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  1. josie

    GAS blip

    Surely there's some accessory you could still covet? A collection of decorated neck straps? 🙂
  2. I wanted more than anything else in life to play bass 50 years ago. My mother beat it into my head that I never could. I finally defeated the demons about 3 years ago, started to play, and have been playing in a wonderful gigging blues band for 6 months. I could curse the wasted years, but it's more important that I'm here now. I've already booked my lovely local community music centre for my 64th birthday party in February - I'm inviting all my musicians friends for a blues jam, and I'm going to play bass all night 🙂 Plenty of technical stuff to go on working on, but the essential thing is the sheer joy of it. I've come to it too late in life after too long in the dark to ever lose the joy now.
  3. josie


    Welcome! Nice Ibby, I hope you get it sorted out quickly and easily.
  4. josie

    Hi from Sleaford

  5. josie

    travelling for rehearsals

    Some earlier comments here:
  6. josie

    Who did you see live last?

    John Prine, Jerry Douglas, Amanda Shires, John Paul White, Lilly Hiatt, Lucie Silvas highlights among many others at Americanafest in Nashville last week. My son and his family live there and I only went to see the grandsprogs honest 🙂 Best imho was Lucie Silvas - I know her earlier soft sweet stuff, she's much stronger rock now and her voice (and stage show) is completely up to it. If you're into country / Americana also check out Southern Avenue (strong dynamic black woman lead singer) and Angela Perley and the Howlin' Wolves (tight through a stunning dynamic range).
  7. josie

    Hi from Cumbria

    Welcome Steve! Lots of sympathetic expertise here, I'm sure you'll get good advice.
  8. josie

    Hello from Poland

  9. josie

    Yanking the chain, yep another one.

  10. josie

    Greetings from the US.

    Welcome! I can say from good experience there's plenty of support for beginners here. Hope it goes well for you.
  11. josie

    Hi from ITaly

    Welcome! Sounds like you have plenty to contribute. Look forward to hearing more from you.
  12. josie