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  1. I've just replaced the phosphor bronze strings on my Michael Kelly fretted with black tapewounds, and I'm finding the sound carries better (and sounds better - a rich almost double-bassy sound rather than the metallic clank of the bronze).
  2. Advice I picked up on BC recently - sorry I can't remember who from - is to tune on the 12th fret rather than the open string. My 12th fret readings are consistently higher than the open string readings (on all my basses - with a Polytune clip-on). Not by much, but by more than some mentioned above. Again though probably best if the guitard(s) do the same? or are the lower harmonics stronger on a bass? That would make sense...
  3. Seems like many of us chose a playing style first, and then chose a bass to suit it. I had no particular style or heroes in mind when I went out to buy my first bass, and didn't realise for a long time how lucky I was that my beloved GMR 5 fell into my arms (almost literally), and how unusual her sound is. She has a very melodic sound, with exceptional sustain, and a perfect B string. I assumed all basses were like that, and had a shock when I first picked up a P-bass! My whole approach to playing, and to developing a bassline, is completely shaped by her sound and feel, although I do play other basses now and have become more versatile and punchy. So I'm curious where other peeps are on this - did you start with a sound you wanted, or was there a bass that shaped or changed the way you play?
  4. josie


    Welcome! 5-string fretless is good 🙂
  5. Ah lovely. Beats this - my grandson 3yo at the time
  6. Excellent occasion, my thanks also to @jebroad and Mum for organising! Good venue, plenty of space and light. A welcome chance to put faces and voices to so many names that I won't pick any out - except @SpondonBassed and Jack, and @seashell. Ridiculous amounts of cake, with @Teebs 's chocolate cake the standout. Favourite bass of the day: @jazzyvee 's beautiful EUB as seen above. Very impressed by the build and sound quality of the many short-scales - not for me, I'm completely into light-weight long-scales, but an eye-opener. Also @Andyjr1515 's talk, which has led me to start reading the build threads. Final thanks to @Teebs for the lift from Manchester, I couldn't have got there otherwise, well worth the journey 🙂
  7. josie


    Welcome! Looking forward to hearing more from you 🙂
  8. Timbertones are a wonderful provoker of GAS. I'm mostly using their textured wood picks at the moment, but the sharp-pointed stone ones make a lovely sound on chrome flat wound strings. This is by far the cheapest and easiest way to play around with varying your sound. (I don't use the abalone one, it just lives in my gigging pick-tin like a little jewel.)
  9. I have instructed my sons that my best live playing video(s) and my best audio recording(s) should be played at my funeral, with my favourite basses leaning on the coffin. Before that (I hope!) - Crystal Ballroom, Glossop supporting Victor Brox 16 June 🙂 https://crystalballroomglossop.com/stormy-sunday-blues-%233
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