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  1. No idea, nearest M&S is about 30 miles from where I live, needs a reply from those who live less remotely
  2. Only if you look bloody young but are just backdated with high heels. because simple things you see are all complicated.
  3. Yes very much yes apart from the cost of the Phil basses...
  4. I'm going to buy 5. Phil was a great bass player and this will be a fitting tribute. In other news this week I finally retired after trying 5 years ago, I was also served my divorce papers today, one day before going on holiday
  5. So, one fender custom shop bass or how many original period Fender, Rickenbacker, Yamaha, Ibanez and Roland basses that Phil used can I buy? I think I could probably get one of everything and have change. Great bass player, a lifetime influence on my playing. Must be a typo?
  6. Heads up for Jon Shuker on this as well.
  7. Mine is the 2x15 Eminence 3015LF model (as per above sale). Not aware of boominess, Usually I use an SG bass, Sansamp Leeds and QSC power amp. It works equally well with Peavey Tour 700 I have.
  8. Every time I pick mine up (or someone in the band shares) it is a joy to move. Easy single handed lift into the car. Used it (again) on Friday at an outdoor gig, endless volume, dial up a good tone, then make it louder, or very loud, or stupid loud. BF Dubster just delivers. Does not seem to lack highs to me. You want the earth to move, this is the correct apparatus. No connection with seller just a satisfied Dubster user (and I do not need two).
  9. Good quality s/h planer thickeners are out there, I purchased a Sheppach for £300. A good solid German machine, Totally repairable, mine has been faultless other than my stupidity, blades do not like meeting hidden nails. Kitty like this ? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Kitty-Planner-Thicknesser-woodwork-machinery/183868405363?hash=item2acf693673:g:xWYAAOSw8EhdG1NZ I have used the same model, seemed a nice machine.
  10. Thanks, seems as if it is 19 / 20mm which sadly is quite a way from 18mm.
  11. 3below

    waveydavy Feedback

    Bought some pickups from Dave. Excellent communication, really well packed and posted as fast as humanly possible - the next day. Super BC member, thanks.
  12. They are a great bass, mine is my go to bass for just about any situation. If you do any recording, it records brilliantly with DI. Live I get instant Andy Fraser / Jack Bruce and a whole host of other stuff. I like mine so much I am on the lookout for another - cherry or brown gloss though.
  13. Interesting, that must be solid colours with the white filler/undercoat stuff. My sunburst finish is quite thin, has chips and dings in it (mostly not mine, but some I am guilty of). Back has patch 10cm x 5cm approx that started with buckle rash from previous owner. I am told relic'ed is fashionable
  14. And in strange 'coincidence' as this thread re-lives I took my SB1 out to band tonight (I forgot my Gibbo SG bass and picked the SB1 up from the bass stash... don't ask, it involves ex-wife etc..). TI flats and it was the business, just need to back the volume off a bit otherwise it gets a bit 'burpy' overdriving my amp. Am now faced with a difficult choice for the Friday beer festival gig, SG bass vs G&L. Hard times....
  15. I rate the current SG bass as one the best basses I own (have owned). I fitted a Hipshot bridge and machines which resolved the bridge issues and neck dive. The current neck pickup is not at all 'muddy' unlike that in my (long gone) EB2. The low weight and good balance when using it sitting down are a big plus. Edge chamfering makes it very comfortable. With TI flats I can get a good range of tones and it records to DI stunningly well.
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