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In Memoriam


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I just read basssection piece. I work for a mental health organisation in Oxfordshire called Restore and am also a bass player. Sadly a lot of his comments ring true but the one thing to take from this is that there are organisations out there who can help. I wish I had known him or had the chance to speak to him. Talking to people..family, GP's and organisations like the Samaritans or Restore can help keep you safe and help you to work through these situations. They can not promise to cure or disuade but they can help and often do. The symptoms he described are more common place than many think and it is time the mental health stigma was torn to pieces. Organisations like Restore and Mind have people who understand and can genuinely offer empathy and help through various techniques and methods. We aim to rebuild self esteem and confidence and get people well enough to even return to work. We never judge people and aim to help no matter what the situation or history.
It is often the case that people with strong suicidal tendencies can overcome them given time and help and often our job is just to keep people safe through potential dates or triggers. I have seen this first hand and seen people overcome huge personal problems ... but you have to talk...if you think your gp is not listening try another gp...seek out organisations like ours..use Mind ...but let people know. My heart goes out to his family and friends and I really hope that what he wrote makes sense to those that read it. I will be passing it on to all who work at Restore so that hopefully in the future we will be even better equipped to help others. Rest in peace. X

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[quote name='tayste_2000' timestamp='1413373363' post='2577596']
Afraid I don't know the specifics but about a month ago there were lots of messages on his FB wall, it was very sudden though :(

My goodness, I think I might have been talking to one of his mates recently. He was obviously quite upset about things. Can't be sure it's the same guy, but from the same area, and it looks like he has a similar rig. Very sad stuff :(

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I am sad to inform you all that I have just heard from a friend that a member of this forum from Donegal in Ireland has passed away last Sunday victim of the big C.

John was a member of this forum and also the Dingwall one http://basschat.co.u...ohnbassdoherty/

Sheldon (Dingwall) recently built and shipped a new bass to John but he was too sick and only able to play if for a few days, he received it on the Monday and sadly he died the following Sunday.

R. I. P. John Doherty


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