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  1. Nice work, that looks really good 👌
  2. Little update. I messaged seller to find out history.. They replied that the bass was part of a 'famous bassplayers' personal collection, and had simply been stored unused from new. Amazing IMO, I have an '85 Walnut finish one of these, and it was my mainstay for years, best feeling bass I've owned, and an unbelievable action, its like putting on an old pair of trainers. But condition after years of gigging is not quite the same as this.. Its the colour of this too, never seen that transparent finish before.. 😯
  3. How on earth has this been unplayed?! Ive never seen one in that colour or that condition, amazing for its age. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1986-Westone-Super-Headless-Bass-Guitar-Matsumoku-Absolutely-Mint/202794134469?hash=item2f3778ebc5:g:~qIAAOSwWEddmd6L&redirect=mobile
  4. As seen in Build Diaries on here... My go to bass now 😎
  5. Deary deary me, that finish 😍 Worth the wait, beautiful work There's some talent on here mind 😎
  6. BassTool

    Stingray 4

    Oh noooooooooooooo..... ..... that beautiful wood covered in black Just my opinion of course
  7. Great thread, lovely result 👍
  8. Great skill Andy, you make that look a doddle 😲 and I see you are another builder keeping a smile on the face of @SpondonBassed 🤣
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