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  1. HI Tom, Thought I still had them , but can't find them , at the 'mo. I'll keep looking, and let you know if I do find them. Best Wishes Mike.
  2. Hmmm, that circuit diag looks like the power amp only, should find another 12ax7 in the preamp. apologies, I'VE BOOKED MYSELF IN TO SPECSAVERS !
  3. While I'm pretty sure it would be fine with any amp , powerful enough to drive it, I have no experience with Laney amps, so was hoping that someone else would chip in here . must be some Laneyites about !
  4. Ah, Didn't know that ! Just checked, and this pair has gold writing, Mike.
  5. hi, to the best of my knowledge the Nordstrands are the NPJ4 , not sure what I can add to the Lace P Pickup info. they are direct replacements for a Fender P pickup, but use shorter mounting screws. I have a pair in one of my Fenders , and love them. .They are wired in series, with a green screen wire on each half, which should be connected to earth. mike.
  6. Original finish ? Yep, you couldn't fake it !
  7. Hiya, yep, that's the one ! was my go to bass for quite a while, great looking, and sounding , bass, but most of all , a joy to play. not too mark bass minded , me, prefer old stuff, but we'll stay in touch. Brst Wishes, stay Healthy, mike.
  8. Thanks hellzero, I'll check the pots. Hi Binky, pic for you.B........ To tune, though !
  9. Update 26" long 14" wide 14" high ported, worked well with the trace Elliot speakers I had in them , so good opportunity for someone to lighten the load on their heavy , old, trace Elliot 4 X 10 combo.
  10. I run an old 70's Ampeg V4 cab ( sealed , the smaller , probably guitar, one )) with my valve Amps. Modern speakers in it, though. Not as heavy, or unwieldy as a 6 X 10, and the sound is worth it. mike.
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