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  1. Bought a pedal from Sean, great comms, excellent packaging, very quick insured delivery, another top BC'r, deal with confidence 👌🏼
  2. Never, ever, been a fan of single cuts either... Consider me converted 😳 Lovely work as usual @Andyjr1515 👌🏼
  3. Never get bored of this bit, brilliant every time 👌🏼
  4. I'd be smiling with an Ultra-Brite smile if I'd got that result 👍🏼
  5. Oh God Andy, don't mention oiled fretboards 🤭
  6. That's a great phrase, and one that could be applied to many of the talented and very helpful guys who frequent the Build Diaries section - you all should know who you are by now😆 Great that you could get help from one of them, nice one @Jabba_the_gut 😉
  7. At no point in the hilarity, did a certain member ask me how often I applied my 'mix' to my 1985 bass rosewood fretboard that I've had from new 🤔 I would have at least expected that question being asked, before the ranting and ridicule that ensued 🙄 Of course, if it had been asked, I would have gladly replied 😉 Three or four whole times, for anyone interested 🤭 That works out as roughly once a bit a decade that my 'destroying' potion was applied to my fretboard.. There were times the bass had sat dormant perhaps, or from the many years it was so well used three or four nights a week it became manky from the working men's club circuit around the country, and required cleaning and rejuvenating. But, like many on here, my bass fretboard is still intact, and looking - as well as feeling - fabulous after many years of use and care. I wouldn't like to say what I used on the Bubinga body and neck of my Warwick Thumb NT 🤭 Couldn't stand the outrage 😆
  8. Yup. And you still do not seem to understand that... IME... ..it's worked for me, for a lonnng time now 😁 So, in the words of @Maude.. I'm out 😉 Suggest you still grab that beer or whatever 😆
  9. Well, you've certainly tried to make a rather forceful point here @Killed_by_Death, and in the process, you've created an interesting thread which has both been informative and at the same time amusing for our community 🤭 Each to there own, my basses with rosewood fretboards are all in beautiful condition, so I can only assume I got lucky over the 30+ years I've been doing this to my guitar fretboards, which incidentally, are all - thus far - still intact 🤞🏼 This forum welcomes opinion, it's what makes it interesting and diverse 😁 What it doesn't need is members insisting that they know best, and pontificating that they are right, and everyone else is wrong 😉 It's all opinion, and what works best for one bassist, is quite possibly the worst possible scenario for another 😳 You disagree with oiling a fretboard, I think we've cottoned on to that now 😆 Grab a Budweiser or a Jack Daniels, or whatever your poison is over there in the US, and drink to the fact it's ok to be different, in every aspect of whatever we choose to do with, or in this case what, to our own instruments.. Cheers! 😉🍻
  10. I've been destroying it since 1985, honestly, it's absolutely ruined...😉
  11. As said many times, never on a maple board. Got to disagree with OP though, as rosewood really benefits from oiling. I make my own up from extra virgin olive oil, white wine vinegar and fresh lemon juice, and apply to a cleaned down board. It must sit flat for at least 24 hours to soak in, but the transformation is absolutely brilliant. See the pics in my thread here..
  12. http://www.guitardecals.co.uk/ Superb logo transfers as recommended by me and @Andyjr1515 Jez 👍🏼
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