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  1. I get calluses on the regular. Particularly on the right hand. Could sand bricks smooth with them!
  2. Is that the 6 ohm 6x10?
  3. Exactly what I did. I was told is was Usa, new old stock If I knew it was going to be Chinese I wouldn’t have gone for it...
  4. Not USA upon delivery....... grrrrrrrrr back it goes.....
  5. Nah, retirement age will be 963 in 40 years time.........
  6. Ahhhh. Pensions and retirement. something us pups will never know;) enjoy guys!
  7. running an amp with another manufacturers speaker is fine, as long as you consider wattage/impedence factors carefully... the electricity does not care... your ears do..
  8. Just bought a second hand markbass 4x10 of Gary. Buyer beware. In his ad, he stated it was was second hand! it’s bloomin’ brand new!!!!!! cheers mate and many thanks. It’s gonna have a good life. Absoulutely no hesitation in dealing with Gary again. A gentleman from start to finish:) r
  9. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. My rig NOTHING sounds like it...
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