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  1. The spoiler button on the right next to preview
  2. We considered it, but figured against the dark background it would be a bit difficult to read
  3. I've removed the other themes as they have bugs, including things like dodging paying for a sub. They weren't meant to be there after going live, they were there while we were working things out only. Basschat 2.0 is the only fully compatible theme so it's the only one still in use. As there's no alternatives, the button is now hidden.
  4. It's because supporting members are a new group and we made a slight oversight and forgot to give them shop permissions.. oops! Just need to go click some buttons
  5. If we do that I'll have to change Newbie to Drummer!
  6. That was me sorting out GC and.. er hitting the wrong button
  7. That actually used to be darker! A recent update must have changed that!
  8. Yes... they can. I've seen them (annoyingly)
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