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  1. I could cause some envy by admitting what I got mine for on BC - 2011 ish I think Mine has a nut that is held down by an Allen bolt. However it would be interesting how the nut has been turned round or adapted on the 'well known internet auction site' one. Whatever it is, it can be sorted. At the opening price it would be a worthwhile buy with the view of getting a body made for it (DMZ4001 style which is nicer IMO). If you did, make the upper horn much longer and get the strap balance better.
  2. Have played mine in a brewery in winter (yes really) which was a vast hanger type industrial building. Big temperature changes as the industrial sized heating powered on and off. Not a problem with tuning. The sound is different: clarity of notes, evenness of response and no dead (or super live) notes on mine. Disadvantages - it is heavy and a neck diver.
  3. Like Shaggy I am fortunate to have a Kramer Alu neck bass. IMO Cheap Kramer Alu, not these days unless you are very lucky! Great basses, hard to explain but mine just 'plays itself', the string response is unlike any other bass I have (in a good way). Keep looking, you may get lucky.
  4. At one point I suffered left wrist tendinitis, 20 mins bass playing gave me major wrist pain / inflammation. I thought I was going to have to give up bass playing (after some 20 years or so). I then stopped playing seriously for about 2 years for a variety of other reasons and then started again. Can use the same basses and have no problems in the last 20+ years (including 3hr+ gigs). I have found the shape of bass neck I prefer (find easier) has changed over the years. I also now use my SG bass as weapon of first choice. This bass rotates the neck away from my body and results in much less wrist rotation angle and flexure stress and I find it very comfortable. I have no idea why my wrist played up or why it does not now. I do find (being older) it is very easy to lift / pull / twist heavy things and cause wrist/elbow damage. Consequently I now think before doing stuff that 15 years ago I would have just 'piled into'.
  5. The 'key' is the fixings on the opposite side to the tuner heads that holds the tuner in the machine head body. If they have an allen key hex socket (or Phillips screwhead) that can be undone, all is good. If they are 'solid', 'dome head' then can't be changed over. Pictures will help.
  6. Had a two pickup version of this. Good quality build, lightweight. Pickups seemed very low output. Sold it for the money suggested above.
  7. The wood, never mind that the wood may be sourced from the same forests, the tone imparted by good ol' boy USA CNC machines is far superior to that of Mexican or Japanese CNC machines. In all seriousness I am not really sure anymore. I have a range if basses from the USA, Korea, China, Germany, Taiwan, Czechoslovakia, and India. Quality is not a function of country of manufacture or price would be my conclusion. Chowny Indian made bass quality is everything as good as my USA G&Ls. My Chinese Warwick Rockbass is superb and apart from the gloss finish and wood choice is on a par with my German one (both of those are preferences not quality issues).
  8. Centre of E string pole to G string pole measurement please. This could be of interest...
  9. Mid Wales Music, Newtown. Great 'traditional' music shop. Good range of interesting s/h and new kit at variable prices (some bargains, some fair, some ???). It has been going a long time, I bought one of my basses there in 1990, bought most recent two years ago. Phil has done well to compete against the rise of the internet stores, long may it last. One thing that works for it is being in Mid Wales, if I travel to West Mids or whatever to a large music shop the costs and time become significant. Disclaimer - I have no connection other than buying kit over the years.
  10. Oh my, I always wanted one of these when I was young (in the 70s) - listen to Gerry McAvoy on early Rory Gallagher. GLWTS.
  11. Dremel (or equivalent) with a small (very small) diameter cutting wheel. Also needed, plenty of masking tape to prevent skid mark damage to the case, and a steady hand! YMMV attempt at own risk
  12. Gorgeous looking bass. The Hipshot tuners on my SG bass combined with grippy strap have sorted any neck dive tendencies.
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