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  1. Aaaaaaand I'm still waiting on the invoice from the hall so the total raised is still unknown. Will let you all know as soon as I do.
  2. Just counted the cash- from admission fees and raffle money. Total is £104- venue costs are likely around £50-£60 (just waiting on their invoice). Is everyone happy with the rest going to our previous charity (nordoff robbins)?
  3. Havent planned anything yet but if people are up for it
  4. Quick update- We've got our own Track And Trace QR code. Although none of us have got any obligation to use it, I would very much encourage and reccomend it. If we can prove to the venue that we can be responsible with covid precautions- it might bode well for the future. This year may well turn out as a smaller event than last time (no guest speakers, fewer commercial exhibitors, etc) but the venue is cheap and there is still a pandemic on. Gear-sharing and clothes remain optional and down to individuals. Oh, and bring cake.
  5. If there's anyone interested in doing a 'show and tell', let me know. Would be fun to steal the same format from previous years. For those unfamiliar, this would be a short presentation on a piece of equipment, favourite cake, bits of luthiery or wotever really.
  6. Venue is booked from 12 so kick off will be around 12:30
  7. The Uttoxeter Premier Inn is the safest bet
  8. Indeed we are, I'll make a post about times/logistics very soon
  9. Right then- deposit down for the 4th of September. Will update the title shortly.
  10. I'm holding off on changing the title until I've got the deposit down for the hall (should be in the next week or so).
  11. The following is from an email I just got from the venue - "On behalf of the Village Hall Committee, we are delighted to announce that the Village Hall will be re-opening on the 17th May. In accordance with Government guidelines, there are some minor restrictions we must all observe, ie face masks must be worn; a maximum of 30 people at any one time can attend and spacing of a metre between attendees. We hope that in the not too distant future, these restrictions will also be lifted." Looks hopeful. So long as nowt changes- worse case scenario would be masks on and distancing but if we still trust bozzer's plan - should be almost normal.
  12. Next forum- Cakechat. Could suggest to ped
  13. Would be great to do a raffle again, anyone have suggestions on which charity to support this year? Also- how about adding a bit of 'show and tell'? Letting people show off any gear in front of an audience alongside @Andyjr1515 + other's talks.
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