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  1. Here's my little board for practice tonight. Not used the Hofner Germanium Bass Fuzz with the band yet so I'm keen to see how it works in a mix.
  2. £140 Inc UK postage payment via PayPal gift / friends and family please
  3. £65 Inc UK postage payment via PayPal gift / friends and family please
  4. £100 Inc UK postage payment via PayPal gift / friends and family please
  5. £130 Inc UK postage payment via PayPal gift /friends and family please
  6. £sold Inc UK postage payment via PayPal gift/friends and family.
  7. So, first band practice with the DC bass. The setup is two guitars and a drummer and we downtune Dropped D half a step (so drop c#?). Also I was standing across the room from the amp facing towards it but not directly. All these things (amongst others will influence my experience). Despite all my banging on about the coil tap, I found that the standard setting worked like a charm for me, it has this incredible growl that I just couldn't get enough of, with the coil tap shifting the influence from the mids to the treble and blending me into the mix a little more (I like to cut through though). The low end was great on all settings, thick and powerful. I will say that my forearm is a bit sore from resting on the body. Of course, a short scale bass would not normally be my first choice for a downtuned dense mix, but I think I'll be getting a second DC with thicker strings setup for this band and keep this one for other projects.
  8. Well apparently it's a Lp Bass bucker but looks to be in a tbird cover. My next task is to see if I can get a chrome cover for it
  9. I compared it to the 3-point on my grabber and I wouldn't say it's rounded, if I rested my hand in the bridge I think I'd be a bit uncomfortable
  10. To be honest, probably bugger all. I had no problem with the 3-point bridge but I just feel more comfortable with the extra adjustment options and the fact that I haven't got a whacking great gap between the strings and the body. I suppose the added mass can't hurt
  11. Never got round to weighing mine but I did put my Babicz Full contact on it
  12. Well I love the brown BUT it would otherwise have been the ebony. I've just listed my Grabber up for sale and if that goes I'll get another DC in ebony.
  13. Nah, IKEA! Fits the legit mid-century stuff in the living room well though.
  14. Thanks, I usually just do effects reviews (I like to hide behind fuzz) and shy away from putting myself Infront of the camera these days. It's a slab body, no contour whatsoever.
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