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  1. ..ish I've not played both I've played plenty of Shukers and never found a bad one
  2. The bump button won't work in there and it's not our functionality unfortunately
  3. For Yamaha and Ibanez most of the *big chains* should be able to see you right
  4. I'd say general discussion is fine
  5. The topic hasn't been approved yet so you won't have permission to view it
  6. I'm guessing it's under our threshold for selling, which means that it's flagged for being approved by a moderator. It stops people dodging the sub by lowballing
  7. Updates complete please let me know if there are still issues and we'll flag with the software provider. Sometimes you may need to do a hard cache reset in-order to clear out the cobwebs
  8. Interestingly I've not done the software update because of the holiday period meaning that there's limited support from the software provider. So... I'm thinking is browsers updates. Will likely be running updates this weekend. Prepare for chaos
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