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  1. The new squier affinity jag is 32 and has a passive musicman style humbucker. Looks pretty decent for the money to me. (sorry if it's already been suggested).
  2. Spaceman Effects Saturn VI Boost/Overdrive - £149 Eagle International - Reverb unit - £90 Mosky CE Nano Chorus - £20 Valeton Cs-10 Compressor (Boss CS2 clone) - £45 Zander Sono - £SOLD EHX Bass Micro Synth - £SOLD Keeley Realizer - £SOLD Pics to follow, Prices include UK postage Payment vial PayPal gift/Friends preferred.
  3. It wasn't a problem per se, but as I used the pickup as a thumbrest as with the additional space between the pickup cover and the pickguard, the pickup could be a bit wobbly.
  4. No the pickup cover was from a US seller on ebay, its just a thunderbird pickup cover. It fit really well but because the plastic of the stock pickup cover is thicker/larger, the thunderbird replacement was a little loose.
  5. Thanks! I also did another video comparing the Leeds and Oxford but it doesnt have the American Sound in it, so i didnt bother posting it. The funny thing is, i keep looking for a Fender-Style preamp and never remember that I still have the American Sound. I really should use it more.
  6. If its of any interest i did a video a while back comparing my VT Bass, Leeds and Joyo American Sound:
  7. Prices Inc UK mainland postage. Payment via PayPal gift /friends and family please. Colorsound Bass Fuzz - £Sold Walrus Audio Slo - £Sold MXR Band of Gypsys mini fuzz £SOLD Generate Audio Subsonic Booster SOLD Any questions, just ask!
  8. F*ck me. I love it. Maybe not the fretless, personally but everything about it just rings my bell. Obviously id need to start a glam rock band with it though.
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