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  1. The surgeon said that abscess was large and the compression could have caused damage to the nerves affecting the left hand side. As a result of the surgery there is scarring and still infection within surrounding spine. He said there is hope that my hand may recover, but no guarantee it will or to what extent it will recover. I’m working hard each day physio wise and I get a lot of pain from what I can only guess at nerves trying to engage with fingers. It’s like pins and needles on fire. i am hopeful but at the same time fearful.
  2. Thank, sounds a good idea. I have feeling in my hand, but the nerves in it are not connecting or triggering to move my fingers etc. I do really hope in time it comes back. i feel so down about the situation. Music has always carried me through good and bad times, so for it to be taken away from me is so so painful.
  3. Just recently bought a Fender jmj mustang (amazing bass), the new orange bass terror and a pair of the new orange 112 cabs. The orange rig I haven’t even rehearsed with or gigged with and I’m so gutted. Why? 3 weeks ago I was rushed into hospital with suspected heart attack, however upon arrival and after several scans and blood tests it turned out to be sepsis from a large abscess on my spine that had perforated. 6 hours under the knife and nearly died on the table, however I survived and I should be thankful, but I have lost use of my left hand. I’m hoping that in time the use will come back, but no guarantees. i can’t say how sad this makes me after over 40 years of playing. My mind is all over the place. im unsure whether to hang onto my kit and pray that one day I can play, or to list my kit in for sale section to secure me financially while I cannot work and start again if I ever regain use of hand. any advice and support deeply appreciated.
  4. I’ve always played in originals bands, primarily punk or Electro Rock. Mainly either pick or finger style. A good friend of mine who writes and produces ska music has written two albums and has a lot of requests to play live, so he’s putting a live band together. He is insisting I play bass for him. Although I like ska music, I’ve never played it personally. So my first question is, what tips and references would you recommend so I can get into the groove in order to play. my current set up is the new orange terror bass head and 2 x obc 112’s and my main bass being a fender mustang jmj bass. Any recommendations on settings to get a good tone for the music style. thanks in advance for your advice
  5. I used to live in Kettering but now live in Bristol unfortunately or you would have been more than welcome to try
  6. Rock, blues, garage, surf, punk in fact most genres. I have a fender jmj mustang bass and I’ve gone from using precision’s to the mustang being my main bass. Absolutely love mine
  7. I absolutely love my Fender jmj mustang. Definitely worth trying one out if you get the opportunity 👍
  8. Reduction £390 collected that’s nearly 50% off new price.
  9. It is a fantastic amp, and if it weren’t for the fact that I upgraded and purchased another orange amp, I would keep it 😊
  10. I have an orange Crush 100 for my home noodling and practice and they are a fantastic combo. I have a different orange rig for live. I was contemplating selling it. I have wondered whether the crush would be man enough for small pub gigs etc, so it was nice to see your thread 😊
  11. I’m in same boat as the op. I keep scanning musicians wanted sites, I’ve advertised myself, I’ve even tried forming a band. I love punk I must admit. But I’ve had no luck whatsoever. I’m finding also there is a lot of ageism in the ads. im hopeful something will come up, but I’m not into blues bands or covers bands and it seems the market place I get most offers from. help!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Black weekend offer: price £400 collected or £400 plus carriage at cost.
  13. You won’t regret it. I can’t stop playing mine! 😊
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