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  1. I really like the SP comp... it's transparent but warm.. I only have it in subtle.. but it does the job! 🙂
  2. Not a clone no... (Or maybe it is!) I was used to using the ebs octabass, which I loved.. & that is a formidable octaver.. oc2 has great tone but have to be careful with tracking.. especially going lower.. the octabass was much more stable, slightly different vibe but worked for me.. markbass raw series octaver, was a bit of a risk.. I wanted something familiar but with a smaller footprint..so bought it because of the online promo, which sounded good.. now, after a couple of years of live use, I can say that I really like it. slightly different again, but very stable and it works for me for what I need.. tiny footprint.. quite versatile for a 2 knob pedal! 🙂.. warm too.. which was what I liked about oc2! Markbass raw octaver Oc2 clone shootout!
  3. Here I go again!.. but I am actually really happy with this set up . Needing a small footprint board for live work.. I struggled to find tiny envelope followers, compressors, octavers.. really like the xotic sp comp, does everything I need it to.. I've gone back to boss bass chorus & dod envelope filter.. they just work for me.. amazing what you can fit on a pedaltrain mini!
  4. Not talking about the obvious here..Jaco, Stanley, Marcus etc.. but who flicked your bass switch.....that isn't so we'll known? For me.. Lemmy Lothar Meid Percy Jones Mike Howlett Meshell Ndegeocello Pino Palladino Bernard Edwards Aron Hodek Ellen Alaverdyan Philippe Bussonnet... yes I know Pino is well known... But I first heard him with Gary Newman..blew me away! Bernard also. . so appreciate his ways since Chic go out with that guy who overplays on everything!
  5. I don't know why.. but I love looking at peoples pedals!.. some of the boards on here are fabulous! ...I have owned a lot of pedals over the years & had some rediculous massive boards in the past that were, to be honest, more than required for the job in hand! But I love it!... Here is my simple small current set up.. again (prolly posted before!) With all the lights on!
  6. I used to have this head... why did I sell it? ..
  7. Get a hip-shot d- tuner to easily manage E to D on 4th string...
  8. Board is Pedal train mini... I really like the MB octaver.. used the EBS octaver for many years before.. which is a great pedal but not really noticed much difference in the swap over.. had to dial back the octave a tad.. on the MB
  9. my latest board.. when we were still in the world of 'gig'... (Tax return 2019-2020 was weird to do... a different world back then!!) I needed a small footprint board.. to keep things simple... But it had to do a fair bit! Chorus, distortion, treble boost, octaver, compression, envelope, tuner...
  10. Probably my favourite bass.... It does it all......
  11. I've had a few over the years and have sold some beauts to pay bills in the real world etc! Of my modest collection now.... that includes a fender P, music man stingray 5, sandberg basic 5.... My go to bass, for several years now is my Ibanez ATK... Very versatile, does the job regardless of venues with shite acoustics....(it's very adjustable on the fly) 🙂
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