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  1. a 4kg lump of wood at that.....
  2. I messaged you the next chapter in the story! If you would like to share it in this thread, it’s fine with me.
  3. I hate string thru bodies, I’m to the point where I won’t even buy a bass or guitar with that feature. the whole sustain quest is quite silly, am I going to play a single note and let it ring out until the audience gets bored and leaves? aren’t Les Paul’s famous for their sustain? They don’t have a string thru body...
  4. yeah, let me know what he says!
  5. that’s just beautiful, my favorite bass is a telexplorer, I may need to operate... did you build it? Can you send me a parts list?
  6. Just one more pedal and no more changes...
  7. Neck was the most expensive part of my 51. body off eBay , I spent about $3 for the paint job.
  8. I had one of the Phantomatic Epiphones, and it was very nice, but it wasn't as nice as a Wilshire, there are some reissue Wilshires that are on my radar, but I'm trying to limit my treble guitars to SG's and Flying V's.
  9. I prefer Gibson to Epiphone in most things, but Epiphones punch way above their weight class for the price. PRS are really nice with the SE model in a similar class to Epiphone. I have an S2 PRS languishing in my closet, if you want it let me know, it's going to be WAY cheaper than 1500
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