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  1. I think it’s a show band at a caravan park kinda thing.
  2. I’m perfectly happy to hire them a rig. The production manager is a very good friend (and bassist), and I said he could probably buy a rig, but he’s trying to help me out as I’ve got a few rigs sat doing nothing
  3. Hey guys. I’ve been asked to hire out one of my rigs for 8 weeks for a potential show. 6 shows a week for 8 weeks. it’s probably going to be a hydrive 4x10 and a older trace head. what would be the going rate do u kind folks reckon? r
  4. I have a couple of Ric’s. A 4001 with rounds, that is a total rock/funk machine, and a 4003 with flats, that is smoother than Barry white sliding down a slide covered in butter. buy it, if u don’t like it, sell it. you will like it. (Just don’t measure it against a Leo)
  5. Hopefully the transformer has “taps”, and it will be just a case if moving space connectors or jumpers
  6. Big thank you to Derek for sorting and sending over this gorgeous mm stingray. Missus roonjuice has named it “siracha” everything as described, and a pleasure to do business with. excellent comms through out Deal with confidence cheers D!!!
  7. I’ve been lucky enough to play and own plenty of expensive wood. Custom builds, namm specials and such from a few builders. Fodera, I get why people like them, and they are beautifully made, but to me they always sound a bit bland and lacking. Kinda generic like if u pick “bass guitar” on a midi DAW .Fantastic as a start point, and play wonderfully but sonically grey, and visually just not my thing.
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