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  1. Thanks Ped, I was thinking you could just get it to sort the items not marked as Sold to the top of the list, but I guess you would need some sort of additional status field for that, which may not be possible with this software.
  2. I may have this wrong, but I thought all the sellers had to do was mark their goods as Sold. If that's the case then even if they all did so we would still have exactly the same problem as old unsold items would still be way back in the listings - or is there more to it than that?
  3. Thanks for responding Ped. I can understand why it's a good idea to retain the Sold items, and I do sort by date, but that still leaves items that haven't been sold or bumped sometimes several pages back in the search, which necessitates ploughing through the same sold items every time. However from the response so far the answer to my question seems to be YES, I am the only one who finds it a problem.
  4. This thread has gone into a completely different orbit. My original point was: we currently have 6 sort criteria on the forums (or is it Fora?), some of which are probably almost never used. Would it not be possible to add one more criterion to enable users to separate the Sold items (or those that are marked sold) from the as yet Unsold items? I was hoping for an answer from one of the Administrators of the database, and perhaps anyone else who thought it would be a good idea?
  5. Hi, I can't be the only Basschatter who begrudges wasting time ploughing through entries in the For Sale forums that are already sold. Would it not be possible to put this in the Sort criteria so we could have all the items not containing the word "sold" at the beginning of the list?
  6. Thanks for the feedback guys. I did get some other quotes from £400 to £1000+ which didn't seem like a great investment, and having claimed over £20k on my house insurance last year for burst pipe damage I didn't want to go down that route either, so I think on balance I made the right choice.
  7. Hi, I ended up taking it to a local guitar repair workshop who said they could repair it but could not make it perfect. They were right. To be honest it doesn't look an awful lot better after their repair, however it is now sealed and smooth to the touch (believe they filled it with Superglue and sanded it down), and they only charged me £40. If you want to see photos it's now up for sale on this forum.
  8. That's what I thought, turned out to a lot easier than I expected. Could be your next challenge!
  9. 35" scale, 18mm string spacing at bridge. Nut width is 45mm.
  10. Up for sale now, this Rick Turner Renaissance is one of the lightest 5 string basses out there at less than 3 Kg (6.5 lbs). It has a new set of the recommended Thomastik-Infeld Acoustic strings on and is in pretty good nick apart from a dent on the top which has been filled and sanded down (shown in photos). Apparently Rob Allen used to work for Rick until he branched out on his own so as you might expect the ethos is much the same as Rob's - quality and simplicity with the accent on the acoustic properties of the bass. Comparing it to my RA's it has more depth and tonal range than the MB2, more like the Deep 5 (although not quite as awesome). Here's a link to the Rick Turner website http://rickturnerguitars.com/renaissance-bass . I bought it secondhand from outside this community so I don't know the provenance. In terms of trading, the only thing I need now is a fretless Mouse to complete my collection. I can post to mainland UK for £30 or I can meet half way within a reasonable distance for the same cost, although free collection would be better. Sensible offers welcome, I'll probably give it a couple of weeks then put it on Ebay.
  11. .................Unless you have a fretless Rob Allen Mouse?
  12. Sorry, I'm not up for a trade as I just have more 5 string basses than I can justify. This one's on ebay, the auction finishes on Saturday, if it doesn't sell maybe I'll do some clips next week.
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