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  1. charic

    Could the BC get added to Tapatalk?

    Because of some of the customisations we've made using something like Tapatalk wouldn't really be an option as it would allow bypassing of our marketplace customisations etc.
  2. charic

    ok really boiled my p1ss, need to let off steam

    Anyone fancy pretending to be in a band, taking an assortment of child's toys instruments and just taking the free food and drink he's offering while we get drunk on stage (with him giving us the booze ofc) and playing on the toys?
  3. charic

    new p.a

    Calling @Geddys nose so we can all see:D
  4. charic

    No Prices On New Guitars in PMT

    It's just companies hedging their bets. The UK isn't "owed" anything so any company would look at the current climate as a "risk". Whether it happens or not is irrelevant, it's still a risk.
  5. charic

    Keytars.. who owns one or has played one?

    The keyboardist from Sonata Arctica pulls it off pretty well I reckon Also, from epica
  6. charic

    No Prices On New Guitars in PMT

    Could QR Codes and readers that can be leant out + a smartphone app be the answer?
  7. charic

    Bands that can't find bassists

    Doorways and stairs... need to get more creative yet!
  8. charic

    Bands that can't find bassists

    Yup lol! I prefer to work "with" a bassist if I'm in that area (or use a sound which gives us both space. But usually that area of my keyboard is significantly drop tuned to be used as subs
  9. charic

    Bands that can't find bassists

    When I'm out as a keys player it's great! A couple of cables, keyboard and a stand! What is there to complain about?! Maybe more of an issue for players who don't have a one-size fits all keyboard!
  10. charic

    Bands that can't find bassists

    Funnily enough... thrash metal band
  11. charic

    Bands that can't find bassists

    And now... apparently I'm blocked on facebook for commenting that his remarks are unlikely to attract bassists!
  12. I see a funny ol' phenomena on social media of bands saying that bassists are a rare breed and we're hard to find. Now... it may be because I'm a bassist myself but the one member of the band I never seem to struggle to find is a bassist. To the point where I usually end up on keyboard myself even on the times I fancy taking on the bass role. Now, without naming any names. A particular band I've been following for a while has been really struggling to find a bassist, I always kinda wondered why as they generally get good shows and the material isn't overly complex. Now, I've just witnessed a particularly interesting rant on social media as another bassist seems to not have worked out for them. Stating that bassists are over-defensive, frustrated guitarists and that guitarists generally make better bassists than guitarists (also going as far as to say that if you're thinking of learning bass, you should learn from a guitarist). I think... just maybe... that I've worked out why they struggle to get one! However, I also wonder. Are bassists actually rare? I usually struggle to find drummers/vocalists by comparison!
  13. What a cool little idea
  14. charic

    Mac security warning

    Good luck with it! We've still not had other reports of this, so seems to be limited to yourself strangely!
  15. charic

    Interesting FRFR story..

    I'm curious, what's that kind of setup set you back?