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  1. Honestly I'm not heavily into specs and woods. I bought this from bassdirect a couple years ago and they didn't have this information themselves. Anyone interested is welcome to come round and try it out but all the specs that I know are in the advert. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.
  2. Brubaker KXB 5 Extreme custom made in USA by Kevin Brubaker. Quite a rare bass, doubt there are many like this in the UK. Price drop - £2000 Swamp Ash body Scale: 34" Frets: 24 Hipshot tuners Bartolini Pickups Weight: 12lb/5kg Features his interchangeable preamp system as demonstrated in the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_AGNo9x60TY&t=248s Bass comes with both Bartolini (18 volts) and a Mike Pope (9 volts) preamp modules. IF you wanted to replace the existing preamp in either module it is very simple to do so. Modules can be changed in seconds with the click of a button on the back. Makes changing batteries quick and easy with no need for a screwdriver 🙂 In good condition, a few signs of wear on the pickup plastic and 1 small ding on the body that I tried to show in the last pic. DM me if interested! I am based in Wolverhampton. My feedback: https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/201607-feedback-for-dgrizzle17/
  3. Yes I have seen this but its a bit too far for me to travel. Thanks though!
  4. Looking for a Vanderkley MNT210 8Ω cabinet. Ideally the latest model in good condition. Money is waiting for the right deal. Thanks, David
  5. The BH550 is in great condition with tone print feature for various effects from free app. Also has AUX and headphone ports. Mainly used for practice in home studio. The RS210 - big sound in lightweight cab. Some scuffs on the cab as shown in the pics nothing major. I'm based in Wolverhampton but will meet within a reasonable distance. Will split also My Feedbakck:
  6. Let me know guys. I fancy a Barefaced cab! PM me Thanks
  7. [quote name='Buzz2112' timestamp='1500929099' post='3341184'] I bought David's Markbass 4x10 cab and found him a great guy to do business with. His communication was excellent and he drove the cab 60 miles to meet me at a motorway services in order to reduce my travelling. An all round nice guy. [/quote] Thanks, was great doing business!!
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