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  1. I liked both. Which isn't very helpful is it...
  2. I've got a Peavey MiniMax that I bought from a fellow basschater for £180 (could have been a bit less, I can't remember, but it definitely under £200) and I've put it together with a Fender Rumble 210, that I bought new. It's light, not cheap but not expensive, and it has volume but not what you'd call LOUD! If I needed more headroom then I'd add another cab I suppose. I've done gigs with similar set ups and they've managed well...but then I've got to an age where I refuse to play loud
  3. Mrs Marvin and I went along to a gig with the singer in a previous band to see a local band at a small venue. The band play decent support slots for bands doing 3-4000 capacity venues (?), but this was a tiny place where they were doing a gig for their home fans. I'd never heard their stuff, they were ok. I was stood with Mrs Marvin far enough back from 4 guys trying to mosh at the front (it wasn't that well attended). One of the guys insisted on falling back into my wife and I. After the 3rd time I asked him to stop. The 4th time he got a stone cold stare, the 5th time I told him if he did it again I'd drag him outside. The 6th time my wife said we should leave early.
  4. I wish I'd had remote volume control or mute for one guitarist I did a few gigs with. He always angled his speakers across the stage...so more or less at me. So for those gigs I had him at full volume, it was really irritating. I usually use my tuning pedal to mute, but will use my amp's mute, or pedal if I want to put my bass down and not change any settings. It seems most guitarists have everything on '11', so if they turn a dial, let's say the volume, down to mute then they just turn it back up to 11
  5. As @Reggaebass says, @KiOgon his wiring looms are great.
  6. I don't know why he's gone in this direction. The song sounds like it came from the second Mumford and Sons album and not at all what he's really known for. It's an inoffensive, radio friendly sort of song. I'm not sure it'll be a 'pub covers classic' so to speak.
  7. These are the only basses I've owned for the last 4 or so years I think. Sire V7 and Squier VM Precision. They didn't cost much, the Sire was under £ 300 and the Squier was £150. I really like both of them so can't see me selling them unless I needed the money or couldn't play anymore. (and that is about all the gear I own in that picture. 2 basses, a cab (not that one though) an amp and a box (now a bag) of cables and a few pedals. Travel light )
  8. Plywood isn't a bad thing at all. As with any instrument if it's constructed correctly then ply can be very good, and as good as any other wood. My old Korean Squier P bass was made of ply. No one would know unless you took it apart
  9. I can literally only play the bass, and that's a stretch sometimes. I have been dabbling with the riff to Black Dog over the last couple of days on guitar, but that's only because I couldn't be bothered to get my bass out of its case. (I bought a guitar so the kids could learn> It lives in the dinning room. Only one of my kids is learning guitar and he bought his own). However, I've struggled with the whole getting my hands making chords thing with guitar and just gave up. When you take 10secs to change chord it's not really going anywhere.
  10. I'm no expert, but that's not a Fender. The body looks all wrong. And the pickguard doesn't fit properly. It's a mess
  11. We have dreadful issues with wi-fi, especially getting into the extension of the house. Our house isn't even that big, just a normal sized 3 bed box. The router sits in the dinning room, which is right next to the living room, however maybe because the wall between them is the old external wall, or the foil covered insulation in the new walls, the wi-fi signal is awful in the living room. For the TV and Playstation I bought home plugs which provides a stronger more reliable signal. With this second lockdown the kids need to work online all the time. My eldest is fine, his room is directly above where the router is. For the other two (who share a room) the wi-fi signal is so unreliable. I ended up buying Ethernet to USB adapters and plugging them into another homeplug. This has really worked wonders, they're getting good speeds and it's very reliable. I just checked the speed in their room and they're getting 25mbps, which although isn't fantastic is still better than no mbps. The computer I'm on now is connected straight into the router (they actually sit next to one another) and it's getting speeds around the 55mbps. The kids room may seem low, but homeplugs aren't supposed to work that well if the plugs are on two different ring mains apparently, which mine are...so I'm quite pleased I always prefer to be 'wired' in. Wi-fi, bluetooth have their uses but it's not as good as a cable.
  12. Absolutely this. If I'm not in a band, or if the band I'm in aren't doing anything, I just haven't any enthusiasm to just play. I've picked up my bass a few times and played along to a few tracks and learnt/relearnt some however, because I don't keep playing them the next time I pick up my bass I've forgotten them.
  13. P5 in Fiesta Red please. Ta I notice that the US price for the 4 string P5 is 💲499 (the 5 string 💲599)
  14. I don't have to record myself to know how crap I am...
  15. A report in either The Independent or Sky stated that many scientists believe 'normal' is 2 to 3 years away. And that is contingent on the vaccines being successful and their roll out worldwide being successful. Impatience and '1st world' boredom is probably the factor that most endangers vaccine roll out success worldwide
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