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  1. Hi all, I'm selling my Ampeg Opto Comp compressor. This is a great smooth optical compressor that adds an extra fatness and sparkle to your sound! Specifications can be found here: https://ampeg.com/products/pedals/opto_comp/ The pedal is in excellent condition and comes with the original box and instructions etc. Looking for £60 posted to your door.
  2. This is very interesting to me! Do you know if engaging the tuner mutes the output? Or if there is the option to select this in the app?
  3. 34"! I'll update the listing, I forgot to add this
  4. Happy to discuss via PM, but usually looking at another £20-30
  5. Hi all, I've seen something for sale that I really want so I'm looking to sell this beautiful Maruszczyk Jake 5p. If it sells, this will be withdrawn. Spec: Finished in solid black with BWB 3 ply pickguard (you can see the grain through the paint) Swamp ash body Bird's eye maple neck and fingerboard with carbon rods in a matte finish Luminlay side dots Headstock with simple M logo Hipshot B style bridge with 17mm spacing 34" scale and 45mm at the nut Hipshot HB6C 1/2" tuners Passive electrics with usual P bass volume and tone Domed chrome knobs Delano PC5 AL/M2 pickup Weighs 3.7kg, just over 8lbs This bass is super light and very well balanced for a 5 string P and sounds very, very as good as it looks! Comes with original certificate and spec sheet and generic Chase hardcase. The bass is in great condition, there is a small scrape on the top of the headstock in the usual position, and there are some pick marks on the pickguard and minor swirls on body as you'd find on a black bass. I replaced the chrome pickguard screws with black ones, but I can change them back if the buyer prefers. Currently strung with flats, but I have a new set of rounds I can put on if wanted instead. There is a 3D printed thumb rest attached by the pickguard screws which can be easily removed if desired. Before I received this bass it was setup at the Bass Gallery, and it pretty much plays itself! Pickup from Leeds is preferable, but I can post within the UK or drive a reasonable distance to meet up. Please let me know if you have any questions! The original owners for sale post is here for some more pics: Here is my feedback:
  6. A very smooth transaction while buying a bass from me. Paid promtly and very fast communication, deal with confidence! Thanks again
  7. Up for grabs is my Source Audio C4, it's in excellent condition and comes with the original box and all the accessory cables etc. Purchased from new around 6 months ago. Velcro on the bottom. Unfortunately this isn't getting used anywhere near it's full potential and I need to free up some funds so it needs to go. Looking for £175 delivered to your door, or pickup in Leeds. Let me know if you have any questions
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. I brought a bass from Jason, which was exactly as described and well packaged. Great communication throughout and a smooth transaction, deal with confidence! Thanks again
  10. Dave brought a bass from me, very smooth transaction and great communication. I would highly recommend! Thanks again
  11. The Nux Atlantic seems to tick all your boxes if I'm not too late to the party, relatively budget friendly - https://www.nuxefx.com/atlantic.html Seems to get good reviews too!
  12. It works much like the 'vintage tone control' that Sadowsky have in their preamps. The treble of the preamp cuts (or boosts) at a certain frequency, whereas the tone knob will just roll off anything above a frequency. In practice, you could roll off the treble knob to get a mild treble cut and retain more mids (to my ears), or use the tone knob to get a 'deeper' more traditional treble roll off, both while allowing the bass to be boosted if you wanted. I hope that makes sense!
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