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  1. Are there any that you would recommend?
  2. I’ve been looking around and seen some really nice Ali Express 4005 copies, has anyone had any experience with these?
  3. My max spend is about £400 and I’m looking for something good for indie/alternative rock. I’ve just been looking and seen some Rickenbacker 4005 copies around, has anyone had any experience with any?
  4. A bit out of the ordinary, not just a jazz bass or a p bass
  5. Hi I’m looking for something a little bit different but still reliable on a budget. I’m looking for something full scale and maybe Japanese. I’m on a tight budget an I’m sort of stuck and any advice would be very much appreciated, thanks, Harry
  6. I’m ready for my second bass build and want to build a 62 style jazz bass on a budget. Does anyone have any recommendations for a jazz bass kit?
  7. I’ve recently been wondering what the best material is to use for an understring bridge mute. I’ve used sponge in the past and would like to know about any good alternatives. Is it worth buying a purpose built string mute? Or should I make a home made one.
  8. The B3n is starting to sound better and better😂
  9. Thanks @dannybuoy I’ll have a think
  10. I’m 15 and I’m looking for some advice that I can’t really get from my parents. I play in an indie band and I’m on a really tight budget and am trying to put together a decent pedalboard. I have a dark glass b3k and I’d probably like to add a preamp, compressor and possibly chorus to that with a budget of around £120. I’m not sure whether I should continue buying pedals second hand on eBay, or if my money would be better spent on a multi effects pedal such as a Zoom b3n. If you have any more questions feel free to ask. Thank you for your help, Harry.
  11. Hi I’ll take them if they’re still available. thanks, Harry
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