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  1. Only 3 pedals are plugged in, was doing a drive shootout... Iskra won...
  2. still waiting on a goncalo alves/zircote neck....
  3. I went through a recent build and buy streak so it is very hard to pick one... but this one is hanging next to the bed right now
  4. You already got a winner, the couple bridge covers I have won't fit over the heftier bridges.
  5. Having recently put together 5 basses, I bought an array of used and new bridges. The stock Fender BBOT, is my favorite. the Gotoh and Hipshot offerings look cooler, but not worth the extra expense. Doesn't the FSR come with the Fender Badass copy? Those are pretty sweet already.
  6. Ampeg Micro VR 150w single cab, 200w with extension (right) Ampeg BA-210 285w as a combo, 450w with extension (middle) (Left) is the BA-112 75w with no capability for and extension and no DI. extension cab (left) is the pf210he 450w For your purposes I’d recommend everything but the BA-112. Although a 150w BA-115 is 150w and has a line out, and does not allow for an extension.
  7. Just finished these up
  8. I fitted the pickup and bridge covers, but can’t really see using them, I’m a few weeks out on the fretless neck but this will do tor now
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