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  1. Brass hardware is so 1970s, I was there when retrofitting was all the rage. Black crackle is the real deal. Accept no substitutes.
  2. I'd also offer to lend you mine but it is a long way from Mid-Wales. Have got the location ready for the NBD
  3. +1 likewise I only have one bass that does not have TIs. I also have way too many basses.
  4. If @hooky_lowdown's suggestions do not effect a cure your ideas may be the way forward. Nut slot might be too low? More more neck relief needed? Or higher action, I find TI flats better with a higher action (2.5 to 3mm works for me). My SG bass also suffered a buzzing bass pickup cover at a specific frequency. Fixed with plastic sheet epoxied under the chrome cover. It is one of my favourite basses with TIs. Warm, thick, punchy, instant Jack Bruce / Andy Fraser
  5. Bought some used TI flats from @charles.bioul.bass. Just as described and arrived next day. Excellent communication and a pleasure to deal with. Many thanks.
  6. As always some really useful ideas about build methods. I am pondering stainless frets on one of my next builds but do wonder how difficult the hardness will be compared to nickel silver. I used a stainless zero fret on the 3 string which seemed ok but that is a limited sample of one.
  7. It is a joyous moment when you realise that you have put the 12th fret inlays into your carefully slotted board at 11 or 13 (I do not remember which) . Experience is a great thing :), it is however an experience I would rather not have again.
  8. The joys of making stuff - you plan, measure, use skill and experience only for the unexpected to intervene (often with hindsight it was obviously going to happen) You then get the satisfaction of 'fixing' issues whilst re-assuring yourself that I won't let that happen again. Sadly a new event will happen next time and the cycle goes on (at least it does for me).
  9. IMO your method ( neckblank; fit top; add wings.) makes considerable sense: gluing the top square onto the neck, then subsequently accurately gluing the sides onto the top and neck has much less potential for error than gluing the wings to the body first
  10. Tell me more of the radius routing jig, please. I found hand radiusing ebony not too arduous but the black dust went everywhere.
  11. Thanks you, however looks can be deceptive, it is fairly amateur workmanship in places, a long way from your standards.
  12. Same construction method used on this 3 string cbg I knocked up as a pressie for my other half. It is hollow body floating bridge with through neck. Apologies for non bass content
  13. Prior to the above it might also be worth a squirt of wd 40 as far into the side(s) / back of the adjuster nut as you can get. Allow time to soak in which may help with any 'gumming' up of the threads.
  14. Stunning bass and build quality. Why (as I have said before) do Fender not make this? Stating the obvious, adjust the pole pieces. My SG bass E string is very variable depending on strings, it likes TI flats.
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