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  1. gs_triumph

    Anyone bought from here?

    These types of ads seem to be prevalent in all sectors now. There are similar sites advertising £3k bikes for hundreds of pounds. They all "take" paypal. I get a feeling that the real scam is the harvesting of your PayPal details via a phishing site that looks like PayPal.
  2. gs_triumph

    Daily Mail and John Deacon

    What was the actual story? As far as I could work.out it was rich rockstar keeps himself to himself. Non-story. Poor journalism. He clearly doesn't want the attention and isn't doing anything to attract it. Why even print it!?
  3. gs_triumph

    Daily Mail and John Deacon

    What a shocking piece of journalism. The headline basically spells it out. NOTHING TO SEE HERE! WE TRIED BUT COULD NOT FIND A STORY SO WE PRINTED THIS
  4. gs_triumph

    New Darkglass Pedal

    Jeezo... Scott Devine gets about. Building pedals for dark glass now. 😋
  5. gs_triumph

    Fun bands you've just discovered.

    Saw Colonel Mustard and the Dijon 5 a couple of years back at a festival and always keep an eye out for them locally.
  6. gs_triumph

    Current Earworm...

    Mission of Burma - that's when I reach for my revolver A car drove past me at 7am pumping it out and now its stuck
  7. Is a midi controller type thingy! I try with DAWs but all the mousing and clicking and keyboard shortcuts leaves me losing the will... This has buttons and knobs 😎
  8. I've not bought anything bass related for a couple of months... Cog Rogue One was my last big purchase and it's still my best buy this year. Thinking about maybe buying something a bit different next... Native Instruments Maschine... Try a different approach to song writing.
  9. Or serious Bass-GASser has run out things to buy and is looking for ideas? 😁😂
  10. gs_triumph

    Sold - Digitech SDrum - price drop!

  11. gs_triumph

    Sold - Digitech SDrum - price drop!

  12. gs_triumph

    Talk to me about the blues.....

    Not straight blues on the common definition but a very cool take on them. They have a kind of raw sound that reminds me of John Lee hooked.
  13. gs_triumph

    Pedal Power... Get what you pay for?

    I use a Pedaltrain Volto - which looks identical to your rechargeable unit except its black and about three times the price 🤔 - and I can get about 5 hours out of mine using an always on drive pedal and a few other effects. I guess your bass ofd must be a massive power drain. You can use a power bank to supplement your rechargeable unit. I've never implemented it properly but I have had a test run in the bedroom of plugging my completely flat volto into the powerbank via the USB and it ran just fine with all my pedals engaged.
  14. gs_triumph

    ... And we all fall down again

    Good point! 👍
  15. gs_triumph

    ... And we all fall down again

    I don't grudge the time. It was always a hobby, good time spent with mates and there were never any dreams of stardom... And never any strong will to go out and get gigs. Clearly. It was only this last attempt to get things going that there was an upfront intention to make a go of it So not really twenty years wasted... Only the last two and a half 😂😁