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  1. Will there be a companion series on western music? Then we have the entire musical spectrum covered! Seriously, I've watched it and enjoyed it immensely. I'm not really a big country music fan, particularly not the highly polished Nashville sound. But I particularly liked the episode on bluegrass which then meandered into outlaw country. I've not seen every episode but i was surprised by no mention of The Highwaymen? The Cash, Jennings, Nelson, kristofferson super group. But certainly enjoying it so far.
  2. Indeed, that's what the Yamaha website suggests. I've just never managed to get it to fit properly. Actually, one of the imperial sized wrenches seems to fit most snuggly, which cannot be right. I'm fortunate in that, with the strings slackened off, the truss rod moves really smoothly in either direction so, hopefully, minimising the risk of any damage. But I will certainly be careful to get a snug fit.
  3. Hi all. Wasn't sure whether to post this here or in the Repair and Technical section but thought this might be better. Does the collective BB hive mind know for sure what wrench size is suitable for the truss rods in later Yamaha BB basses? Whenever I've adjusted my 424 or 1025 I've reached for a hex wrench suggested by the Yamaha website which has always been the wrong size. Do we know what the correct size is? Thanks.
  4. "Glory Box" by Portishead is one which particularly comes to mind. We do this with one of my bands and it's actually quite difficult to keep from tripping out when playing the same repeating riff for an entire song.
  5. My three. Classic. Adrian Gurvitz. The most mangled lyrics ever foisted on the English language throughout all of eternity. Hi Ho Silver Lining. The perfect song to empty the party and get the punters out at closing time. Mustang Sally. Beloved of drunk mums and dads everywhere. Despised by all other sentient life forms. But what surprises me is that, 5 pages in, we've had no Morrissey numbers on here. You guys disappoint me sometimes. actually, I absolutely adore the Smiths but I know how marmite Mozza can be. I just expected better somehow.
  6. I'm content with mine. I bought one about 6 months ago as a backup when it came up as an Amazon warehouse deal. Cost just over £100. I've used it for a couple of rehearsals where it has kept up quite nicely with a loud drummer and guitarist. but, for gigs, I tend to use my Peavey Tour 700. I have no doubts the BQ500 would work, though. best of all, I keep it in a neoprene laptop sleeve in my cable bag and hardly know that it's there. But I know that it could get me out of a jam if something happened to my main amp.
  7. But dragging it back on topic, how come 'Christmas Time' got so much airplay, with a world record number of mentions of the phrase 'don't let the bells end'?
  8. My band leader plays sitar quite decently actually. We played a version of Venus in Furs at our last gig with him on the sitar. it's a temperamental old thing (the sitar, not the BL!) but it gave it a really unique sound. It does look fiendishly complicated, and goes out of tune at unpredictable moments, but it's certainly a talking point at any gig.
  9. Thanks both. I think my problem is that, in rushing to get to the next root note, I'm not not giving enough time for the octave to ring out properly meaning that I choke it off before it's really sounded. So that's probably poor technique. I will have a look at the Talkingbass lesson. That sounds perfect. Thanks again.
  10. Hi there. Our band is looking to add a couple of new songs to our setlist for the next rehearsal, Hollywood Nights by Bob Seger being one of them. This is mostly played in E but seems to include a little C#, D root and octave run at the turnaround. Then there is a longer descending/ ascending run in the outro. This is the sort of thing I've not really done before and, to be honest, am struggling to pull it off. I just can't seem to get that pop going. Or to do it quick enough. Apart from doing more practice, is there any technique that you guys have found to work? We are maybe thinking of adding a Duran Duran number next year and I know that this is a favourite technique of John Taylor so it will be worthwhile getting it right. Cheers.
  11. Another Constantine fan here. It always seems like, no matter what obscure stuff my band wants to play next, Constantine had usually got a video of it. And it's always solid, no drama, bass playing. I like him. I'm also a big fan of Infusion26. He has a really wide range of covers, mostly from the 60's through to 80's. Again, suits my band down to the ground. And he is another where it's all about music. No bigging himself up. No 'click on the link'. Just solid, well played, covers.
  12. It looks like I'm the only person using an Audio Technica System 10. The thing I like about it is the receiver is built around a stomp box base so it fits onto my pedal board and is powered the same way as any other pedal. The transmitter, which takes 2 AA batteries, is about the size of a small cell phone and clips onto the back of my strap. It's got quite a sensive attenuator inside. Fully open, a Jazz bass, with swing bass 66 strings, is quite trebly and fizzy. So it needs quite a bit of attenuation. But it's mostly been reliable since I got it and am quite happy.
  13. I'm almost afraid to say this but I'm all over the place as far as string choice is concerned. In fact, I don't have any two basses with the same strings on at all. My Yamaha BB424 has Fender steel flats. The 1025 has steel rounds. My fretless, nickel flats. On my Jazz, I had always used Roto swing bass 66 steel rounds (the orange packs). But my tastes are changing and i'm no longer enjoying the clank against the frets. I've now put D'addario balanced tension nickel rounds on and liking the slightly warmer sound. So is there space for 'all of the above'?!
  14. Andy. Pity I can't award a like and a thanks at the same time but it looks like you absolutely nailed it! So I turned the bass upside down and looked at the underside of the machine heads. Who knew there were Allen headed adjusters under there? I mean, really! I held onto the elephant ear and gently tightened each adjuster. All were fine except the A string head, which needed about a quarter of a turn before it tightened up. Result? Vibrating sound gone! Many thanks.
  15. Hi guys. Any idea what might be going on here? My Yamaha BB424 has performed faultlessly for over a year. Just recently, though, there's been a strange vibration going on. It seems to be coming from the neck and vibrates along with the string being plucked. Any string; open and fretted. The vibration seems to sound deeper than the lowest note so I thought it might be the truss rod. I've tried tightening it a turn and then loosening it without any effect. It certainly doesn't appear loose when turning it. Ive also tried tightening just about every other screw and bolt on the bass, again, without effect. So, O wise ones, any idea what it might be? Thanks.
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