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  1. Ha , I'm not sure how I'd do a pic without a reflection
  2. Sorry no , sadly illness means I have to sell off my gear now
  3. 5 string sterling Ray35 musician bass with the following serious upgrades that where professionally fitted A Nordstrand MM 5.4 pickup & a John East MMSR 3 Band/4 Knob Preamp. Comes in a rigid armoudillo gigbag/case. Bass is priced at half the new cost without considering the upgrades (done by previous owner but worth £400) Ideally collection from Surrey so you can see the bass for real but can post at buyers expense Cost now £400 for quick sale and is Plus shipping
  4. Thanks guys , I'll do some more pics as soon as I can get round to it . This is in great condition and you don't see many
  5. SOLD Great condition Blue Sparkle Steve Harris Precision bass with soft case , all original Collection preferred from Surrey so you can see the bass for real , but could post on request and at buyers expense Price now £750 and I've seen them go on eBay for more than that in bad condition , this bass is clean
  6. Sadly I'm more selling than buying these days due to illness , but Over the the years I've always been happy buying instruments which have been well used and and dings in , just meant I could use and gig without worry .
  7. Great album , I had an original lp but someone failed to return it years ago
  8. Is he saying "rock" peaked and all bands since are other forms such as "metal" but not what he calls rock ?
  9. I feel for you , I've gone from being an active bass player who also loved playing football to a cancer victim in the last year and it's hard to except the changes when things are taken from you . The only advise I can offer is find small things you enjoy you can do just try to keep going forward a day at a time Good luck to you AndyBob
  10. I'm sure I used to rehearse there in the 90s if so it's been going a long time
  11. I love playing Bernard Edward songs or similar. Fun to play and always great to see people dancing . Of course there are 100 other ones I love also
  12. I love the Ray , but the problem is it's unplayable
  13. Your the only normal person on this site A Precision put the box is all that is need really isn't it
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