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  1. 3below

    1984 Tokai Jazz Sound (trade for Precision?)

    It has been a long week, we have been on strike (sporadic days) for 5 weeks with a much longer war of attrition ahead, striking is surprisingly hard work. Brexit is borked (whatever your take on the idea of Brexit is). Trump appears to have not collaborated with the Russians and is also 'not exonerated' -work that one out. The world is nuts and I just need to be awake and have looked at the pictures somewhat more closely. I knew I need an eye test Try a Dimarzio DP122 in the p bass zone, I also have one of these and it is pretty good imo. Serious suggestion, you could install push / pull volume pots so that you can completely disenagage the bridge j pickup or vice-versa. No possibility of 'loading' / interaction between the pickups with a disconnect option.
  2. 3below

    1984 Tokai Jazz Sound (trade for Precision?)

    Wait for some cheap DiMarzio dp133 humbucking jazz pickups to appear on BC, from memory there may be some at the moment. Not quite a P sound but in the territory (I have some that on one of my basses).. Keep the bass and if you do not like the different pickups sell them on, no loss
  3. 3below

    Sold - Yamaha BB300

    Another bass that I have in the bass cave, really well made and it does the P bass thing really well. Sadly mine has significant amounts of dings and scratches, it has lived a moderately hard life in a prior existence.
  4. Sadly I am just too far away from East Sussex, seems a shame if someone does not use it for something.
  5. 3below

    Precision Pickups In An Ibanez

    IMO that is in 'lap of the Gods', however I could easily be wrong. Could you get a cheap p bass pickup, hack the case about and bodge it in to the Ibanez - depends on size of pickup routes available. What is the size of the sr800 pickup?
  6. 3below

    Precision Pickups In An Ibanez

    Why not get a pickup (or pickups) made that fit the sr800 and have P type winding and tone. Kent Armstrong springs to mind but there are other pickup makers as well. This way you keep the sr800 intact and save on the woodwork.
  7. Some more detail please, Laminated or solid top? Fingerboard / tailpiece ebony or hardwood? strings?
  8. 3below

    NBD: 1993 USA G&L SB-2

    How have you managed to get my maple neck sunburst SB1 with the crackle scratchplate and smooth headstock? OK, just checked in my bass cave, and mine is still with me . Yours is the first I have seen in UK based picture. They are a great bass, I really like the smaller body compared to a Precision. My 5er is an L1505, not quite as 'vintage'.
  9. Great quality basses, I also have one of this era. Cuts and growls as needed, really well made/ Bargain here folks.
  10. Looks like oak to me... I have built an oak faced bass which (IMO) rather nice...
  11. 3below

    NBD: 1993 USA G&L SB-2

    Have owned my SB1 from 1990, it is not going anywhere else soon....
  12. 3below

    NBD: 1993 USA G&L SB-2

    G&L the hidden value for money basses - I have two.
  13. 3below

    Does anyone actually use their B string?

    In my first 5 string foray the 17mm string spacing defeated me, I just gave up fighting 40+ years on 4 string 19mm spacing. I had bought a really good value bass on BC, someone else (I forget now) got a good value bass onwards. My current 5er has 18mm string spacing and after about 2 years I am no longer mis-hitting strings or getting on the wrong string. Practice makes perfect I think. It surprised me how much the change of string spacing affected me on the 5er since I happily change between 4 stringers with very different string spacing. I find the 5er allows me to play mainly between position 3 to 7 where I get the strongest and most even string tones, this zone is the sweet spot on most basses for me.
  14. Dimensions please