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  1. De facto it will have changed one parameter, the cost of the bass . Any sonic parameters that might be changed by bridge replacement would seem to be highly variable since there are so many other factors in play from one bass to the next. Even two mass produced basses in the same production run can sound and play differently I also find that when playing live any subtle bass changes are lost with the effects of amplification, speakers and the venue. These days I just play the thing as it is.
  2. Where are you based? The well known Internet auction site show £80 to £40 for sold TKO bass combos.
  3. A As fitted to various Peavey basses. The front screw holes are good though wonder why no holes in the middle though (6 in total). I could also envisage a BBOT with folded ashtray edges (think Telecaster bridge) which would retain the saddles. Two days into new Lock down in Wales and this is what I am reduced to
  4. Am I the only one? I really like the BBOT bridge, engineering simplicity and elegance. Yes it can be improved, Peavey (and others) have some grooves for the grub screws to prevent lateral movement. Another (simple) useful improvement would be the ability to top load the strings rather than feed them through the hole.
  5. Many years ago, when I had mine (and they were cheap and unfashionable) it dropped off the strap with the ensuing headstock impact. It bounced and amazingly no damage. Then again I am only 5'3" so far gentler drop
  6. Middle-ageing? You youngsters! Now pass me my SG bass for that 3 hour + gig (I think I remember those in pre Covid-19 days).
  7. In addition to strings, bass amps and speakers have improved significantly.
  8. Perfectly described by @blisters on my fingers This image might also help . When you put the scratchplate back on, fit all the screws loosely then give them all the final tightening. Makes aligning the holes easier.
  9. Ditto, plus in my case, some motivation.
  10. Bought a set of Weedwacker strings from @knirirr Strings arrived as soon as physically possible, excellent communication by seller. Deal with confidence. Many thanks.
  11. Plan c) find a friendly local woodwork shop that has either a planer- thicknesser or sander drum of a suitable width, ask nicely and you may get lucky. Back to an earlier question, the Artec pre-amp is just fine. I used one to replace a dead vintage Aria pre-amp (I would have repaired it but the pots were unusual values and impossible to find). Does what it says on the tine, low noise and well made.
  12. It all makes you feel sorry for some unfortunate who spends the money without knowing their stuff or do sufficient research or getting advice from those that do.
  13. Left field choice, Tech 21 Leeds pedal. I like what I get with it and my Gibson SG, TI Flats and Barefaced Dubster. No shortage of mids, bite, punch etc with what might seem a 'dark' setup. The Leeds pedal really reminds me of the Hiwatts I owned in my youth.
  14. You will be getting sustain after 6 bottles though not of the bass variety, more likely through the 'bass' without a 'b' region.
  15. Rather than push-pull pots you could use dual concentric pots. Two choices, each pot does Vol & tone for one pickup, or, one pot does vol - vol, the other does tone - tone. Apols if I have misssed something. What will you do with the spare holes? I found this https://forum.gibson.com/topic/122705-my-sg-bass-master-volume-tone-awesomerizer-mod/ and did the mod to my SG bass. An excellent bass has been made even more excellent. Could be of interest?
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