People said don't, but I'd had enough. Then I got asked by someone I said I would be in a band with, the only person I'd be in a band with, I owed him really. And am I regretting it. All the same old crap. People not learning songs, not bringing gear, can't pay for rehearsals blah blah blah. Musicians are such utter moronic wasters.
  6. Ouch. Thanks. I think I'll give that a miss.
  7. Just a quickie Does anyone know how much the old ABM C210 EVO 2 500w combos weigh? I don't seem to be able to find any info on the internet as regards any of their spec let alone their weight. Cheers
  8. There's a bass player local to me who changes his strings every gig (so at least once a week). He uses round wounds, yet plays old country and western. I've always thought it odd tbh. Billy Sheehan is another Rotosound endorsee who changes his strings a lot.
  9. I think I'm quite lucky that I don't get sweaty palms and fingers ( 😯 ) and subsequently don't seem to get this issue. I only really change my strings when they start, possibly, getting 'overstretched', if that's even a thing, and don't stay in tune for long. Even when I used roundwounds, it could be 2 years in between changing strings.
  10. It was perfect for the band I was in when I bought it. Drums and 2 guitarists, they weren't quiet but neither was it a LOUD set up. That band folded and I joined a band that, quite frankly, were moron level loud. The Rumble couldn't even keep up, and I rate it very highly. But these guys were just stupid. I would have been better off changing bands and keeping the Rumble rather than selling it.
  11. Thanks, now I regret selling mine even more
  12. Marvin


    I have Fender flats on my p bass and Chromes on my J bass. The rounds I had on my basses were so old that the flats sounded a lot brighter when I put them on, especially the Chromes. They suit my playing, they, sort of, sound like a bedded in set of rounds and then there's the fact they're a lot smoother feeling than rounds. I can't see me using rounds again, in part because I can' really afford to keep changing strings so Fender flats or Chromes are the perfect strings for me.
  13. £72?!? Given what's happened that's tantamount to daylight robbery. I think we'd all expect them to "red carpet" whatever they were delivering. Hope this is resolved for you very soon.
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