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  1. I was running into the VT Bass, because I wasn't certain whether the speaker sim was present in the YYZ, but now you've cleared that up I may do another vid with just the YYZ
  2. I'm tempted but I'm gonna try and make an arm rest first. If that works, then I'll compare to the one I get from eBay. If it all turns out to be rubbish, then I'll weigh up whether it's worth sanding down
  3. Actually, I used to do that, but the early 2000s were different times. However whilst I'm waiting for the arm rest to arrive I might make a solution at home
  4. Just an update on this, the lack of cutaway on the bit where i would rest my arm is starting too P*ss me off, i remember feeling the same about a Tele I used to play. It rubs on my bare arm and irritates it but i've been spoiled with Jazz and Precision basses. So, I've actually ordered a cheap acoustic guitar arm rest like this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/282940457663 to see if i can basically create new, less steep, angle for my arm to rest on as i was thinking about sanding the bass down. Obviously i think if this works (probably with some modification) then i can have a solution that wont permanently affect the bass.
  5. @Al Krow it's not going to be everyone's cup of tea, that's true but I feel it has less of an inherent mid--scoop than the Darkglass X7, but then again there are also less options for the crossover and EQ. I prefer the gain set to light Overdrive. But one thing to mention is that whilst I believe that the YYZ has some built in speaker simulation, I can't find anything that actually directly States it, rather just referencing "sansamp technology" so in this video the YYZ is also going into my VT Bass, so that will be influencing things to some extent.
  6. So I finally got a chance to play this and I put a quick video together with my Gibson LP DC Tribute bass played with a pick. It's my first time using a loop pedal so forgive the sloppiness. I'm really happy with it. It's pretty easy to find a sound I like, even with the most anti-geddy bass ever, but as well as it being easy to get a good sound, there's alot of tweaking you can do.
  7. Are you looking for any trades at all? I'd love this but just don't have the cash (it's a great price though)
  8. **please note, I am out of the country until 15th July and will post on my return** Höfner Hold on Tight Bass Overdrive and Preamp Guitar Effects Pedal. Condition is Used. Dispatched with Royal Mail 1st Class. There are 2 circuits inside, one of which holds the original sound of your bass guitar. With the Drive pot you can add the distorted sound to the clean signal with the help of the parallel electronic circuit. This means, by adjusting the Drive pot you can use the "Hold On Tight" pedal like a bass overdrive or a clean booster or a simple bass preamp with 2 channel equalisation. With this pedal you can really begin to explore and engage a greater variety of sounds. It gives you the opportunity to change your Höfner 500/1 bass sound to reflect other styles, letting you push your bass even further. With the 2 special diodes that this pedal uses, you can mix the bass sound, for example, to emulate what McCartney used on the Sgt. Peppers and Magical Mystery Tour Beatles albums. £SOLD Inc UK postage. Payment via PayPal gift/friends and family please
  9. **please note, I am out of the country until the 15th July** Hi everyone, It's with a heavy heart that I have to list this for sale. It's a really great bass with a fantastically resonant tone and looks beautiful. I replaced the knobs with Gretsch ones as they looked better. I just need money at the moment. No postage on this one as I don't have suitable packing materials. This can be collected from the 15th July from either Chesham, bucks or Rickmansworth, Herts. Looking for £180 or nearest offer. Payment via PayPal gift / friends and family preferred but not essential Product Details Electric Bass Vintage series Type: Semi-hollow body Body: Maple with arched top Neck: Canadian maple, set in Neck profile: 'C' Fretboard: Ovangkol 'Thumb' inlays 22 Frets Scale: 775 mm Nut width: 43 mm Cream-coloured body and neck binding Double action truss rod Pickups: 2 Vintage humbuckers 1 Tone control 2 Volume controls 3-Way switch Hardware: Chrome Ovangkol bridge Trapeze tailpiece String strength (ex works): .050 - .105 Colour: Walnut Brown High Gloss
  10. Price drop as I'm broke and am on holiday with £18 to my name!
  11. **please note I am out of the country at the moment and will not be able to post until 20th July** Incredible fuzz that seems to be based on the Ibanez Standard Fuzz / Univox SuperFuzz circuit. This version is designed for bass. The controls are simple : a knob for volume and one for fuzz, a switch to turn it on and a switch to change the tone from mid scooped to mid boosted. It's got octave up qualities too and the mid-boost mode is totally brutal. It's the doomiest fuzz I own. Looking for £199 posted in UK, payment via PayPal gift/friends and family please.
  12. It sucks that Tech 21 stuff is so expensive in the UK but fortunately I'm on holiday in the States at the moment and my YYZ should be arriving this week!!! When I get back to Blighty, I'll do a vid and share my thoughts. The videos I've seen sound very good and very much like geddy... But that's from one guy who is specifically trying to sound like geddy. I'll see how it fares when not using jazz basses or Ric's. My Gibson LP DC Tribute bass is about as far away from Geddy as I can get and if I think the YYZ sounds great with that, then winner, winner, chicken dinner. If not, then I'm sure it will love my Ibanez.
  13. The Chunk Systems Brown Dog is excellent but quite rare and not cheap now if you can find one. The Fairfield Circuitry Unpleasant Suprise is great but although it does do the gated thing excellently, I felt it was more of a "noise" fuzz rather than a synth fuzz, if that makes any sense? I did a video where I used it a bit But didn't have the gate set high. It's here if you're interested: I've had a few mastotrons but always felt they benefitted from a clean blend as I couldn't get them to balance in a mix otherwise. The little bear bs-1 is a woolly mammoth clone that is pretty cheap but I quite enjoyed for the time I had it. The Redwitch Zeus was great as quite tweakable when you consider the trim pots. But as you already have the ON, I don't know if there's any point to having a functionally similar pedal
  14. By the way, I do have a spare non-chrome pickup cover if anyone wants to buy it from me? It's still metal but after getting it I wanted to get the shiny Chrome one to match the bridge
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