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  1. There's a guy on Ebay that has made 3 bodies for me.
  2. I’m good, I ordered a 4th today... it’s a P/J but some spackle will fill that hole in
  3. Just three, does that mean I need one more?
  4. I have the BA-112 75w, and I love it. but I’m thinking of getting the micro vr
  5. Ohh crap I better go count mine... brb..
  6. I really wish it didn’t have contours, but it is one of my favorites, and best sounding... that MIJ single coil is beyond amazing.
  7. If that’s a V, it’s a 1996-1997. if it’s half the bass my 2003 Sting signature model is, that is one helluva bass...
  8. Final configuration, no further changes will be made...
  9. Alan Parsons is coming through town next month, are there any new prog rock bands around? Imma go see him.
  10. Getting closer... I finally got the cheap rocktron compressor working, and it blows the tc out of the water.
  11. And the only pedal that for sure isn’t coming off is the cheap derrière joyo ultimate drive. maybe the tuner too
  12. I spend more time arranging it than playing through it...
  13. I got the chrome Hipshot bridge for a decent price, so other than the neck plate and the string tree, most everything else will be chrome. the non-reverse body has been purchased. reverse double p pickups Fiesta Red, with a white pickguard is the plan. I’m enjoying playing fretless quite a bit, so I’m considering a purpleheart fretless neck.
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