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  1. Anyone ever get one of these?
  2. I think the amp is rated 450watts and the speaker 300watts or something silly!
  3. Up for sale is this monstrous combo. Built billet proof like you’d expect. Stupidly loud! Noisy fan but this appears a common thing on these. Comes with a padded cover. £175 collected from BS39 7SQ REDUCED to £125 Will get pics up later.
  4. Short answer. No 😂
  5. Up for sale is my Tech 21 PSA 2.0. It was produced for the 30th Anniversary of the rack mount PSA1.1. Very versatile from amp sims to dirt. All analog circuitry with the ability to save presets. Check out YouTube for reviews and videos. Comes with original tin, power supply and instructions. Will include mainland uk postage. Looking for £240. REDUCED TO £220 Will get pics up later
  6. Wow. That's very interesting to know. Puts a bit of a damper on it.
  7. Thread from the dead I had the BPA-1 and beautiful as it was I just didn’t need the features it had. The compressor was great as was the ability to absolutely fine tune each frequency and turn it on and off as you wish. I’m more set and forget so the amp makes more sense to me. Haven’t got one yet but I think it may be my next purchase
  8. I’ll have a look. If not I could do one. Anything in particular you wanted?
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