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  1. That actually used to be darker! A recent update must have changed that!
  2. Yes... they can. I've seen them (annoyingly)
  3. ..ish I've not played both I've played plenty of Shukers and never found a bad one
  4. The bump button won't work in there and it's not our functionality unfortunately
  5. For Yamaha and Ibanez most of the *big chains* should be able to see you right
  6. I'd say general discussion is fine
  7. The topic hasn't been approved yet so you won't have permission to view it
  8. I'm guessing it's under our threshold for selling, which means that it's flagged for being approved by a moderator. It stops people dodging the sub by lowballing
  9. Updates complete please let me know if there are still issues and we'll flag with the software provider. Sometimes you may need to do a hard cache reset in-order to clear out the cobwebs
  10. Interestingly I've not done the software update because of the holiday period meaning that there's limited support from the software provider. So... I'm thinking is browsers updates. Will likely be running updates this weekend. Prepare for chaos
  11. Yeah normally behind static keys. I used my smoothound wireless I use for bass and it did great! 😁 Was nice to be able to move around again and get in on the action Yeah would have loved a black keytar but beggers can't be choosers and hiring my usual keyboard would have cost me nearly £300 a night so not really a viable option. This was my favourite shot of the night
  12. I've been playing keys now in Petrichor (leeds based Doom band) for the best part of a year and things have been fantastic. Joining a band that's been going for in the region of 3 years with plenty of shows under their belt (so right in the deep end). We started the year playing some shows spread across the country including some pretty big "pre-festival" type slots, charity events and all dayers. Later in the year we're supporting some world touring acts (Christian Death, A Pale Horse Named Death... apparently we do well with bands with death in their name) However, the BIG win was landing a slot at "Under The Doom" festival in Portugal. My first outing in Europe. Flights out weren't too pricey and accomadation was dirt cheap so it was all very feasible (thanks Air BnB!) At the festival we were supporting bands I've grown up listening too as well as some more recent additions to the playlist (Alcest Particularly!) This was the final lineup Unfortunately I couldn't get my keyboard out there (cost of putting it on the flight was ridiculous due to size and weight). So I hired a keytar (YES a keytar) and learned how to play it the day before the show Nothing like making things easy for myself! The show went great though! Lots of great pics out there and some awesome videos which I'll link below Self indulgent rant over https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8cyTEvP1ow
  13. It's a Korg Kronos, but unfortunately (I guess?!) I run a fair few custom patches that are "one time downloads" and tethered to individual keyboards. It's an annoying quirk with how the Korg system works.
  14. I've got a gig over in Portugal in December (playing keys) and wondered if anyone had any advice. Unless mistaken I believe my keyboard is too big to bring onboard even with buying an extra seat.
  15. There's a flood control in place already but no way to stop us knowing if someone is sending you a legitimate message or not.
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