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  1. gs_triumph

    Talk to me about the blues.....

    Not straight blues on the common definition but a very cool take on them. They have a kind of raw sound that reminds me of John Lee hooked.
  2. gs_triumph

    Pedal Power... Get what you pay for?

    I use a Pedaltrain Volto - which looks identical to your rechargeable unit except its black and about three times the price 🤔 - and I can get about 5 hours out of mine using an always on drive pedal and a few other effects. I guess your bass ofd must be a massive power drain. You can use a power bank to supplement your rechargeable unit. I've never implemented it properly but I have had a test run in the bedroom of plugging my completely flat volto into the powerbank via the USB and it ran just fine with all my pedals engaged.
  3. gs_triumph

    ... And we all fall down again

    Good point! 👍
  4. gs_triumph

    ... And we all fall down again

    I don't grudge the time. It was always a hobby, good time spent with mates and there were never any dreams of stardom... And never any strong will to go out and get gigs. Clearly. It was only this last attempt to get things going that there was an upfront intention to make a go of it So not really twenty years wasted... Only the last two and a half 😂😁
  5. gs_triumph

    ... And we all fall down again

    @bluewine with all due respect your situation is very different. We are a bunch of mates who love music, own instruments, and love(d) each others company. Is not the same as someone who is looking for a gigging band to make a buck. It's purely fun. I make enough money in my day job (if indeed that is actually possible 🤔😀) There no way music would make me enough money with my ability/mindset
  6. gs_triumph

    ... And we all fall down again

    None of us ever pushed it until lately. I saw no point in trying again until everyone agreed we were going to proactively look for gigs, record some of our originals etc. Turns out one of us want bring honest.
  7. gs_triumph

    ... And we all fall down again

    I couldn't agree more 👍. It is sad. We are all really easy going. That's probably the problem.
  8. gs_triumph

    ... And we all fall down again

    So long as the number of bands seeking dedicated bassists outweigh those looking for good bassists, I should be OK 😁👍
  9. Hi, After 30 months of rehearsals, collectively thousands of pounds of equipment, three drummers and zero gigs our band has collapsed into a pool of nothingness. This isnt the first time. We have been pretty much the same band - Guitar/vox, guitar and bass plus circulating drummers - for twenty years - year on, two years off, six month on, one year off and so on but have never got to the point of playing a gig. We've had opportunities but other members of the band never felt we were ready. I think this may be the last time we'll get together to be honest. I'm the one who pushes it, arranges rehearsals, look for opportunities but it always gets thrown back at me. I'm done! I quit after it became clear - when pushed during a"where are we going" chat - the lead guitarist has no interest in gigging and only really wants a night out of the house away from his kids. Everyone else has just kind of left it at that and the and is no more. Its a shame really as we were better than we've ever been and the core three were friends from school and this has resulted in a falling out - or "toys oot the pram" more like. Why can't people just be honest up front? We all have personal lives and our own goals. You'd think friends would like to help you achieve yours. I only agreed to give it another rgo if we were serious about doing something productive this time. I guess I'm just spouting off. Here endeth the rant!
  10. gs_triumph

    Albums you've really tried to love...

    Like many peeps are with Neil Young (who is a god in my opinion) I just can't get into Zepplin due to Plants voice. The music is legendary but the voice kills me. I've really tried! 😕
  11. gs_triumph

    Albums you've really tried to love...

  12. gs_triumph

    Albums you've really tried to love...

    That's one that takes perseverance. I went through that journey twenty years ago and found that all of a sudden it just made sense. Took about four years and 7 or 8 listens but I got there and loved it. Really loved it. I'd not listened to it for a while and went back to it a couple of years back.. Felt like I was back to square one! Didn't bother persevering again... There's so much more beefheart to enjoy... Even Moonbeams!
  13. gs_triumph

    Tapewounds, what a revelation!!

    Might need to look into raising the action.... Takes a lot of effort to play lighter... Get a little excited 😁
  14. gs_triumph

    Tapewounds, what a revelation!!

    Just had our first practice last night since fitting labella white nylons on my fretted Ibanez Atk. They sound lovely! Good thump and great note definition. Sharper sounding than standard flatwounds but not zingy. First impressions are very positive. I normally use 45 sets of rounds and went for the 50 set of nylons. String tension might prove to be an issue. Getting clicky noises through the amp which I think is caused by the string rattling of the frets immediately after plucking. Will need to investigate a little further. ... Or maybe just play with lighter touch.
  15. gs_triumph

    The new TC electronic Toneprint app is here!

    Still fails to open after update and reboot. 😪