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  1. I used to live in Kettering but now live in Bristol unfortunately or you would have been more than welcome to try
  2. CyberBass

    Short scale 30in Basses

    Rock, blues, garage, surf, punk in fact most genres. I have a fender jmj mustang bass and I’ve gone from using precision’s to the mustang being my main bass. Absolutely love mine
  3. I absolutely love my Fender jmj mustang. Definitely worth trying one out if you get the opportunity 👍
  4. CyberBass

    Sold Sold Sold

    Sold Sold sold
  5. CyberBass

    Sold Sold Sold

    Reduction £390 collected that’s nearly 50% off new price.
  6. CyberBass

    Sold Sold Sold

    It is a fantastic amp, and if it weren’t for the fact that I upgraded and purchased another orange amp, I would keep it 😊
  7. I have one of these. Fantastic basses! Glws
  8. CyberBass

    Backline watts (Orange content)

    I have an orange Crush 100 for my home noodling and practice and they are a fantastic combo. I have a different orange rig for live. I was contemplating selling it. I have wondered whether the crush would be man enough for small pub gigs etc, so it was nice to see your thread 😊
  9. CyberBass

    No More Pubs - What Next?

    I’m in same boat as the op. I keep scanning musicians wanted sites, I’ve advertised myself, I’ve even tried forming a band. I love punk I must admit. But I’ve had no luck whatsoever. I’m finding also there is a lot of ageism in the ads. im hopeful something will come up, but I’m not into blues bands or covers bands and it seems the market place I get most offers from. help!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. CyberBass

    Sold Sold Sold

    Black weekend offer: price £400 collected or £400 plus carriage at cost.
  11. CyberBass

    NBD Fender JMJ Mustang Bass

    You won’t regret it. I can’t stop playing mine! 😊
  12. CyberBass

    NBD Fender JMJ Mustang Bass

    It is a great bass, and your right it’s hard to put it down and when I do put it down I keep looking at it lo sado yes 😊
  13. CyberBass

    NBD Fender JMJ Mustang Bass

    I haven’t played an original vintage one in many years, but what I can say if you compare this to the moder jp mustang it’s polar opposites. The JP is very modern sounding where this is a vintage sound with focus and depth. I prefer it to the Japanese mustang I owned, again it feels and sounds more vintage. If you get the chance try one out, I really recommend it. in terms of it being roadworn, it is done in such a way it looks natural, it looks genuine roadworn. The head stock look like it’s hit the cymbals and the wear looks like natural wear. The dings etc all look like decades of wear and tear and use. It’s a gone beast it is.
  14. CyberBass

    NBD Fender JMJ Mustang Bass

    I’ve got a fender pj bass and this bass is a totally different class to it. Such a great tone and quality. I have no regrets purchasing. I now have two road worn basses, a Mike Dirnt and now the JMJ Mustang 😊