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  1. It still works for me?
  2. It's a Korg Kronos, but unfortunately (I guess?!) I run a fair few custom patches that are "one time downloads" and tethered to individual keyboards. It's an annoying quirk with how the Korg system works.
  3. I've got a gig over in Portugal in December (playing keys) and wondered if anyone had any advice. Unless mistaken I believe my keyboard is too big to bring onboard even with buying an extra seat.
  4. There's a flood control in place already but no way to stop us knowing if someone is sending you a legitimate message or not.
  5. There were a few videos a fair while ago of Jordan Rudess playing one, I'll see if I can find them
  6. I think IE support has been discontinued. Does it work in edge?
  7. A couple of videos. Struggled with the lighting a bit! That Blood so sweet
  8. I think it's referring to 200mb in total with other stuff you've uploaded
  9. Ah sorry just saw this! We were on just before Christian Death. There were a few hundred people and was a great night Just been notified of some fan videos so I'll post links once I have them!
  10. And as FRFR apostle I'm sure you'd appreciate that we have both a Kemper and Helix in the band Strangely I actually wrote a song called Petrichor prior to joining the band, which musically fits the band perfectly. The odds of that have to be between slim and none!
  11. Looking forward to this one! My band Petrichor are playing at Rebellion in Manchester supporting Christian Death Lots of bands on the bill too (all dayer type event). If you're in the area give me a shout
  12. Playing Rebellion in Manchester on Sunday!  Can't bloody wait!

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    2. charic




      That Blood So Sweet


    3. Lozz196


      Ah sorry, just saw the "in Manchester" bit - thought you meant the Rebellion Punk Festival in Blackpool in August. My bad!

    4. charic


      Haha! I don't think we would do particularly well at a punk festival! :D

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