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  1. Next forum- Cakechat. Could suggest to ped
  2. Would be great to do a raffle again, anyone have suggestions on which charity to support this year? Also- how about adding a bit of 'show and tell'? Letting people show off any gear in front of an audience alongside @Andyjr1515 + other's talks.
  3. Ive emailed @Manton Customs and they seem interested again (so long as the date works).
  4. @Richard R - Brawley Artemis 4, Brawley Artemis 5, EBS Session60 amp, something to weigh basses with. @Frank Blank - Rob Allen Mouse Fretless, Rob Allen Mouse Fretted, Ibanez SRC6, QSC K12.2, HX Stomp. @Stub Mandrel - Frender Performer, Hohner Jack Custom V, Deathburger (HB kit build), TE 1110 combo? @petecarlton - Mayones Cali4 "Puzzle" Bass: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pYAvWZGwc4s&t=13s&ab_channel=BassTheWorld.com @Teebs - Erm...dunno What! Isn't my mere presence enough for you peoples!? @SpondonBassed - Jack. (That's not short for Jack all, it's just that I can't decide until nearer the time.) @Machines - Sire M5 / Yamaha RBXJM2 / GenzBenz Neo Pak / EICH112XS @bassmansam - Rickenbacker 4003s, Eppy Thunderbird Vintage Pro and Ashdown ABM 500 2x10 combo @jebroad - Not-fender jazz (maybe), squire silver series jazz, old Kay SC, Dingwall combustion, Ashdown 8x10 (Maybe)
  5. Anyone have any opinions on holding the bash on Saturday 4th of September (2021 hopefully)?
  6. Should be the same venue, there are usually taxis by the station and the occasional bus that can take you to doveridge. Both should be somewhat reasonably priced.
  7. Should we attempt to accommodate our thin gauge-six string counterparts?
  8. Giving @Andyjr1515 plenty of time to start writing his next workshop demos.
  9. From what I remember it was really quite reasonable, happy to foot it myself.
  10. May well be looking hopeful for late summer (so long as bozza's plan sticks). If everyone's happy with the idea, i can send some emails and try to get the same venue as the previous bash.
  11. Just released my first single. It's hard to describe so I'll let you decide the genre 😂 https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/indvstrial/freeze
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  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
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