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  1. I get to see both sides of this. I use a Stingray in one band which was not cheap when I bought it new 15 years ago, sounds huge. In another band a Mex jazz which to some is considered a lower quality instrument but plays and sounds perfect for the material we do. Ultimately, whatever sounds good always works for me.
  2. Initially wanted to always keep my gear indoors but for the last few years I've kept my 4 SWR speaker cabs in the garage. All OK except for the one I spilt cider over. Ever since then patches of mould grow within a week but this is easily brushed off the carpet covering. No deterioration in the cone as far as I can hear or see.
  3. I'm currently not gigging on the 8th. Not sure what you're looking for but I'm 45 with pro gear, transport and over 400 gigs under my belt. I would say I specialise in covers and am currently in a couple of function bands. I live in West Leeds. Give me a shout on 07769708968 if needed.
  4. The buyer won't be disappointed. I've one of these ('97) and have used it for recording. Less 'wasp in a jar' than the active Warwicks.
  5. I've had a Rockbass when they first come out and it was average at best, not up to a squire IMHO. Currently I've a passive '97 Corvette 5 for the occasional recording session where a 5 is needed and it's great. Personally I always preferred the passive basses that they made, the active ones that I tried always sounded a bit wasp in a jar!!!!
  6. Whatever tool is right for the job! Indoors I agree that generally a small cab is all you need, my SWR 210 Goliath Jnr does wonderfully for 80% of my gigs, occasionally joined by a 15 Bertha for the largest venues. The gigs when the 610 Goliath Snr gets rolled out is for those summer outdoor gigs where the bass simply disappears into the ether. I'm guessing bands that are blessed with a truly huge PA have no issues with the bass going through them however with only 4 Mackies it's not an option for myself.
  7. A Fender Flea Jazz that I bought stupidly cheap with a view to turn it around and make a profit. The set up was the worse I'd ever seen on a bass but 2 hours later it played like a dream. Best sounding pickups ever so decided to keep it and is now gigged regularly. It's relegated my 1990 Jap Jazz to the rack. Not a mad Flea fan although always enjoyed a bit of RHCP but a great sounding Jazz. I'd really recommend one if a Fender Jazz is your thing.
  8. I'm in the same boat, when jamming I'm always jumping between old favourites (Precision / Jazz / Stingray). For gigs the latest surprise has been a Fender Flea Jazz bass that I picked up really cheap with a view to selling on. Think it's the pups but it sounds too good to sell!!! It's replaced the Jap '90 jazz that I used for years.
  9. Fantastic bass. Wish I had the cash or the right something to trade!
  10. I've 2 jap basses, a 84-87 Precision & a 90 Jazz. Both excellent and gig with them all the time. The only common complaint seems to be that the pickups are not as good as the US models hence these get swapped out a lot of the time but I've resisted this to keep them original. I must admit the 2016 Flea Jazz bass that I have has US pickups and they do sound a bit tasty!
  11. Got one of these last month. Got to say I love it. Used it at a function last weekend along with my Stingray. A great sound, a pleasure to play and ended up doing 90% of the gig with it. I've not experienced any of the negatives that have been mentioned above and I played at a fairly loud level. I did buy it cheap with the intention of moving it on for a profit but it's now not going anywhere, sounds so good in the mix.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  13. It will do, nearly all SWR cabinet gear is 23" wide
  14. I've a SWR Goliath SNR which I believe is the same cab size. With the wheels it's easy to move around until you come up against stairs and then you're in trouble. At 115lbs you always hope there's a lift at the venue!
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