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  1. charic

    cant post in guitar chat?

    "guitarchat" here is closed for business. www.guitarchat.co.uk is the new platform for your skinny stringed needs
  2. charic

    Dream Theater recommendations

    Great choice! I would start off with their slower tunes and concentrate on working on really locking it in. Pull me under is a great track to work up too though
  3. charic

    "Bad Gateway" Messages from Cloudflare

    We got to the bottom of that particular one
  4. charic

    "Bad Gateway" Messages from Cloudflare

    Thanks mate, I'll raise it with the server chap at the weekend
  5. Well apparently in this version they changed the settings.... you can go deleting now
  6. charic

    Why am I seeing content from ignored users?

    Ignored users wouldn't have been carried over from the upgrade I'm afraid
  7. charic

    I don't practice - enough is enough

    Sorry, more accurately. I can sight-read music but while I can sight-read and play for keyboard (within reason) I can't do the same on bass as I haven't trained myself to do so (bass clef knowledge is weaker than treble and I've not thoroughly trained all the fretboard positions enough to respond in real time)
  8. charic

    Neck issues

    You should be fine, I do it regularly without any issues
  9. charic

    I don't practice - enough is enough

    Controversial post time... I would suggest that a basic understanding of chords/scales will serve you better in your development than trying to read. When it comes to bass, I don't read. I generally use tab if I want to learn a song that's by someone else. I can move around a fretboard quicker that way and play along with something like GuitarPro. I'll read the timings from the score and the position from the tab. I "can" sightread for other instruments (mostly keyboard these days) but haven't found a need for it on bass myself. That's just me though!
  10. charic

    Favourite basses and back pain.

    Doesn't Shuker do a super duper lightweight JJ Burnell P bass? May be worth a looksie?
  11. charic

    Test Post

    Just checked this again and the replies issue only seems happen in the site issues forum?
  12. charic

    When I reply again on a thread..

    Yeah it's weird, doesn't happen on my account but does when I use yours on the same account
  13. charic

    When I reply again on a thread..

    Now it works fine!
  14. charic

    When I reply again on a thread..

    Test message as charic