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  1. What PA for Pubs and Social Clubs etc?

    I would also think about redundancy - having spares so you can carry on when kit decides to stop working. In our case the lightweight monitor power amp and speakers can double as pa mains if the worst happens. As mentioned by others there will be an increasing amount of quality used analogue kit soon, bargains for all
  2. I tried a Fender Bassman 135 today..

    I had one in the late 70s, great sounding amp. I would like to try one with a modern high efficiency cab - am thinking Barefaced compact etc here. Pity about the width though...
  3. Two Mercedes Viano seats, leather

    You might want to register here [url="http://forum-sbmcc.co.uk/"]http://forum-sbmcc.co.uk/[/url] and see what response you get. Like bc it is a positive forum.
  4. Phil Jones Bass - Speakon issue!

    [quote name='Dan Dare' timestamp='1509827713' post='3401988'] Make sure you're using genuine Neutrik Speakon plugs. Speaklocs and other cheap substitutes don't always mate properly with the real thing (although the manufacturers claim they do, of course). PJB kit uses the genuine article. [/quote] [quote name='JazzBass4624' timestamp='1509870675' post='3402136'] +1. I had locking issues with cheap speakon cables on both my LM and VdK cabs. I replaced all cable speakons by genuine Neutrik connectors and the issue was solved. [/quote] +2 Have just had similar problem this afternoon with non-genuine Neutrik. QSC power amp prefers the real deal.
  5. Getting old and knackered.

    Tennis elbow can take forever to fix. The danger is that once 'fixed' you will forget and eventually pick something heavy or awkward up e.g. shopping. You then damage the elbow again and start the healing process all over again. Do the exercises and stick with them, it really helps.
  6. Feedback for Rabbie

    Loaned Roberto a set of strings on trial. Excellent communication and a great chap to deal with. Highly recommended.
  7. [quote name='casapete' timestamp='1508859429' post='3394924'] Try it and see....? [/quote] One of the best sounds I got for Jazz and rhythm guitar was through a Peavey mk3 bass combo with the 15" speaker.... stranger things have happened.
  8. Feedback for P-ZARN

    Bought a 6U case from Neil. Excellent communication and very quick arrival. Many thanks.
  9. It appears to be a diode IN40xx [url="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1N400x_general-purpose_diodes"]https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1N400x_general-purpose_diodes[/url] They can be used as a protection method against incorrect polarity connection. The one schematic I can find shows this as D3 - a protection diode. Testing components that are in circuit can give erroneous results - I would expect the diode to show zero resistance in the foward mode and infinite in the reverse bias mode. The 18 ohms you measure with the other diode could be a side effect of the remainder of the circuit. It can be desoldered with a 'solder sucker' or braid. Component costs pence. Easy DIY job, it may be the cause, it may not. Schematic here, the only one I can find - you will have to endure the free trial [url="https://www.scribd.com/doc/73304672/MXR-Bass-DI#"]https://www.scribd.com/doc/73304672/MXR-Bass-DI#[/url]
  10. If you want another solution rather thanthe boost pedal, find out what operational amplifier the active circuit uses (assuming op amp based rather than discrete transistors). Unless the op amp is something very exotic the probability is that it will run at 18V, thus increasing the 'hotness'. The more complex solution (change one resistor) is also possible once the circuit used is understood.
  11. jrixn1

    Bought some Labella strings from John. Excellent communication and rapid postage. A smooth transaction, deal with confidence.
  12. Reminded me of many hours listening to Bob Newhart when I worked in a lab (we also played indoor cricket in said lab, but that is another story).
  13. Barefaced Big One FS/FT - WITHDRAWN

    [quote name='Conan' timestamp='1506581382' post='3379629'] Ooh, I used to have one of these! Fantastic sounding cabs when paired with the right amp [/quote] As above, replaced mine with a Barefaced Dubster - sort of more of the same, a gigantic one. GLWTS.
  14. Earplugs?

    Just started using ACS off the shelf plugs as has my drummer. Comfortable over 3hr rehearsals. Seem pretty good to me. An additional benefit is the drums and my bass sound much 'tighter' less 'washy' sound. Both drummer and myself think the plugs have improved our playing. Vocals can be a bit indistinct and I find I need to remove one plug for normal talk, not used to the volume reduction.