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  1. Ok, When you so "on ", do you mean it still made music, (plus the growl ), or just growled ? So there maybe two versions of the B15n, one had a single fuse on the back, apart from the mains fuse, and the other version had 4 fuses ( plus the mains ) . First thing ,when the amp is unplugged , is to check the fuses, if it has the four.
  2. Hi Old Man Riva firstly, congratulations on your choice of amp ! First place to start, there were two versions of the B15 Heritage, the first was point to point wired, then Ampeg made the Heritage B15n, which was pcb based. Any idea which one you have ? Next question, did any fuses blow ? Mike.
  3. might be worth checking out Trinity Amps " Trip Top ", Similar to Heritage B15 circuit, and looks the part !
  4. Putting my " handmade by Ashdown " all valve CTM-30 up for sale. ( pics to follow ). Great amps, not heavy so a good way to dip 'yer toe into the charms of owning an all valve amp, without the weight penalty . Brilliant DI, so if you do get "the big gig" , plug into the PA and all sorted. Recording at home ? Just the job ! Would prefer covid aware collection from West Sussex, where Amp can be trial'd. Mike.
  5. HI Tom, Thought I still had them , but can't find them , at the 'mo. I'll keep looking, and let you know if I do find them. Best Wishes Mike.
  6. Hmmm, that circuit diag looks like the power amp only, should find another 12ax7 in the preamp. apologies, I'VE BOOKED MYSELF IN TO SPECSAVERS !
  7. While I'm pretty sure it would be fine with any amp , powerful enough to drive it, I have no experience with Laney amps, so was hoping that someone else would chip in here . must be some Laneyites about !
  8. Ah, Didn't know that ! Just checked, and this pair has gold writing, Mike.
  9. hi, to the best of my knowledge the Nordstrands are the NPJ4 , not sure what I can add to the Lace P Pickup info. they are direct replacements for a Fender P pickup, but use shorter mounting screws. I have a pair in one of my Fenders , and love them. .They are wired in series, with a green screen wire on each half, which should be connected to earth. mike.
  10. Original finish ? Yep, you couldn't fake it !
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