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  1. I gave Jazz bases a fair shake but they just aren’t for me. The latest was a 2019 MIM Geddy Lee... I put it up locally, and got a trade offer for a 2002 MIJ Sting Precision. The frets could have been charged with murder if I had played it like it was! They were the worst I have ever seen! But after changing the funky strings, cleaning the funk, and sanding the fret ends, she’s quite the looker and in almost flawless shape. I put roundwounds on her just because I didn’t want to commit a set of flatwounds to the string through body until I’m positive she’s a keeper. I’m thinking I’d like a black pickguard if I change anything, or maybe even a tooled leather one. I have a bridge cover in my eBay cart as well..
  2. @LeftyJ there... I fixed your picture for you...😇
  3. This isn’t the bass I had started the thread about, but I just completed changing the controls. It started out as someone else’s project, and had vol/vol/some kind of switch/stereo jack.... She has a Dimarzio Will Power in the neck, and I switched the Pbass pickup to the Duncan Design I had for the other project. Dimarzio measured 13k, Duncan design was a whopping 15k so I figured they would balance better than the 5k one that was in it. volume/blend/tone. I’m considering replacing the scratchplate in the future because there is an extra hole from the switch and I can improve the spacing of the knobs, but I’m not sure I can improve the color. I used a 500k volume, 250k blend, 500k tone with a .033 cap. She sounds beautiful. I was worried I needed a 500k blend and a 250k tone.
  4. The Franklin is beautiful and of the color choices, you got the right one!
  5. Having recently missed out on a Hohner B2A, and not finding a backup to my Hohner Jack yet, I got these 2 on the left in the post today! Post your Headless guitars!
  6. I just had to do it.... I ordered a set of gold tuners.... I still need gold pickup screws, and I already have a gold jack plate on the way.
  7. My Behringer arrived today, and I think it was the right choice for me, for now. The more I read about some of the active and multi effect boxes I am seeing some don’t play well with active pickups, and 2 of my top 4 basses are active.
  8. OK, I'll be following this thread closely on how to spend my money....
  9. this weeks changes... Both necks work equally well except for the gotoh “vintage reverse tuners” on the one piece maple tele neck. I’ll get used to them eventually.or trade them for a gold set. I switched the bridge to a gold gotoh as well as the tele neck. I thought she deserved a new strap. I guess she’s a TeleBird now.
  10. I’m experimenting with the pedals I have so I added a bunch of drives. I’m trying to chase down a synth pedal on Craigslist and my DI box arrives this week. the old set-up
  11. congratulations on the new bass! In the most basic terms... EB0 is the early version with the neck “mudbucker” only. EB3 has a bridge pickup. SG is the more modern EB3. Gibson confused matters even more recently.. the bass on the left is called an EB, some have taken to calling it and EB4 or the 5 string version EB5 the bass on the right is my 2006 SG
  12. She plays incredibly well, I’m for sure selling my Geddy Lee, maybe even my MIM Pbass... I have to hunt down my stash of capacitors for the tone fix, and I’m seriously considering replacing one of the volume pots with a blend knob. I did find my thicker Kydex for the pickguard, but I don’t think I need it. The next project is starting with 2 sets of Pbass pickups....
  13. My second pickup just arrived and I made a command decision earlier to order a couple blend pots. So officially she is going to be master vol/blend/tone. It seems to be the least complicated way to go, and I’m familiar with its use.
  14. Too many cameras around nowadays, for my usual response...
  15. SO...... My bridge pickup was the only thing working.... NO neck pickup, No tone.... I had run through the wiring from the back panel and saw no issues. I took the Neck pickup out last night, and flipped the plug to the CORRECT orientation....🤩 now I have a neck pickup.... kinda feel stupid since it has an arrow that shows how it fits....😂 Tone issue... now that the neck is sorted, I think there is an almost imperceptable difference between 1-11, I'm thinking it has the wrong capacitor. (got the set used) Should be a 0.1mf vs a .022-.047. It will take longer to look up the current value than it will to switch to the correct one. I'm pretty sure i have some in the spares drawer. This Bass is beyond awesome, I think I'll be selling my NEW Geddy Lee to offset the cost and to finance the next build. I have decided I am not a Jazz Bass guy, and I don't feel bad about it. Offset bodies don't feel right, but goofy Gibson shapes do... go figure... I did add a thumbrest as well, even with pilot holes I broke 3 screws installing it. Cheap screws or hard wood?
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