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  1. Just bought the Sono the other day, it's not my cup of tea so it's got to go to make way for new things. The MD-200 just has too much going on for my simple tastes. Sono-£125 Inc UK postage MD-200 - £165 Inc UK postage Payment via PayPal gift /friends and family please.
  2. Prices Inc UK mainland postage. Payment via PayPal gift /friends and family please. Colorsound Bass Fuzz - £Sold Walrus Audio Slo - £Sold MXR Band of Gypsys mini fuzz £99 Generate Audio Subsonic Booster £69 Any questions, just ask!
  3. F*ck me. I love it. Maybe not the fretless, personally but everything about it just rings my bell. Obviously id need to start a glam rock band with it though.
  4. This is an insane subharmonic synthesiser. The best way to describe it is an octave pedal with two steep eq filters, one for Low (60hz?) and one for Sub (35hz?). You can't get these sorts of sounds with a regular octave or Synth pedal. Be warned, if you crank it you could blow your speakers, so be careful. Its excellent pedal if you want to experiment with electronica, hip hop or any other genre where you want bass you can feel the bass in your stomach. Please note, the previous owner managed to blow the pedal with the wrong power supply it looks like, it blew the polarity protection diode and I had Lifeisunfair Audio do a full repair. It's working at 100% now and sounds excellent. Fortunately DOD make pretty considerate engineers and including a replaceable protection diode saved this pedal. I just want to mention this in the interest of full disclosure. Price is £190 and that includes UK postage. Payment via PayPal gift /friends and family preferred. Here's a vid I did of it.
  5. Oh here's a shot of my DC (which I sold) https://www.instagram.com/p/CFmQNZInzF8/?igshid=wq220bzs0o0b Here's what I did to it *chrome thunderbird pickup cover *babicz Bridge *cheap self adhesive thumbrest from eBay. * tone control modded to a push /push pot to wire pickup straight to output. *thumbrest - which I ended up hardly using
  6. I owned the DC and played the SG. I found the SG more comfortable due to the body shape and contours, whereas I had to fit an arm rest to the DC. I find alot Gibson basses to be quite dark, which isn't my style but loved the woodyness of the DC, it gave me something I just couldn't get out of my other basses and although I had to fit an arm rest, I loved the size of the body, it was otherwise a breeze to play, I'm a small guy and this felt proportioned to me. As I said, the DC felt a bit too dark but the coil split/tap thing did help with that (at the cost of that woody midrange), I also got it modded to bypass the electronics altogether which increased the brightness a little too. The SG bass was fine, love the look but didn't sound as "unique" as the DC, the DC reminding me a bit of the Grabber II I had and made me feel a bit like Jack Bruce (ironically) and John Entwistle when playing it. The SG just sounded like I expected it to: big fat neck pickup that didn't seem super special, a better defined bridge pickup that I wouldn't use on its own and a blended tone that was fine. I mainly play rock music and the DC can cut through a heavy mix no problem. I feel it excels at "vintage' rock tones and, if I ever rolled the tone down, would be great for other styles too, like motown. I feel that the SG isn't there to cut through, it's there to provide some background warmth and depth to the low end of the mix. Having said that, put it though a dirty amp or overdrive and I'm sure you could get some Jack Bruce or Trevor Boulder out of it, both of whom I love. l think the SG looks great and prefer the ergonomics more but tonally, it didn't give me anything I felt special and that I couldn't really have gotten out of a cheaper bass (an epi EB-0 has the neck pickup and even better the Rumblekat has two pickups). The DC is the closest I'm going to get to a short scale, single pickup Thunderbird and to me, lives in that weird 70s era of Grabbers and Rippers tonally. Now, having said all that, id still like to spend more time with the SG, but at the price I'd probably be better off buying the DC and an Epiphone Eb-0 and saving some money!
  7. Headstock says 80s hair metal, the rest says acoustic session. What a weird combo, but other than the Headstock I love it. Love the idea of a thinline bass and although I can't say I'm a fan of the acoustic - style bridge in general but I think it works really well with the thinline aesthetic.
  8. Yeah I've noticed that Andertons will list an expected delivery date when other shops have no idea when the same stock will arrive, they then will push the delivery date daily when it doesn't arrive, not in all instances of course but i remember chasing the Hudson Broadcast AP. If I'm being cynical, they possibly don't know when the stock will arrive but having a set delivery date on the website that's sooner rather than later has more chance of securing a preorder than simply listing it as out of stock.
  9. I've still got the behringer too! I think i prefer it on bass to guitar and it sounds /acts just like the boss Fz-2 I had. The only problem I have with it (and its a complaint id level at alot of Superfuzz clones) is that the scooped setting is so scooped you get lost in anything but the lightest of mixes. I even had trouble with the behringer /boss. But the powerful 2-band EQ makes this one of the best mass-produced Superfuzz clones out there.
  10. Echoing many of the statements here, I think the majority of the tone is coming from the amp and speakers but suggest lighter string gauge and something with a bridge pickup into a Fender Blackface style amp maybe. It's a tone I really like and have a couple of Bass VIs that could totally get in that ballpark with a careful consideration of settings. (it has a switchable high pass filter which I wouldn't use for traditional bass sounds but often use when I tune up to B for a Baritone and totally get into twang territory). The bass vi also tracks thematically with its history of being used to either double an upright bass or as a somewhat lead instrument invariably being used with guitar amps. Pair it up with a Fender blackface style amp and you could well be on your way. For this song, however, I reckon it could well be the double neck into a guitar amp. The bass and guitar sides probably use the same pickups and I actually have tried one of the longscale danos and even though it was going through a bass amp, I was impressed with the top end clarity.
  11. I just took arrival of my Squier Classic Vibe 70s P and its awesome and much lighter than I expected. I have to say, I love the Classic Vibe series and have 5 in the series. (2x Bass VI, Starcaster, 70s Jaguar, 70s Precision) and other than the Starcaster, all were great out of the box.
  12. I love this bass but I'm mainly playing 6 strings now so don't really have much use for it. It's a fantastic short scale bass, capable of some real growly tones I've never been able to get out of my fenders. Stock you get a single humbucker with volume and tone. The volume controls a coil tap/split (I forget which one) that effectively scoops the midrange giving a more modern tone. I did a few things to the bass myself to make it play and sound even better: 1. Upgraded the bridge to a Babicz 2. Added an arm rest as I found that the lack of forearm contouring was pretty uncomfortable without it. Really comfortable now. 3. Added a Push-push tone bypass to the tone knob. By bypassing the tone control, you get a touch more top end. 4. Thumbrest added. It will be well packaged and sent with a decent courier, not Hermes. Price includes UK mainland postage excluding highlands and islands. Payment via paypal friends and family/Gift preferred.
  13. Absolutely no problem, it's good that all this info is out there so people can make an informed decision
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