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  1. Hiya, I cut the 4 x 10 combo down , to make it easier to move, as it was just soooo heavy. Sounded great, though. Easy to make a sleeve for your Peavy head. 2 x 10 combo was the 550 watt ( SPYDER ) Valve front, UK built jobbie. Decent speakers, I just wanted the amp.
  2. I work just the other side of Worthing from you, near the big ASDA store.
  3. Space needed, so.... Ashdown ABM 4 X 10 cab, was a combo, neatly shortened ( see pic of top ). all original speakers. works fine £90 Ashdown 2x10 cab, still a combo, amp removed and replaced with blanking plate £90 Ashdown Mini 15, lightweight cab, I used this with an Eminence 3015, nice and light, sounded great, BUT now fitted with h/d Fane 4 ohm speaker £90 there's also an old SWR 12" bass monitor cab with eminence speaker, but I've often used it for vocals as well £50
  4. Another Acoustic Control Corp Gem for sale. An all original, 50 year old 220/406 rig in stunning condition. Pics tell the story. Collection only from West Sussex, Where it can be tried out.
  5. hiya, that pic is from my other advert. the 12" cab is part of the portaflex range, but is not a flip top cab. the cab in this advert for the PF50T is indeed a flip top cab. I am about to advertise it and the others I have. This one is my favourite, it's the 2 X 10 , but I have fitted 2 Mesa EV speakers, which I love. I have another 2 x 10, and a 1 x 15 , all flip top versions. However, they do not fit the Ampeg valve amps I am selling, without a minor mod to an internal brace. They do , however, take the solid state Portaflex amps. Hence my reasoning to distance the adverts, so as not to cause confusion. Best Wishes, Mike.
  6. Can’t seem to alter header, but price is £175. New IPad has me confused !
  7. Great Ampeg PF50T Portaflex all valve bass head for sale, in unmarked condition , having had very little use ,from new. Plenty of info about these fabulous amps on Basschat. Collection only from Worthing or Chichester, where it can be trialed. Cab in picture is not included, but is for sale in a separate advert.
  8. Up for sale is my Ampeg Portaflex PF112HLF 1 x 12” bass cab. Condition is almost as new, having had very little use, mainly on Acoustic gigs. Cab is collection only from Worthing, or Chichester, West Sussex. Amp in pic is not included, and is for sale in separate advert.5
  9. Up for sale is my Ampeg PF20T valve amp. Has had very little use, from new, mainly as a pre amp for home practising. Unlike most valve amps, it can be run without connecting to a speaker, and makes a great front end, to get that B15 sound. Great for low volume acoustic gigs, as well. Condition is “ as new”, has always been stored in it’s original box, which has protected it well. Amp is collection only and available to trial in Worthing, or Chichester, West Sussex. Cab in photo is for sale in another advert, and not included .
  10. OK, so no longer on hold, no contact from buyer. Will edit topic header, when I find out how ! PS just found out how !
  11. Well, You can procrastinate, just like I did , until, just before lockdown, and after my 75th birthday, I finally plucked up the courage and went to a vocal coach, and am so glad I did. Only want to do backing vocals, still can't play bass and sing, but he-ho, I now know that when the pleasure overcomes the pain ( nerves ), things will get easier. Just gotta keep at it ! Go for it !
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