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  1. Thank you Al Krow, that is really useful. 👍 Wack
  2. Hello Folks, In the early eighties I was lucky enough to stumble across a an Ibanez Musician 924 active bass (a laTOTP in the 80's, see below), which I still own (for now at least). Forty years on, having tried a few other basses over the years, I'm feeling the urge to treat myself to a new toy. I've recently tried a couple of different Fenders, and they really haven't pushed my buttons at all. I've decided that I would like to buy another, modern Ibanez, becauase I just love the way they look. I've perused spec and read reviews galore, and I've identified a model (one of what seems to be hundreds) that I really like the look of, and that is within my budget. The problem is, I can't find anywhere remotely local that has one in stock, so the only way I'm going to get to play it, is to order it !! I would very much appreciate the opinion of you knowledgable chaps on my choice, the SR650E-ABS. Many thanks in anticipation. Wack
  3. Thanks all for your help, Although very few of them seem to have very much of interest, actually in stock, when you look on their websites . . . . . unfortunately. I think the Thomann option is looking the best way to go. Thanks again. Wack
  4. Hello Folks, I'm in the market for a new bass (or at least new to me), and I'm wondering where is the best place to go to get to play as many different basses as possible (ideally without going to London) I'm particularly interested in Ibanez and Yamaha basses. I look forward to hearing any advice you may have to offer, both on where to go and perhaps which specific models to try (Ibanez seem to have zillions of variations !!). Bye for now. Wack
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