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  1. The inspiration behind The BlazerRay, absolutely amazing what Andy did to Mick's bass, and those Simms make it extra special. Love that bass ❤️
  2. Dave it's killer! The pup and East preamp are a fantastic combo as said by @Andyjr1515early on in the thread..👍🏼
  3. 7 hour total round trip with craic, coffee, traffic, weather and bog stops Dave 😳😂😂
  4. So, still resisting the starshaped Warwick then Dave...🙄😲😆😆😆 Think TalkTalk's bassist had the fretless version of that Kramer, tasty 😉👌🏼
  5. Completed a great buying experience with Dave today, culminating in a round trip to beautiful Biggar, his home in South Lanarkshire. Communication prior to travelling was fantastic, a 40 minute phone call, several texts, including comprehensive photographs, written details, emails, measurements and even more photographs. Detailed route on how to find him - just in case the satnav played up 😆 - he pulled out all the stops to reassure me the trip was going to be worthwhile. It was 😉 Brilliant craic when we got there, he had even sanitised every flightcase prior to our arrival. Brilliant 😊 Deal done at a safe distance with an absolute gent, deal with complete confidence, this guy is a first class Basschat seller and a credit to the BC community 👌🏼 Resist the starshaped Warwick Dave! 😂😂😂
  6. Thought I'd update this thread with some visible pics as the @Clarky ones appear to have gone. Interesting to see this was once Kev Hoppers bass, presumably he commissioned it. I love it, it's a beautifully crafted bass with Nordstrand pups encased in ebony surrounds with matching ramp and knobs and it to my ears, sounds great. One of my mates calls it my Salvador Dali bass
  7. I too remember hearing Eruption for the first time on my mates turntable back in the day, awesome playing which left us both mystified at the time as to how it was done. I loved the 'Hot for teacher' video as well.. 'Sit down Waldo!' Cheeky chappy and one amazing player EVH 👍
  8. Yup, anything with more than four strings does the same to me 😁
  9. Good shout PT 👍🏼
  10. More incredible skill from Andy, superb! 👍🏼
  11. Amazing work so far 👍🏼
  12. Router gets my vote. And I am a rank amateur 🙄
  13. What else can I add to the excellent feedback already stated above.. Deal done in 10mins, brilliant comms throughout, amazing sturdy packaging and next day delivery as promised. Top Basschatter Clarky 👌🏼
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