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  1. I live down in rural Devon. A round trip to even Bristol is +5hrs. Work (I work most weekends now) and family just don't make it feasible.
  2. The Ashdown is where I'm leaning to at the moment I must admit
  3. I don't bother with a tuner, I made sure the shop tuned the bass before I bought it...sorted.
  4. I bought a Peavey Minimax recently and now need a cab (I sold my last rig 12 months ago, Aguilar TH350 + Schroeder 1212l). I've got £300 available. Second hand can be difficult due to where I live, most cabs seem to be 100 miles away. Occasionally someone will courier a cab, but we all know that's rare and a bit of a faff. I need something compact with a small footprint, just for home and maybe practice rooms, but could eventually do pub/club size sort of gigs. The last amp/combo I used was a borrowed Laney RB 500w with a 15"driver. It kept up with the drummer and 2 guitarists On my list of possible Ashdown RM210t Fender Rumble 210 Markbass Black 151 (would have to negotiate the release of extra hour funds for that 🙂) Markbass NY121 (this one is second hand, but seller is willing to courier). Ampeg PF115LF GK 210MBE-II All opinions gratefully received.
  5. I used to own one of these, they're great cabs. GLWTS
  6. Blocks and binding on a rosewood fretboard.
  7. Clear/wood/unpainted finishes, call them what you want, I don't like them...but I have bought them, and currently one is a keeper. I shouldn't like this bass at all. I like painted finishes, rosewood fingerboards...but it is really nice to play.
  8. Perhaps the courier deemed or thought the case made up part of the actual package and wasn't just packaging. I suppose a 'layer of cardboard' makes it clear that everything inside is the package. Still, seems a little unforgiving.
  9. Thick as mince. Can't begin to imagine why the infection rate is beginning to increase
  10. That's what I do. I've got a Zoom B1on I use at home and that's all I use, I've not got an amp at all at the moment.
  11. I've always loved music, however I shan't say I hated music lessons at school but my word were they boring, dull and a complete waste of time. I can't remember learning anything. If you wanted to learn an instrument you had to pay, quite a bit, and my parents simply didn't have the money. At Junior School you could pay to learn the worst instrument of all, the recorder. At Secondary the only fun was, if you are allowed i on an instrument, to hit the xylophones so hard you tried to make the keys bounce off. The best place to learn an instrument was to join the town Silver Band. I've been in bands with 2 people who learnt to play drums in the Silver Band. Unfortunately not much call for guitarists in the Silver Band 😊
  12. I'd go for the Rumble. I owned (and have always regretted selling) one of the larger ones, and they're nice combos. Great sound, good features at a good price.
  13. It all looks well equipped. Coming from Thomann you get a 3 year warranty. However, as we leave the transition period and fully leave the EU as such on 1st Jan, I'd be a little concerned about how that effects us in the UK. I looked at the cabs, not sure on the porting. The equivalent Ashdown seems to have a bit more. Anyway, I won't be buying one 😎😁
  14. I bought Patrick's Peavey Minimax from him. Great dealing with Patrick, I contacted him on Saturday, by Wednesday morning the Minimax arrived (..and Monday was a bank holiday). Fast, good comms, well packed. It's Basschat isn't it Many thanks.
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