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  1. So I have a 2004 Fender bass with the old style tuners. Hipshot say I need to BT4 which they don't make anymore due to the tuners not being made. So is there an alternate tuner I can install? Would a BT8 or BT12 be ok since they are the new syle Hipshot ones? I don't mind it not matching, just need it to work and fit. Thanks.
  2. Hi all. Looking to buy an amp head from Germany (The Fender Rumble 800HD) and wondered if I just replace the kettle lead would it be fine over here? From what I've read I think so but some people have said there could be an issue but the original poster didn't clarify the amp. Any one know if this specific amp head would be fine or not? Thanks.
  3. As old as I am, I'm not old enough to have owned a car with a choke. Lol. If you're suggesting it's something I'm doing then it's possible but it doesn't occur on any other bass that I play or setup. My conclusion is it might be the nut.
  4. I the pitchblack custom but I've had it for years. Doesn't look any different to the one that's out now, though I'm sure I got mine near release. 1 cent is the accuracy you're right. Is each bar 1 cent though? It seems the amount of bars isn't any more than most tuners. I've just tried it quickly with 2 snarks, both different models. They show it more or less fine up to the 2/3 frets where it's about by between 2 and 3 bars on the snark (Sharp).
  5. Yeah, I heard it at first which is why I initially checked it. I've got a gig tomorrow with a new band. So I'll check what it's out by and let you know.
  6. Interestig that someone else reports that. I'll check how sharp it is. What is each block on a tuner equal to? I mean I can say "x" amount of block but unless we know what each is equal to we won't know how many cents off it is I guess.
  7. I'm up in Scotland. I'll have it checked out again. The strings are new and TBH I don't normally play D'addario. So I may pick up a set of Ernie Balls for when I need to restring, just in case it's the strings.
  8. Cool. I'l check those a little latter today. My neck relief was measured cappoed at the first, held down on the last fret and checked at the 8th.
  9. Yeah, that's how I figured it might go. Do you think the spacing I mentioned on the first fret would suggest a high nut?
  10. It's all strings and the lower notes that are sharp. Anything above the 12th fret is flat.
  11. How do you measure the relief on your neck? I know there's a few different ways of doing it.
  12. I'd have to check but from memory it's all of them, some more so than others. I could do some measurements to see how much they are out by. I did also note that about the saddles. I could move them back and see if it intonates there. That said I'm running 105-45. Would that make a huge difference given the D & G would be thinner? On my P-bass it's more even as you'd expect but on that it's 105-50.
  13. I take it no one has come across this problem themselves then? Another bit of info to add is that I have D'addario 45-105's on the 60th and the stock strings on the standard (Am guessing Fender strings but not colour coded ball ends).
  14. I just used Catwhisker pickups to custom make a set of Jazz bass ones for me. Extremely helpful and got me exactly the tone I was after. He does rewinds too. I'd certainly send Allan a message and ask him. Pricing is very good too.
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