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  1. Playing fretless is probably not as difficult as you think. You'll never be a fretless player unless you give it a try - if it doesn't work out you should get your money back on this without much problem. Put some nice flats on it though, unless you don't mind putting up with the wear on the fingerboard, and your fingers.
  2. Yes I'm now the proud possessor. I had to go a long way north of Watford to get it (luckily before the lockdown), but the trip was well worthwhile. Loving every minute of incarceration now.
  3. No problem. In common with all Warwick basses (and all other sensible ones), the dots are on the fret positions. I know this is important as I've had the same problem myself in the past - can't imagine why anyone would want the dots in-between the frets on a fretless bass??
  4. Sorry, I forgot that. Now posted. It's difficult to photograph this bass, because of the high gloss finish all you get is reflections of me holding the camera (phone).IMG_3556.HEIC
  5. Only bought this a few weeks ago, then found an MB2. Condition is as new in original packing as sent from Germany. Plays well, it has the original strings supplied but deserves some better ones. Mirror finish (makes it difficult to photograph). Thomann's current price is £925 Can post to UK address for £20. Collection OK when government guidance permits. 5-String Electric Bass Top, sides and back: Maple 4-Piece laminated neck: Maple with ekanga veneer stripes Fretboard: Wenge Fretboard radius: 660 mm Frets: 21 Extra high, nickel silver, jumbo Scale: 866 mm (long scale) Just a Nut III (made from Tedur) Nut width: 45 mm Pickups: Passive MEC Vintage single coils Passive electronics Controls: 2 Volume & 2 Tone 3-Way toggle switch for pickup selection Machine heads: Warwick Bridge: 2-Piece Warwick String spacing: 16.5 mm Distance B to G-string: 66 mm Hardware: Chrome Warwick Security Locks Weight: 3.9 kg Original strings: Warwick RED (42301 M) .045" - .135" Colour: Black solid high-gloss Further Information Colour Black Soundboard Maple Neck Maple, Ekanga Fretboard Wenge Frets 21 Scale Long Scale Pickup System SS Elektronic Passives
  6. I've had problems on certain gigs with hearing myself, particularly when the rest of the band are full-on. I bought an earbox (offer £89 Guitarguitar) which does make intonation much easier. I have now bought a foldback speaker for myself to connect to my amp to see if that is better than the earbox and am about to try it this week on a regular gig which I know is usually problematic. I'll let you know the verdict.
  7. Now going on Fleabay, probably will be sold by this time next week. I'd rather sell to Basschatter so if you're hovering, make me a sensible offer.
  8. NOW SOLD Selling this lovely Corvette Pro Series 5 String Fretless active/passive bass as the string spacing is not ideal for me (16.5mm) . Very good condition apart from a couple of dings on the inside of the the upper & lower horns (see photos). Plays really well. Will post to UK address or discount for collection of £30. Ash body Ovankol neck Wenge f/b MEC pickups MEC two band eq Warwick bridge and tuners Weight 4.3kg/9lb 8oz Ovangkol neck with Ekanga veneer stripes, 4 laminations Tigerstripe ebony fingerboard (fretless) Just-A-Nut III Bodywood (Topwood / Backwood): Swamp Ash body Pickups: Active MEC ;Dynamic Correction; J/J pickups Electronics: active MEC J/J pickups with active MEC 2-way electronics Pot layout: Active: Volume / balance / treble/bass stacked spaci
  9. OK, thanks. The Lines are a dealbreaker for me I’m afraid, I just find them too confusing as I’m used to just a few dots (or nothing on the upright). Looks a nice bass, I’m sure someone will love it.
  10. Are there markings on the side? Dots? lines? on fret positions or in between? Any idea how much it weighs? (Oak is heavy stuff) Thanks
  11. 3 steps to heaven - Eddie Cochrane Georgia on my mind - Ray Charles I'll be your baby tonight - Bob Dylan
  12. JOURNEY UPDATE I think we're on the home stretch now. After checking out the Rob Allen (and a fair few others) I think it is going to end up as my No1 bass guitar (5 string). The MB2 just seems to fit the bill perfectly for me. I don't believe I will ever get the one I want on this forum or ebay/facebook etc so I guess I'll have to bite the bullet there. The No2 (4 string) will most likely be between the Shuker and the Joker B ( the configurator is online now and it's brilliant). I'm going up to see Jon in a couple of weeks time so I will make the decision after that. Next will come the Double bass upgrade, but that will be much easier (although a lot more expensive) - I will go and see Adrian Warwick and ask him what he recommends. I'll let you know how it all finally pans out. Thanks so much for all your help guys, the benefit of your experience has saved me so much time and hassle - and probably a small fortune. Hope to meet some of you at the next Bass Bash and buy you a pint.
  13. Thanks for the recommendation, it looks a nice bass but not sure if it comes in 5 string 34" scale. I have to say the modern finish and the general style are less appealing to me than the traditional simplicity of the Rob Allen. These sort of comparisons are really helping me to realise exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks for your input.
  14. Sold Thomas my Aguilar cab - flawless transaction, he paid cash and collected the same day. Thanks Thomas.
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