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  1. Still looking for a bass player!! There has to be someone that's interested
  2. Hi were CDC and we're looking for a bassist with a small amount of experience playing a bass guitar and to small audiences, we do mostly our own songs. We also have a bass amp and guitar that can be used if you don't have one. Please message me or post so we can get in contact 😁
  3. If anybody's still watching this post I changed the strings to some Ernie Ball 2852 Short Scale Nickel Wound Regular Slinky Bass Strings - 45-105 and it's done the trick, great tone and a good range, thanks everyone! I also changed to using a thumb pic so I have a better range of picing styles and that's also helped!
  4. I opened it up fully and could see through the back of the speaker that there was some black gunk on the very back of the central aluminum cone so I cleaned it off and it solved the problem! Also got in contact with Peavy regarding it and they said that the foam dust catcher falls apart over time and was probably what the gunk was, hope this helps anyone with the same problem.
  5. I was so lucky, got it on eBay for 60quid (I don't think that's too bad and it wasn't listed as a bw) got it home did some repairs and research and have discovered it's a bit of a beast!
  6. So for anybody interested, I took the back off (the heavy, very heavily magnetised part)the speaker itself and found several little black bits of somthing not really sure what they were sitting on the very central aluminium part of the speaker (along with other dried black crap) so I scraped it all off carefully (along with a few small hole repairs) and it works like new.
  7. On secondry inspection it's the black widow version which may be a good speaker so might look into having it repaired
  8. Hey everyone, My amp seems to have picked up a tinny crackle a little like a screw rattling in the bottom of a tin can but it only seems to ring out a little after a note is played, it's an old amp and I ran a fairly powerful pre amp through it before however I have stopped in favour of a cleaner low end tone. I was thinking maby I have pushed the speaker too far, I've had it all apart in search of any loose items but there were none and I've cleaned the dust out of it (but not used contact cleaner on the pots) If I have broken the speaker can I replace it with any bass speaker of choice? Or will I need to replace it with the same one which could be hard as it's about 35 years old. Cheers everyone hope your slapping and twanging well.
  9. I have indeed, I like to use my thumb on the lowE and a finger or two on the others (like a dordey pinch if you know what that is) it helps maintain a heavy tone but gives the higher notes a pop
  10. I use both fingers and picks but prefer to use my fingers as I like to play octaves
  11. Alrighty I'm going to give the Rotosound RS66LD Swing Bass 66, Long Scale, Standard, 45-105 a try and see how I get on
  12. Interesting to hear, I searched through a few articles on my favourite bass players (ie Cliff Burton, Jerry only and Lemmy) and the guages they use and they're all lower then mine, although my hands are fairly large being 6-3 and delivering furniture for a living. I'm guessing I'm looking to find something that would give me the fluidity of a normal guitar but I expect that comes with time and practice.
  13. I'm a fairly new to playing bass, I've played guitar for years and really enjoy playing guitar however I've always enjoyed heavy tones, in my current band there is me on bass/vocals someone else on vocals a drummer and another guitarist (so 4 members total). I bought some new strigs a couple of weeks ago I went for a good brand (D'Addario EXL230 Bass Guitar Strings, Heavy 55-110, Long Scale) but being a dope and not really knowing my terminology well I went for a very heavy gauge thinking that that would give a heavier tone which to an extent it has but I'm unsure that's because of the strings or my playing style/tuning (drop D) and I feel the strings may be causing the bass to be more difficult to play at quick speeds. The guitar itself is a Stagg BC300 3/4 BK 4-String Fusion 3/4 Model Electric Bass Guitar - Black My question is if I lowered the gauge of the strings could I still maintain a heavy sound but also improve the playability of the guitar, close to the level of a standard 6 string. Thanks, And as always have a great day!
  14. I'd like to buy a fuzz pedal, I've seen a few and seen a few reviews but I can't tell the wheat from the chaff, I'd like somthing that sounds close to the sound of Lemmy's guitar but I'm very open and want to find my own sound, so any suggestions are welcome, Thanks!
  15. Okay so it is a Stagg BC300 3/4 Scale Fusion Bass Guitar and the truss rod is at the very top of the fretboard, in the neck directly under the strings, I'll include a photo.
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