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  1. Absolutely no problem, it's good that all this info is out there so people can make an informed decision
  2. I ended up getting neither (got a second Bass VI). I've had a grand total of one practices with that band since I started the post and whilst I'll probably go for the thunderbird eventually, I think I've got some time before I'll actually need it.
  3. I ended up selling the Gretsch as I prefer the Squier, although I think i just prefer the look and the single coil sound. The Gretsch actually did a great job, was comfortable to play and sounded good to me.
  4. Hi everyone, This is a pretty reluctant feeler. If someone wants to bite my hand off for it, ill let it go but otherwise ill keep it. This started life as a Fender Pawnshop Mustang Bass, with the big old mudbucker rather than a standard Mustang Pickup. I found it muddy and indistinct, so replaced the pickup and pickguard. The pickguard started life a mirrored gold pickguard from WD Music and I scuffed it up to make it less reflective. The current pickup is a Aero Mustang, but formerly it was a Nordstrand NM4 (which i still have and can include in the sale for £50), the Aero is a little smoother sounding than the Nordy, but they're similar. This feels exactly like my MIJ Mustang did, I had them both at the same time and preferred this one so sold the MIJ. Its a fantastic sounding and playing bass but two Bass VIs and a Gibson as well as a 32" Squire jag, I've got about all the short scales i need at the moment. I think £700 posted to a uk mainland destination is fair. Payment via Paypal gift/friends and family is preferred. You'd be welcome to collect from Chesham, Bucks too for £660.
  5. I love my black Squier VI so much that I wanted a second one. My VI had also spent some time tuned up to B and it makes a fantastic baritone guitar, with the strangle switch actually becoming useful. So, why not have both, a Bass VI and a Baritone? I got a second black Squier VI and started on a refinish and some new hardware to match the colour scheme. Sherwood Green and Gold
  6. Awesome bass distortion. Sold inc UK postage, payment via PayPal gift/friends and family preferred
  7. Great fuzz with clean and fuzz volumes £160 Inc UK postage payment via PayPal gift / friends and family please.
  8. Looking for sold Inc UK postage. Payment via PayPal gift /friends and family preferred. (Octron Sold)
  9. All I can tell you for certain is that I put a Bronco bass neck on a MIM PJ Mustang body and it was a perfect fit.
  10. Yeah when i get home I'm going to take loads of pics in all its terrible glory. If someone buys this, i want them to be fully aware of what they are getting. All in all, i'm happy I made something. It took me out of my comfort zone and it was fun to do. It kept me busy whilst i was stuck working from home and not going out. I might take a video too so people can hear what it sounds like, as i cant imagine theres another bass like this anywhere. (Probably for good reason 😂)
  11. It would have been actually great if i had some knowledge of what i was doing, but its my first step in a learning curve. I'm going to use what i learned here in my next project.
  12. Okay, so everyone is leaning towards the Tbird so far and so am I. A wild and slightly battered Fender Modern Player Dimension just slid into my Reverb feed so I may end up on Fender digression before coming full circle and going with the Tbird.
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