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  1. Glad you got it sorted I had a similar confusion the first time too!
  2. New BC font?

    Some people have changed their own fonts
  3. Date in US format in quoted text

    Quoted just so I can check
  4. If there's similar content then it takes that space on the right. That is determined by the tags on the thread. It's standard behaviour
  5. Bassist Ad again

    I thought it was quite funny
  6. If it's intel based I would look for an i5 with at least 16gb of ram but that's personal taste
  7. Oooer - not for me

    Looks like a childs playdoh model of a guitar
  8. Oooer - not for me

    I think it's the horn being wider than the body that does it, it just looks... "splodgy" to me
  9. In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    I can't speak for quality as I was a bit swamped but there was a company opposite the BC stand at the LBGS offering Quad In-Ears for approx. £500, I think they were called Mercury?
  10. Notifications

    Are you following a forum maybe?
  11. Oooer - not for me

    Could we be on for a BC first? Everyone agreeing?
  12. In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    Well I've got some (unmoulded) ACS headphones at the moment that are pretty good and will do for now I'm pretty good at planning out my purchases and what I'm after. The nice thing for me and the Helix/IEM route is that I do a LOT of keyboard playing too and a lot of my spare time is also home studio based
  13. In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    I got sidetracked every time I meant too! I was going to see what the difference was with Quad+ headphones too ...And I've already had it off of him Unfortunately, everything is in boxes at the moment but I might be able to hook it up to the PS4 or my phone just to see what it's about!
  14. London bass guitar show 2018

    Maybe I'm not articulating myself all that well. Budget line isn't what I'm trying to get at, more "this is the basic model which starts at £XXXX, then you start adding options" It gives you something to start at, makes things more accessible and tempts people in at a "lower price" before they start adding in fancy woods and expensive electronics
  15. London bass guitar show 2018

    Oh yeah, I know they won't be "cheap" but using Shuker as an example. His entry level instruments seem to be priced around £1700 where as some lines start at £3000+ There were quite a few luthiers where their cheapest offering was over £5k, I'm not suggesting they offshoot into budget instruments but seeing what the baseline is can actually be quite helpful (as well as demonstrating what extra you get for their more pricey instruments)