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  1. Really well executed and I've wondered in the past why this sort of thing hasn't been in the norm. Get selling mate
  2. @ped, if you get me the RCFs I'll do dev for free
  3. Dammit, can I pay monthly over a decade?
  4. charic

    In Memoriam

    Barney was genuinely one of the nicest guys I've ever met. RIP dude
  5. charic

    Thinking of calling it a day!!!!

    Over to www.guitarchat.co.uk you go then
  6. charic

    New section for PA kit & usage?

    Accessories & Misc Actually quite a bustling area
  7. charic

    In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    IMHO built into the unit would be better, much cleaner if it can be self contained
  8. charic

    “Congrats you have won a prize” pop up?

    Actually seems to be a specific issue to iPhone I've just found the below on that ad! https://www.payetteforward.com/congratulations-pop-up-on-iphone-fix/ https://discussions.apple.com/thread/8184705
  9. charic

    “Congrats you have won a prize” pop up?

    Was it on mobile as well? Popups on a mobile is ALWAYS a red flag Likelihood is there's something on the device but we'll do some digging on our side too. If someone could please screenshot and also screenshot any of the google ads on the page at the time it would be appreciated.
  10. charic

    Could the BC get added to Tapatalk?

    Because of some of the customisations we've made using something like Tapatalk wouldn't really be an option as it would allow bypassing of our marketplace customisations etc.
  11. charic

    ok really boiled my p1ss, need to let off steam

    Anyone fancy pretending to be in a band, taking an assortment of child's toys instruments and just taking the free food and drink he's offering while we get drunk on stage (with him giving us the booze ofc) and playing on the toys?
  12. charic

    new p.a

    Calling @Geddys nose so we can all see:D
  13. charic

    No Prices On New Guitars in PMT

    It's just companies hedging their bets. The UK isn't "owed" anything so any company would look at the current climate as a "risk". Whether it happens or not is irrelevant, it's still a risk.