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  1. josie

    Biggest Gig To Date

    Nice! I'm an Aynsley fan. I've been to a few of his guitar weekends and worked with his usual bass player, @Steve Amadeo, who is a lovely guy and a very good teacher as well as a fine bass player. In fact I'm off tomorrow for another one 🙂
  2. josie

    You can only have........

    Yes, not surprising with 50+ year old instruments, but they vary so much with how they've been treated. I went shopping for an EB2 with my son in Nashville a couple of years ago. The first one I found was just dead wood. The second leapt to life in my arms and wouldn't let me put her down. Same model, same year (1966), same condition to look at. Chalk and cheese. Sorry, can't resist;
  3. josie

    Hi from Paul F

  4. josie

    Greetings from Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

    Welcome! Nice basses - especially the db 🙂
  5. josie

    Anyone thinking of a 6?

    Johnny Roadhouse in Mcr have a 2nd hand Ibby SR506 at £320. Mahogany body, bolt-on neck, Bartolini pups. Slightly worn finish but a very fine bass at a silly price. Not for me (love my BTB1406 🙂 ), but might be of interest to someone here. (Almost tempted to buy it just to sell on, but don't want to get into that game.) (ps no affiliation!)
  6. josie

    You can only have........

    If I could only have one, it would be my Ibby 6, which can do anything from growling on the low B in a 7-piece blues band to duo / solo using the high C. Of the six I hope I'll have forever, the second would be the Gibson EB2 (or, if I never get her back from my son in Nashville, the Epiphone Jack Casady). A (semi-)hollow-body bass just feels and sounds *different*. And the bass boost on the EB2 is a complete joy - press a button and you switch from a clear light musical bass sound to a monster. The tone switch on the JC is less dramatic but still effective. Imho the difference in sound between a solid-body and a hollow-body electric is greater than the differences among solid-bodies. But there are others here with more experience and better ears than I have ... I still usually gig my GMR 5, just because she was my first and I'm totally confident playing her. The fretless (GMR 4) has been gigged a couple of times but for now is mostly a valuable challenge to practice with.
  7. josie

    Hello from Phoenix, Arizona

    Welcome! That's an impressive career, glad to have you with us!
  8. josie

    Not everything about the bass is great .....

    see my .sig 🙂
  9. josie

    Not everything about the bass is great .....

    The basslines that set my teeth on edge are not the repetitive ones - which as said often do exactly what they should do in the mix - but the fussy ones which get in the way. I suspect it's bass players who really want to play guitar but drew the short straw on "we need a bass player" without understanding what that means. No recordings that I can think of, but I've heard a few at fringe venues at blues festivals. Come to think of it, the two worst I can remember both had very flashy, obviously expensive gear. That might not be a coincidence.
  10. This afternoon I picked up a 1989 Yamaha PSS-100 keyboard from my local Red Cross shop for £10 🙂 Not bass gear, but gear. I knew better than to sign up for this anyway!
  11. Many years back my son was working stacking shelves or some such somewhere in Leeds, and singing in the Leeds parish church choir. Which he kept quiet about until the day he had to ask for time off work to sing at the funeral of some hugely famous football person, with pretty much every living famous football person in the country in the congregation. At that point he got respect.
  12. josie

    Hello from Utah, USA

  13. josie

    Hello from Christchurch, New Zealand

    Welcome! Beautiful country 🙂
  14. Good to see more international peeps joining - I've added "England" to my location.

    1. TheGreek


      Based on some of the responses I read, I imagine that some people are from a completely different planet....maybe we need to consider "Planet Earth".

    2. josie
  15. josie

    Hello from Florida USA