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  1. Outstanding amp. Valves, 'Big Iron', vintage Peavey build quality and 'real human size' components that can be repaired (in the highly unlikely event). What is not to like?
  2. Followed the link, what a great bass, sadly, despite being not that far down the A483 from you I am right handed for bass (left for cricket, tennis, golf, football etc - go figure). Ebay / Paypal is a bit ferocious for their % cut in my view (and they have enough money). I have bought many basses and other stuff from BC, prices typically lower than Ebay but no fees for the seller and we (BCers) benefit. I would start here, YMMV.
  3. With any short scale, watch out for neck dive, try before you buy if you can in these times.
  4. Approaching 62 I now find short scale basses are my weapon of choice, this despite about 48 yrs bass playing on long scale and DB. The Sire looks excellent, just looking for righty version now. Other basses that might figure: Gibson SG (at the right price), Chowny, Ibanez - Artcore, Talmann - bonkers cheap for the quality. My biased choice of strings: Ti flats or Labella 760FL in short scale versions. Get the deep thumpy thing going. TIs good for 'twangy' as well.
  5. That must be a 'gig' above? I think I remember them, used to do them myself pre-covid-19.
  6. Came very close to doing the same
  7. Blue Ric 4001 for many years (late 70s - early 80s) in a celidh band. In the same era an Eko fretless acoustic bass in blues-rock band. I do have an aversion to pointy headstocks though
  8. Can you post a pic of the Clifton extension. I have a Cifton mini bass and find the extension is a bit on the small side.
  9. Where did the very nice Ash body (blank?) come from? It is quite a thing
  10. Ouch Possibly a good furniture restorer if a suitable luthier is not available. Some dings you can take out yourself, others not so. I have fixed some really well, the last one I sorted was not a good result.
  11. I have a Fender super 60 valve combo, 1x12" open back. Makes great bass tones for recording, obviously can't do any great volume though.
  12. Total bargain / giveaway for a USA bass. What is not to like Can sympathise withe narrow string spacing, same effect stuffed me with an otherwise excellent corvette RB 5er.
  13. Never used TB for a purchase so no view, some USA members are on BC. Have imported guitar parts and experienced the duty & VAT effect once. Try this https://www.simplyduty.com/import-calculator/
  14. Thanks for reply, having many years of web development and systems management I fully understand and appreciate the underlying maintenance issues. Far too easy to implement a trivial fix, forget to document it and get bitten back later. Not that I would ever have done that. Ever...😁😁
  15. Following a recent post by @Dad3353 concerning the 'Report post' link I actually took notice of the link (a testament to BC civility / mods, I have never felt the need yet). The link has poor contrast and to my mind is not obvious. Slight change to the CSS might be in order?
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