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  1. Toroidal is the same as 'transformer' - it's a doughnut shaped one is all. Digital switched power supplies are smaller and lighter and work with many pedals quite well, but not all of them.
  2. icastle

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    Admission time: I mistyped it and it said 'Actually a car' for a few minutes...
  3. icastle


    [quote name='Twigman' timestamp='1475058363' post='3142646'] Has this functionality been disabled? Why? [/quote] No. Its never been possible to upload attachments in the Manage Attachments area. When you post, look at the bottom of the page first and you'll see 'More reply options'. Click on that and scroll to the bottom of the page - that's where you'll find the uploading options. Not sure if it works on a mobile though.
  4. Try running a spare cable between the send and return sockets on the back of the amp.
  5. By 'power died' do you mean there's no indicator lights on the front panel, or do you mean there's no output from the amp?
  6. Just had a look at the parts list. It shows a T6.3A fuse on the mains input. Get a pack of those instead of the fast blow ones. It doesn't explain why the original one blew, but it might have been 'just one of those things'.
  7. [quote name='TrevorR' timestamp='1472847299' post='3124832'] And I just discovered today that basswood isn't pronounced basswood, it's pronounced basswood! D'oh! [/quote] How daft are you?
  8. [quote name='rogerstodge' timestamp='1472842519' post='3124766'] I ordered some tetra sticks from amazon wed and they arrived thurs, oops hang on this ain't the fish forum. [/quote] Nope. This is basschat, not..... basschat
  9. [quote name='GarethFlatlands' timestamp='1472574334' post='3122271'] Distant memory says it's the last year of primary school... [/quote] Not distant enough. It was infants, junior and high school in my day. The clever kids went to sixth form college. I went to art college as I was 'different' in a way that I like to consider both special and unique.
  10. I have no idea what year six even is...
  11. Well if it's happening on IE11 [b]and[/b] Opera, it seems likely to be something that YouTube have done. Certainly we've made no changes this end.
  12. We've seen this twice before in as many days.
  13. Be careful what you wish for. The last time one of our members (ahathaway) uttered the words 'can I get barred' she ended up married to a baldy bloke from Stratford who couldn't spell, wrote poems that didn't rhyme and told jokes that nobody got...
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