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  1. A sad loss, although as noted above the real loss was a long time ago. Such a distinctive and influential sound. "Loved Another Woman" is one of our band standards and will be even more poignant now. RIP.
  2. I've just bought Bill's Ibanez fan-fret 6 and couldn't be happier. Accurate description, excellent friendly communication, prompt and safe shipment. Excellent transaction 🙂
  3. josie


    Welcome! Plenty of good advice here 🙂
  4. I use the low B string more than the G - the one 4-string I gig is strung BEAD. As said it's partly about having more chord / key changes under your fingers rather than chasing up and down the neck. It also allows you to root anything in B - C - D an octave lower. Sadly many 5s do have a floppy B string - if that 5th string is an afterthought to a 4-string design. I have a rare top-end 1992 Fender Jazz+V on which the B string is unusable. My main squeeze is a GMR Bassforce 5 on which the B is as tight and clear as the other four (she was my first bass, and it took me a while to realise that not all 5s are like that!) I'd say go out and try as many basses as you can. Focus on whether that B string *feels* the same as the other four under your fingers. Some will do nothing for you, and one will feel like a body part you didn't know you'd been missing.
  5. I didn't sign up for this... but gear so far this year three sets of strings. D'Addario 5 tape-wounds for my fretted acoustic, birthday present from my band. D'Addario 4 half-rounds, passed on by a lovely BC-er who didn't want them. Leading to Bass Centre Elite 5 half-rounds for my main squeeze, nothing wrong except mis-matched silk wrapping on the B string, which when I gently queried they refunded the purchase price of the set. So money spent on gear so far £0. Only likely purchase before the end of the year is an Ibanez Mikro for my 5yo grandson - he's obsessed with guitars, and the sooner I win him over to the dark side, the better. Might also postpone the day when he steals my Jazz Aerodyne 🙂 Seriously, I'm trying to really work out and develop the different sounds and feels of my current hard core of six basses, thus trying out different strings to suit what I want to do with each. I might well end up taking more than one bass to a gig depending on the setlist...
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