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  1. Dosi Y'Anarchy

    *price drop* Solidgoldfx Hive limited edition Fuzz

    Price drop
  2. Price drop to £160
  3. Dosi Y'Anarchy


    If I had 570, I'd actually buy it back. It's an awesome bass but I'm more of a Jazz fan.
  4. Dosi Y'Anarchy

    Epiphone Explorer Artisan Lee Malia guitar

    Ha! Actually I copied the blurb off a listing on eBay. And didn't realise the one I copied from had been damaged! This never had any damage and I've edited the post.
  5. Dosi Y'Anarchy

    Epiphone Explorer Artisan Lee Malia guitar

    Nope, I'm just an idiot. Edited.
  6. I bought this on the 29th September 2018. I'm normally a bass player but couldn't resist this sweet 70s styled explorer. Never listened to Bring Me The Horizon, but this guitar is awesome, you can split the bridge humbucker to single coil so it's pretty versatile. Full blurb below. I never took it out of the house and it's still got the plastic on the pickguard! I've got a cheaper SG which I'll keep but I shouldn't be mucking around with guitars beyond my skill level! It's in excellent condition, I would say like new. £399 collected, £440 posted mainland UK (excluding Highlands and Islands) payment via Paypal gift please You can collect from chesham, bucks in the evening or Rickmansworth, Herts during some days or I can post. I'll send fully insured so it won't be cheap. Alternatively you could arrange your own courier at your own cost. DESCRIPTION Epiphone Limited Edition Lee Malia Explorer Custom Artisan Outfit, Walnut Epiphone Product OverviewDesigned with Lee Malia of Bring Me the Horizon this guitar features the classic Explorer profile in Lee’s signature Walnut finish with a Gibson USA P-94 single coil and 84T-LM humbucker pickup, vintage style “Artisan” inlay, and custom gigbag with hand-signed Certificate of Authenticity. Bring Me the Horizon is one of the fastest rising music groups in the world and Lee Malia has emerged as one of the leading guitarists of his generation. Like Lee’s Epiphone Les Paul Artisan, the new Ltd. Ed. Lee Malia Explorer Custom Artisan Outfit features another classic “Kalamazoo” era design—the Explorer--in a beautiful Walnut finish with Ivory and Black binding on the body and headstock along with an “Artisan” floral inlay in pearloid on a smooth Torrefied Composite fingerboard. The Mahogany body has a Maple top to add bite to the tone. The Mahogany neck has a “1959” Rounded “C” profile with a 24.75” scale length. The black Explorer-style headstock has a pearloid “Epiphone” logo in 60s era typeface with a “Lee Malia” signature inlay on the back.To get his distinctive tone, Lee Malia prefers the combination of a sensitive P-94 single coil pickup for rhythm and a powerful Gibson 84T-LM humbucker for leads. In between the two pickups under the pickguard is a "Dummy Coil" that cancels the “hum” when in single-coil mode. Three traditional “TopHat” knobs with metal inserts control neck volume, bridge volume, and master tone. The bridge volume also serves as a coil-spitting control (via a push/pull switch) so the humbucker can also be used as a single-coil pickup. Lee Malia’s Explorer Custom Artisan features stylish gold hardware including premium 14:1 ratio die-cast machine heads with "tulip" buttons, Epiphone straplocks, plus Epiphone’s road worthy exclusive non-rotating, heavy duty output jack with a metal output jack plate. Set up and intonation is easy thanks to the classic combo of a LockTone™ Tune-o-matic bridge and Stopbar tailpiece. The black Explorer pickguard has a white 3-way pickup selector switch. A custom gigbag and a Certificate of Authenticity hand-signed by Lee Malia are also included. Top Material: Maple Body Material: Mahogany Neck Material: Mahogany Neck Shape: "1959" Rounded; C-Profile Neck Joint: Glued-In, Set Neck
  7. Dosi Y'Anarchy

    Sold Malekko Diabolik Bass Fuzz

    £sold Inc UK postage payment via PayPal gift please Great condition with Velcro on the back The Diabolik fuzz pedal is based on the B:Assmaster circuit and while working with Justin on refining it’s signature sound, we tuned it specifically to allow more low end to pass through both the Clean and Fuzz channels. The result is a pedal that ranges from a subtle harmonic fuzz to extreme, mangled low end squash that’s perfect for bass and guitar alike.
  8. £99 Inc UK postage payment via PayPal gift please Excellent condition but Xmas has cost me dearly and I've gotta get some funds back. Buzzy, biting, and raw. That was the goal with Hive and it delivers. Borrowing initial inspiration from the indisputably raucous and undeniably awesome Fuzzrite the Hive incorporates serval notable tweaks that make it its own uniquely sharp fuzz machine, including a tone control, JFET buffer for increased stability, and high gain silicon transistors and clipping diodes for piercing focus and a pointedly angry honey dipped sting that will fill any mix with a swarming presence. The Hive is a limited run special and will only be available direct from www.solidgoldfx.com during Black Friday
  9. Dosi Y'Anarchy

    SOLD Solidgoldfx 76 octave fuzz

    £SOLD Inc UK postage payment via PayPal gift Barely used. Got it a few weeks ago to compare to my boss fz-2. I'm gonna keep the fz-2 instead, which is rarer. While the Western world was preoccupied with its Fuzz Faces, Tone Benders and others, the Eastern world was bubbling up with plenty of fuzzes of its own. This very distinct era in fuzz history gave us many treasures that have been crowned fuzz legends—the Univox Super Fuzz, Ibanez Standard Fuzz, Ace Tone Fuzz Master, Shin-Ei Companion and several others. Our 76 offers up a comprehensive guided tour to the best that the Standard Fuzz and its ilk has to offer without any of the drawbacks, such as a quiet signal or fragile wiring. On its face, the 76 gives you a multi-voiced germanium-equipped fuzz unit that gives you hints of octave-up snarl while it ruthlessly pummels your amp with hair and fangs. Aside from standard volume and fuzz controls, and unlike the original Standard Fuzz, the 76 also gives you a texture control that sweeps the midrange, effectively giving you many flavors of fuzz across several positions. A three-way color switch offers a little frequency scoop, but the center position is off, for full-frequency fuzz madness. The internals contain two DIP switches that alter the character of the unit. The first, clip, changes the clipping stack from the stock Standard Fuzz arrangement of two germaniums into a hybrid germanium-silicon arrangement. Engaging this switch opens the sound up, increases crunch and definition for a searing lead tone. The other switch, Dark, engages a treble cut on the input, which helps to prep the incoming signal for the fuzz onslaught. This switch should be engaged if the 76 follows a bright dirt pedal or a jangly set of pickups. The new Standard Fuzz is here and is a forced to be reckoned with, leveling audiences with its punishing buzzsaw grind and unbridled harmonics. The 76 is your favorite fuzz nerd’s favorite fuzz.
  10. £sold Inc UK postage Great condition with Velcro on the back. Overdrive Distortion effects to make your bass growl like a grizzly! Grizzly Bass is a different kind of animal created with the pro player in mind. Like a tube pre-amp but without the fragile tube or heavy transformer. Drawing from the experience and technological advancements of the Holy Fire, MW1 and Funkulator; Grizzly Bass has studio specs and stunning aesthetics. •Clean Boost - from off to +12dB. •Overdrive - analog wave shaping tube simulator technology. •Distortion - Hard edge clipping circuitry. •Funkulator tone shaping contour control. •Hi-cut filter to shape edges for vintage speaker simulation. •Pristine Redeemer buffered output, use as a DI to plug directly into the line-in of any sound system. •Uses 9VDC 250mA* standard tip-negative 5.5 x 2.1mm barrel connector. •Small footprint 3.25" x 4.75".
  11. Dosi Y'Anarchy

    Jext Telez Dizzy Tone V5 triple black edition

    Back up for sale with price drop
  12. Dosi Y'Anarchy

    SFX Thumpinator

    Max is a great guy and one hell of a builder
  13. Dosi Y'Anarchy

    SFX Thumpinator

    You may want to put it first if you have a high output bass and find it hitting the other pedals too hard. I find that some of my basses slam my compressor and overdrive/fuzz pedals just that bit too hard and the Thumpinator helps with that. The downside to that is that with my jazz bass, my Zvex Concert Bass doesn't actually drive the low gain channel hard enough anymore! Having the Thumpinator first also means that I'll get maximum booty out of my octaver when I switch it on. Odd thing though, sometimes I've seen a notable "pop" when switching on other pedals with the Thumpinator is first. I've experimented with it last and it was fine but prefer it first for the reasons mentioned above.
  14. Dosi Y'Anarchy

    Fender American Performer Mustang Bass

    Yep. I thought that too, it's one of the reasons I'm not looking for the PJ Mustang. I'm actually suprised they haven't done either a Fender Bronco/Musicmaster bass or even better, a Duo-Sonic bass. They'd all use the same body and neck on all of them.
  15. Dosi Y'Anarchy

    NBD Fender JMJ Mustang Bass

    I think I saw this very one in PMT Bristol last week. If I didn't already have a Mustang, I'd definitely be in the market for this.