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  1. Good advice. I also feel that if you play, whatever it is you're playing, like you mean it rather than standing there like you're just going through the motions, it makes a massive difference.
  2. Brilliant!!! The guy I work with/share a van with at work has just tested positive for covid. 

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    2. Rich


      That sucks. Too many employers are all too ready to play fast and loose with their employees' wellbeing. I sincerely hope you stay well and manage to dodge the lurgy. I guess you're having to isolate from your loved ones too?

    3. TheGreek


      My neighbour is currently in Intensive Care at the Lister Hospital in Stevenage with COVID.

      He is a Liver Transplant patient so is more vulnerable than most of us.

    4. Daz39


      Bugger - fingers crossed for you.

      I'm so lucky to have no immediate pressure to return to the office. It's crazy how slack a significant majority of people now appear to be with precautions.

  3. I use a Zoom B1.on for home practice. Like others with a Zoom it's just instrument cable in, headphones out, and aux in if you need a backing track (and rechargeable batteries). Never had any problems, it's small and you can practice anywhere in the house...within reason
  4. I've got a 210 Rumble cab (paired with Peavey MiniMax 500 head), unfortunately I've yet to get to use it outside the house. I do however, have a mate who uses the Rumble 500 combo regularly in his covers band, but then I think he puts his bass signal through the PA a lot. It'll down to how loud the rest of the band are. I was in a stupid loud band once and I sold the Rumble I had because I just could get loud enough to cut through, I ended up with an Aguilar TH350 and Schroeder 1212 which was plenty loud enough.
  5. That's what I was thinking, this mix sounds very close to the 'Naked version. After hearing the naked version the original sounds dreadful. The original is bloated, crowded and pastey.
  6. Absolutely awful news. I had been speaking to someone last week who knows Charlie and his wife and had spoken to them recently. From our conversation I didn't get the impression he wouldn't recover, maybe never tour again but... So sad
  7. As you get older, and your hearing deteriorates, it's the higher frequencies that you can't hear anyway 😁😎 I'm actually trying to get a few more highs in my tone, I want a twangy tone for something I'm doing...so I'm probably the exception that proves the what not.
  8. I would love to go and see them, but the nearest they get to me is Bristol and that's over 2 hours away and I've got work early the next day. Levy is a great bass player.
  9. This was setting up at a gig a few years ago. Great band, great people in that band (there were 2 other guys) and the ladies were as mad as a box of frogs.
  10. Kylie at Hyde Park last night on BBC4...I lasted 20 secs. Not Kylie's fault...why is live sound, even recorded live sound, if that's not an oxymoron, such a problem for the BBC? The sound was awful! The vocals, this time seemed way louder than everything else which you couldn't hear anyway. I turned over and there was Eric Clapton in the mid and far east (something like that). The sound was markedly better...unfortunately the camera work for the live show segments were naff. I went to sleep than.
  11. Not really, no 😂 Male, 48, married (22yrs), white with a pinkish hue. I joined Basschat in 2009...blimey, 12yrs and I'm still cr4p at playing bass. 10 or so years ago there used to be more younger folk on here 😎
  12. I never had much interaction with Martin on here, however MB1 was always a poster I looked out for. Such sad news. RIP
  13. Encountering the same problem. I've said I'd play bass for an outfit that is currently a trio - vocal, acoustic guitar and electric. It needs a drummer or cajon. However, I only know of two drummers, both of which I'd rather not want to work with for various reasons, which is no great loss as neither would want to get involved anyway. I've looked at the pre-recorded mp3 drum tracks before but never went any further than thinking about it, partly because no one at the time knew how it worked techinically.
  14. I preferred the Celinder out of the 3. Then the MM and finally the G&L. I wasn't that taken with the G&L for the track, it didn't fit for me. Rest assured though, I was oblivious to the mistakes...probably
  15. I prefer the 60s spacing personally, which is fortunate because I think my Jazz bass has 60s spacing...if it hasn't I'll have to buy a new Jazz bass. The 60s spacing sounds fuller to me and the pickups seem to work better together.
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