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  1. The G&L that I broke the fingerboard on with truss rod adjustments went to Jon. The repair took a fair while however the quality pf work was/is outstanding, stainless frets and better quality than before.The cost was unbelievably reasonable
  2. At this point it is time to check out the circuit topology, power transformers, output transformers and the valve specs (loadlines etc). As a massive simplification EL34 / 6L6 operate in the same ballpark and 6550 / KT88 similarly, but in a bigger ballpark. 6 EL34s in my Soundcity - adequate. 8 X 6550 in the Marshall VBA 400, adequate ++ (and far too heavy to move around). Best valve amp I ever owned - Hiwatt 200, 4 x KT88
  3. Looking really good, makes me want to build some cabinets, reduce my car loading :). On previous builds I got a 'leathercloth' / Vinyl finish look by dabbing the Tuffcab with a washing up sponge. Pour / brush a reasonable amount onto the cabinet then dab away.
  4. Mine was well crafted, nitro finish and well built. It was a factory 2nd but I never worked out what the finish flaw was. However, like many semis it was a pressed plywood body. not a carved top. reverse wind machines were an interesting feature until you gor used to them.
  5. From £1600 (USA) upwards seems to be the money being asked on the well known internet auction site. When you look for what they sold for on same site very few sales show. Try it, see what you think, if you can, try it in a band situation. I bought mine for £80 in 1974? I was asked by a Denmark St shop, "was I sure I wanted it, not very popular these days"... a genuine concern not sales spiel, I was 14 at the time. After a vast amount of gigs it was traded in for a Precision in 1977 and I had tripled my money, I was happy at the time.
  6. Luckily when mine fell off the strap the headstock stayed on, one machine head was no longer straight though. My thoughts exactly about missing it as Grahambythesea knows . Straplocks anyone !
  7. Think twice before using stainless roundwounds if you are going to use it a lot. The frets on mine (which left my possession circa 1977) very quickly with Rotos and typically 2 gigs per week for 4 years or so. Other than that I rather miss it, would like to try it out with modern amp etc.
  8. I would just add to the above, take someone who knows about basses if you can.
  9. I also suspect it is an error (as hinted at), Have gone back as far as 2009 Peavey catalogue, it states basswood body for the Milestone (Alder for Zodiac). This is for the 'later' Milestone with the 'loopy' logo rather than 'blocky' font. Can't seem to find any earlier catalogues with the earlier Milestone. I do remember the advert and as I said, was surprised when it stated (in my memory lol) alder. Anything Milestone you get is most likely to be basswood I suspect. My Foundation would not be highly regarded, it has been beaten to 'sh*!' and does not have the orginal pickups. At some point I am going to sort it and have a rather roadworn lightweight 1980s USA bass for very little money.
  10. US Foundations also appeared in Ash, of which I have a very abused and scrappy example - severe roadworn. How accurate this link / description is I do not know, but it mentions alder, https://www.guitarcenter.com/Peavey/MAX-Bass-Stage-Pack.gc, Whether this is a milestone iii or some newer version is also open to question. What is under the solid colour variants is anyone's guess They are however imo good value.
  11. Am remembering an older (10 years back?) Peavey advert / flyer. At the time I was surprised that it featured a hardwood body. Can't find it on the internet now though. My transparent red Milestone 3 is solid timber, 3 piece body, probably basswood given how light it is. Most adverts (internet) seem to state basswood at the moment.
  12. On point 3 I feel the need to mention Peavey Milestone basses (of which I have two, they were 'nuts' cheap used £50 & £60 with Hiscox case). Given that they are alder bodies, BBOT bridge, maple necks, rosewood boards and J pickups I do not find much difference between them and my USA Fenders and G&L basses. The machine heads are not the greatest but the rest is really very well built. Wish these had been around in my youth - Woolworths K bass, Avon SGs, Jedsons, Columbus sort of F copies etc. were less than satisfactory. I could and do gig with the Peavey basses.
  13. I have one, build quality is on a par with my USA G&Ls and Warwicks. If you like short scale basses these are absolute bargains. Big bonus, standard j pickup routes so mod to your choice if you need to.
  14. i don't have a Shuker but do have a G&L L1505 that suffered a terminal truss rod and fingerboard failure. Jon replaced the rod and fingerboard with the added bonus of stainless frets. The quality of his work and materials is outstanding, it is significantly better than the original bass. The cost of the repair was incredibly good value. Top chap and bass builder.
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