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  1. Nothing booked yet but thought I’d publish this date for your diaries. If all goes well I should be able to book the same venue as this year. Still in early stages so please feel free to brain fart your ideas to me
  2. Righty! We counted the cash and we’ve raised £186 that’s been donated nordoff robbins (in the mother’s name of course).
  3. Sometime around there- yes. Absolute bargain that head was
  4. Not sure yet as the hall hasn't told us how much it cost yet (its about 70 quid). But our money from admissions and raffle -which all profit from will go to Nordoff robins- is around 230 pounds.
  5. My mum has a brother who's the same height as me and has the same hair as me. She calls me graham more than she calls me my actual name
  6. No chance you still have the chowny?
  7. As I remember- @SpondonBassed
  8. We might be able to sneak in early from 12 so If you happen to be there around then- just come in
  9. Feel free to come over for a coffee or a butty- you've got a long wait
  10. Cafe round the corner in the shop. Make a mean hot chocolate
  11. Official kickout is 5pm but we do have an extra half an hour until kick out-kick out
  12. Theres intu derby- and a train to derby every hour from Uttoxeter
  13. @ped shipped me 30 lanyards so yes! It was real useful at the last bash
  14. Midlands bass bash...Has the opening time been finalised?...can we unload before?...do you need any help setting up

    I have found all the raffle prizes, do you need info for listing?...best

    1. jebroad


      Opening at 1 but you can really turn up from 12:30. I should be good for set up.


    2. BCH



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