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  1. And as FRFR apostle I'm sure you'd appreciate that we have both a Kemper and Helix in the band Strangely I actually wrote a song called Petrichor prior to joining the band, which musically fits the band perfectly. The odds of that have to be between slim and none!
  2. Looking forward to this one! My band Petrichor are playing at Rebellion in Manchester supporting Christian Death Lots of bands on the bill too (all dayer type event). If you're in the area give me a shout
  3. Playing Rebellion in Manchester on Sunday!  Can't bloody wait!

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    2. charic


      I've heard it one of the good ones :) should be a great turnout too

    3. Marc S

      Marc S

      Excellent news - great stuff. Enjoy :) 

    4. Lozz196


      Great news, we`re on on the Friday. No idea which stage yet, but the waiting for that is all part of the fun. Which band is it you`re playing there with, will make sure I`m there.

  4. If you get stuck, deaden the notes. You can still add rhythm without necessarily "sounding" a note
  5. Our latest show was captured on a phone by a fan. Surprisingly, the sound has come out pretty good! Figured I would share it for your displeasure
  6. Playing Bradford this weekend :)

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    2. charic


      @Rikki_Sixx, trash nightclub on the Saturday

      Our first time playing there and my 3rd gig with this band.

    3. Teebs


      How did it go? 👍

    4. charic


      Bloody brilliant night, not a great turnout but enjoyed the gig.  Will chuck up this video on a thread shortly


  7. Can you try a different browser or device?
  8. What have you done?! 😂
  9. Well... I play in a Doom band at the moment. The current set is 45minutes... about 6 songs
  10. @ped and I keep discussing a NEBB
  11. In certain subforums postcounts don't change
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