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  1. I actually also emailed MXR to try and get the resistor information, they put me in touch with their UK distributor who swapped the pedal out for a brand new one! Their customer support is fantastic, the entire process look less than a week. I now have a brand new pedal for the price of a second hand one, so I'm pretty chuffed 10/10 for MXR!
  2. Hi all, I recently got a second hand MXR Vintage Bass Octave and it sounds great, apart from there is some chatter and noise when I'm not playing anything with the pedal on. It turns out this was an issue with the earlier models of this pedal and was fixed for newer production runs, and I have been unlucky with getting an older one! It seems that these earlier and noisier units could be fixed by adding a resistor, which MXR apparently offered to install for free. The info I got was from this thread: https://www.talkbass.com/threads/new-mxr-vintage-bass-octave.1373102/page-12 So my question is, does anyone know the value and position on the board of this resistor, or would anyone be comfortable taking theirs apart to have a look? I've build a few of my own pedals in the past so I'm pretty handy with a soldering iron and would be happy to fix it myself without attempting to send it back to MXR for repair. Thanks in advance :)
  3. I had no idea they'd stop making them TBH, I don't think I paid much more than 45 quid for it new a few years ago! It's a cracking pedal, shame they stopped production.
  4. It's just gone, possibly the quickest I've ever sold something here!
  5. Hi, I'm selling my Valeton OC-10 which is basically a miniature OC2 clone which sounds fantastic! It's in good condition and full working order, no original box and velcro on the bottom. The only thing I'm looking for trade wise is a TC Corona Mini. Looking for £35 inc. UK postage. Let me know if you have any questions!
  6. Hi all, Recently got this, but I've realised after many hours playing around that it's not the sound for me, and it doesn't fit on my pedalboard 🙄 The pedal is in excellent condition and full working order. Original box, Tech 21 sticker, no velcro and this is the V2 with the Speaker Sim button. Now sold Let me know if you have any questions
  7. I brought a pedal from Mark after he answered my wanted ad. Very smooth transaction, fast communication and pedal arrived well packaged! Thanks again!
  8. TC Electronic Spectracomp, good condition, full working order, minor cosmetic damage. Velcro on the bottom. I'm looking for £40 including UK postage. SOLD Palmer The Junction DI, with three different types of cab simulation built in. I've been using this with a pre-amp for my compact in-ears setup and it sounds great! The only reason I'm selling is because I have a new pre-amp incoming with built in cab simulation. It's in full working condition, but has a few cosmetic scratches and velcro on the bottom. https://www.palmer-germany.com/en/products/speaker-simulators-loadboxes/5106/pdi-09?c=2141 I'm looking for £45 including UK postage. SOLD Boss OC2, full working order, minor cosmetic damage. Made in Taiwan. This has had a reversible mod where a resistor on the -2 octave pot is disconnected to get a slight increase in output from the -1 octave. This obviously means you can't use the -2 octave, but you get the volume boost which is much needed from this classic pedal. I will happily reattach the resistor if the buyer wants it in original condition. The mod is detailed here: https://www.talkbass.com/threads/boss-oc-2-volume-mod.1051293/ I'm looking for £75 including UK postage. Let me know if you have any questions
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. I brought a bass off Mark, he was friendly and a pleasure to deal with throughout the transaction. Bass was as described and packaged very well. Deal with confidence! Thanks again!!
  11. Stew brought my Cort jazz bass - he was a pleasure to deal with throughout, fast communication and friendly! Highly recommended. Thanks again!
  12. If I hadn't have just brought a new bass, I'd be all over this! Quality bit of kit.
  13. They're in good condition for the age. Slight minor wear on the first few frets of the E and A string. Forgot to mention the bass is passive V/V/T
  14. I'm selling my beautiful Cort GB99F as I have an Atelier Z incoming! This was made in Korea in 2003 and features a fantastic flamed maple top over an alder body, bound maple neck with blocks and Hipshot Ultralite tuners. I fitted some Wizard 84 pickups with solid pickup covers I had laying around from a project bass. I believe the pickups have 60s jazz spacing. This thing is amazing for the price, I've owned a lot of jazz basses and I personally think it punches above MIM Fender and Sire quality and sound wise. The bass weighs 8lb 4oz and balances really well seated or standing. Nut width is 38mm, no problems with the truss rod and it is set up with a low action. This comes with a Hiscox hardcase and the bass is in very good condition for its age - some small nicks and dings but nothing serious. I'm based in Leeds, but can box up if the buyer arranges shipping. Let me know if you have any questions My feedback: https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/231666-feedback-fof-castlemaine22/
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