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  1. I don't think there's a resolution as such but there are size limits I can check for you?
  2. charic

    Is this a good trade (Sire vs Peavey)?

    I had the blue version of the peavey as my first bass. Bloody decent instrument but only cost £170 new and it was less online.
  3. charic

    Search specific forum in mobile version

    What you're saying in the above is that you want to search for topics within the forums which contain your search term. Seems correct by me
  4. Looking to trade my Ibanez RG450 DX (Upgraded pickups to John Petrucci Signature Illuminator) for something in a 7 string shape. It's otherwise stock, it's the white model. I'll get a picture up later!
  5. charic

    MTD 535

    I've never even heard of Makore! And I used to be proper nerdy about bass woods!
  6. charic

    Firefox video display problem

    Strange! I'll see if I can recreate it at the weekend!
  7. charic

    Firefox video display problem

    Hi @josie, can you try clearing your cache please? We updated the site software recently and there's a possibility that firefox got muddled somewhere along the way.
  8. charic

    Notification Sound In Silent Mode

    It should only make a sound if your media volume is up. On mobile, wait for it to make a sound and then immediately press down on your volume button, I expect that's all that will be required. Happened to me a few times where I watched a video elsewhere and forgot to put it back down
  9. charic

    Focusrite Control Help

    Yikes... Does it do the same when the Focusrite isn't plugged in?
  10. charic

    SIte security- https

    Yup I know
  11. charic

    BassChat Podcast?

    It would really be quite amusing if any profanties were overdubbed with the same swear filter as here
  12. charic

    BassChat Podcast?

    Very interesting idea and something the new website format could definitely support. As with anything it's finding the time!
  13. charic


    Nope, but George Lucas wants to have a chat with you about your avatar and royalties or summat *shrugs*
  14. charic


    That'll be £5.99 😛 On a side note, I've just realised how much better the circular avatars work for you. Matches my bass now
  15. charic

    Number of songs for audition

    Are you sure you've not already been accepted and it's actually a rehearsal for an impending gig? (this has happened to me MULTIPLE times)