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  1. Just making sure that you realise the Ampeg V4BH was the reissue produced in the late 90’s, the current reissue Ampeg is the V4B. While similar, they are not the same. I have the Ampeg B15R ( same circuit as the V4BH ) ,and, although I like it, it’s not an SVT to my ears.
  2. Uses EL84’s, not EL34’s
  3. Check out the YouTube Trailer for the upcoming “ Pistols “ film . Good shot of an Acoustic rig !
  4. Check it “ Pistols” trailer on YouTube, Great shot of Acoustic rig in one scene.
  5. Prospective purchaser has to promise not to cut cab in half !
  6. Swop leads with the guitarist ! Double Whammy .
  7. Don't forget to take the truss rod into consideration.
  8. Huge amount of HEFT for only 50p a pound , methinks !
  9. I may have overdone it a bit, over the years !
  10. Should’ve mentioned, Dims are 42.5 “ high 26.5 “ wide 18” deep
  11. Another fine old 70’s ACC 406 wide bass cab that needs a new owner to continue the restoration. The hard work, stripping the covering, and removing the glue residue has been done . Cab is unusually light , so if refitted with modern light speakers, would provide a lightweight vintage alternative to its modern counterpart.. Alternatively, I may be able to find a pair of original speakers ( however, I run Faitalpro or Eminence neo’s in my old cabs, when I use them , and tuck the original speakers away ) I have a similar 70’s Ampeg 2x15 neo loaded, if a prospective buyer would like to get a flavour of the possibilities. Also, matching Acoustic 220 available, if required. Just to be clear, this is an empty cab, so trial not possible. Cash on collection only, from Worthing, West Sussex, please.
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