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  1. Fender 7250M are the Nickel-Plated Steel Roundwound strings
  2. Has anyone scrapped / upgraded their small M4 type machine heads. Somehow my Corvette is missing one, have only owned it for about 5 years before I noticed...
  3. Pound for pound, what's the best P bass?

    And if you are not bothered about the Fender logo then you have a world of choice. My keeper p bass has been / is a 1987 G&L SB1 (the precision mk3?) which I bought in 1990. 1980s models can be picked up for £650 or so, imo it is a better bass than the 77 p I bought new (which was pretty good).
  4. SOLD!w Gibson s g bass

    Having the same bass with the same Hipshot bridge, I agree.
  5. Gibson facing bankruptcy

    I realised it was a genuine epistemological model made in Indianapolis. Clearly not a Gibofakir. How does €14k sound? Please ignore forum violation.
  6. Gibson facing bankruptcy

    Extremely rare and highly valuable, much sought after. PMd with offer.
  7. Gibson facing bankruptcy

    I did not realise they came that large A More Paul?
  8. Gibson facing bankruptcy

    Can't fault my 2014 SG bass for build quality (there is the other perennial issue, neck dive, which could and should have be designed out by now) and bought used the price was excellent. Bought used it was also about the right price for a new one when I compare it to what is available from China / India / Korea / Indonesia / Japan? (choose country and price as applicable). In the age of CNC precision manufacturing, providing you can obtain quality wood then IMO there is no 'magic sauce' anymore. It is just down to good design, manufacture and quality control. Other than specialist luthier build, guitars have entered the world of white goods, they are commodities.
  9. What are the dimensions - width and length? I may have a suitable recipient bass.
  10. Interesting FRFR story..

    Sort of arrived at the halfway house to this by accident. Took the Fearful 15/6/1 concept to Shermann Audio (PA builders) and had them build a FRFR 15/6/1 lightweight bass cab. It is about the size of a Peavey TNT bass combo. It also makes a good PA cab whilst retaining the 'traditional' cab appearance. Without going to IEMs the biggest issue I find at present is drum volume, and that is with a sensible drummer. I am gradually persuading the band that quieter on stage is better.
  11. Feedback for thebrig

    Excellent communication, machine heads arrived rapidly and very well packed. Many thanks.
  12. I have also had that same thought, 9mm ply box. I then think by the time I have done the woodwork I might just get a Peavey minmax 500 head for my diy combo. I still use Peavey Tour 700s. In my A/B with the Marshall VBA400 I also owned, the Tour 700s suited me better.
  13. +1 on the same combo 1981 to 2004 ish. Am thinking what would one be like with a suitable neo speaker and ports.