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  1. My favourite Focus clip, including yodelling, flute solo, brilliant musicianship, general lunacy:
  2. I've been playing the Beguine "riff or pattern" and found that there is a certain gaiety about this Latin American beat. It has definitely made me feel gay, and I intend to go on feeling gay for the foreseeable future.
  3. Well, I'm very surprised to hear that, father. I didn't think you'd like that sort of thing. I read a bit of one of them once. God, I couldn't finish it. The language, unbelievable! Ah, it's a bit much for me, father. "Feck" this and "feck" that. "You big bastard". Oh, dreadful language! "You big hairy arse", "You big fecker". Fierce stuff! And of course, the f-word, father, the bad f-word, worse than "feck" - you know the one I mean. "Eff you". "Eff your 'effin' wife". Oh, I don't know why they have to use language like that. "I'll stick this 'effin' pitchfork up your hole", oh, that was another one, oh, yes! "Bastard" this and "bastard" that, you can't move for the bastards in her novels! It's wall-to-wall bastards! "You bastard!" You fecker!" "You bollocks!" "Get your bollocks out of my face!" It was terrible.
  4. [quote name='josh3184' post='328327' date='Nov 13 2008, 01:20 PM'][url="http://www.myus.com/index.shtml"]http://www.myus.com/index.shtml[/url] tried these?[/quote] Unfortunately they're no good because you need a credit card with a US billing address to buy online in any case (for most stores at least). I know, I've tried...
  5. A shop near me in Amersham has a flying V Spongebob ukulele. I don't know if that is something that might interest you.
  6. May I remind everyone travelling to the Netherlands to pass the dutchy pon de left 'and side, as they drive on the right there.
  7. I quite agree, he's always tended to sound like arse in spite of his wonderful playing.
  8. Well for a start there's this - exhibit A:
  9. good good v. good indeed. When they added piano it became less interesting to me.
  10. I think early 3MP is the best, as it's just bass, drums, and vocals, and yet ABSIV manages to fill the sonic space perfectly. Highly recommended.
  11. I CAN'T believe someone else is a fan... I've tried to convert others with very little success. I still think that Na vucca do lupu is one of the best albums I've heard.
  12. [quote name='BOD2' post='198784' date='May 14 2008, 03:01 PM'][attachment=8653:jabba_real_v.jpg] [/quote] Actually ol'Jabbers' a bit of a dish in comparison.
  13. [quote name='Russ' post='197546' date='May 12 2008, 09:43 PM']I take Kevin Spacey's point - it's giving a load of extra free publicity for ALW/Cameron Mackintosh's shows, but, to be fair, having TV auditions for roles in the plays that Spacey puts on wouldn't make for very good telly. [/quote] Whereas... There aren't many sights I loathe more than that of the botoxed mug of ALW.
  14. Wouldn't surprise me either. I saw him on Austin city limits a few years ago and he played half of Mr Fantasy on Hammond, then let rip on his strat. Singing all the while. What a talent.
  15. And he does all that while smoking a pipe.
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