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  1. josie


    Welcome! Excellent basses 🙂
  2. josie

    Acoustic bass

    Michael Kelly, if you can find one. This is the only one I can find for sale online atm: https://www.guitar.co.uk/michael-kelly-dragonfly-4-string-acoustic-bass-smokeburst I have a Club fretted 5 and a Dragonfly fretless 5 - both excellent build quality with good attention to detail, good sound, Fishman electronics, and absurdly pretty. (Some peeps find the Dragonfly too ornate, ymmv.) A real pleasure to play.
  3. josie

    The bass journey

    I'd say it's more like this. You come back to where you started, but at the same time you've grown and moved on.
  4. josie


    Any update on the advice already given please?
  5. josie

    Strange site view error

    And thank you for removing the duplicate! 🙂
  6. josie

    Playing bass for around 3 months

    Welcome! As said, lots of good stuff on 'tinternet, but imho a good teacher - a real person who will know what you want to do and how you're getting on and will give you specific personal motivation - makes all the difference. Grade 3/4 after 3 months sounds a bit ambitious to me - I've been playing for about 3 years and I'm planning on RGT Grade 3 next spring. But trust your teacher! Sounds like you have better aptitude and / or practice habits and / or relevant background than I do 🙂 But also as @T-Bay said nothing is as good as playing with other people. That's what bass is for. And "less is more" - as soon as you can play one root note per bar you're a useful member of a band, and you'll grow from there. Hope it goes well, let us know 🙂
  7. josie


    Welcome! Congratulations on taking up DB 🙂
  8. josie

    Strange site view error

    Aha! Yes 🙂
  9. josie

    Strange site view error

    That's helpful thanks, I'll check it out. And try to figure out why it only happens now and then, and how to control it. I can see why it would be useful - I get badly distracted by animated gifs in banner ads or avatars or .sigs. They're even worse for anyone with dyslexia or other accessibility problems.
  10. In the last few days I've started getting a view error where a post appears, not in the thread, but as a single page out of context. Sometimes I can go back in the browser and then back to the post and it gets it right, sometimes not. (That's why my birthday party post in Off Topic appeared twice - I couldn't navigate away from the first attempt so didn't know it had worked). See attached screenshot. This is only happening in Safari, not in Firefox, but other stuff doesn't work in Firefox so Safari is my default for BC. Do you know if this is happening to anyone else? Any idea why please? Any advice welcome.
  11. josie

    Who did you see live last?

    Marillion are still powerful live (including the light show). New material but true to the genre. And intense audience rapport.
  12. josie

    Midlands bass (and guitar) bash 4/5/19

    1. jebroad 2. Len_Derby 3. Jabba_the_gut 4. Spondonbassed - Hohner B2A 5. Andyjr1515 6. Jimothey 7. Mojo 8. Owen 9. Teebs 10. Josie (I may have missed some)
  13. josie

    Midlands bass (and guitar) bash 4/5/19

    Since Teebs has kindly offered me a lift, I hope to be there. If so I'll probably bring a couple of GMRs and the Ibby 6.
  14. josie

    Carol Kaye

    She's on Twitter: @OKAY44Time Doesn't post often, but always worthwhile. All sorts of interesting stuff on her website, thank you @MrCrane !
  15. josie

    Hello from Peterborough