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  1. AER amp 3 experience?

    I’ve giggled an AER Amp one in a rock band against a loud guitarist and drummer and have never had a problem filling a pub with bass. It really is nuts the amount of low end it can put out and the feature set is useful. I font like tweeters so the sound suits me a treat
  2. Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    Settle on this for now. The PDF is really more versatile than you might think; especially with the ecprsssion pedal.
  3. MJW Amps Back in Business

    hmmmm, bugger! GAS building
  4. NAD - not quite “Elf on a Shelf”

    what did I just read???? Hows the Elf working out?
  5. Noble preamp, any BC owners?

    anyone else got one? Still got hold of mine, which for people that know me is a record!
  6. EAD Foundation 212 - SOLD

    Fantastic cabs. I have a tinge of regret getting rid of mine but this is truly the pinnacle of 212 cabs. If you want the ability to replicate the exact sound your bass or effects are putting out then this is the cab for you.
  7. New DHA pedal - help please

    [quote name='TPJ' timestamp='1509631908' post='3400457'] A bit of attack on the note helps define the bass lines in some of the groups I play in. When using some preamps, including ones with valves, they seem to take that edge off and the attack sounds soft, for lack of a better word. It also happens when using a Tech 21 VT. I play a bit hard and some of my basses have high output. I recognise that this contributes to pushing the input stages which is probably making the valve distort or at least compress the signal, even when using the input trim. IME and IMO, when using something like the M80, my basses sit in those band mixes better, at least to my ears. The groups aren't necessarily loud and there are no volume wars. I guess it's just a personal tone preference. [/quote] Interesting you mention this as I would concur that the DHA can sound 'soft' IMO but you can add some mids back in and if so inclined hit the bright switch; its definitely not crispy and sizzely! The Noble does not sound soft IMO and still retains the 'bite' to cut through. My hearing isn't great though and these comparisions are based through headphones and not through my amp yet. I owned the previous version of this pedal using it as the preamp to the poweramp I sold you and didn't struggle to get heard in a mix but we may have different tone goals.
  8. New DHA pedal - help please

    [quote name='Sean' timestamp='1509470547' post='3399231'] Hartke VXL 2 x MXR M80 Sansamp I still have a Valeton Bass Dapper but that's my rehearsal fly rig. [/quote] I've had the M80 and Sansamp. DHA definitely up there with the sansamp and kills the M80 hands down
  9. [quote name='Cuzzie' timestamp='1509543172' post='3399764'] Radial JDI It's the beans [/quote] It is indeed
  10. Orchid electronics. UK made and you won't find better for the price. John is brilliant to deal with
  11. Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    [quote name='dannybuoy' timestamp='1506508864' post='3379192'] Got some Royal Blood style fake guitar ready for this evening's shenanigans! Tender Octaver into the American Sound nails the RB tone, then the doubler recreates the fat sound they get from using multiple amps. Board is split 50/50 for 'guitar' and bass, with the guitar sound going to a mixer in stereo. Two compressors on board for different basses, although I may eventually restrict myself to one. Just using the Beta as a dark & dirty boost which works well into the bright sounding Darkglass amp. That might get replaced with the Green Russian though... [/quote] How are you finding the v2 disconbobulator?
  12. Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    I've gone simples again [URL=http://s420.photobucket.com/user/spongebob_sqaurepants/media/6EDC8FC0-2ACA-4DAB-AAE9-4EA9610E9685_zpstlwb2qx8.jpg.html][IMG]http://i420.photobucket.com/albums/pp287/spongebob_sqaurepants/6EDC8FC0-2ACA-4DAB-AAE9-4EA9610E9685_zpstlwb2qx8.jpg[/IMG][/URL]
  13. Need a Pedal for volume boost

    SFX Micro boost
  14. New DHA pedal - help please

    [quote name='Sean' timestamp='1509063582' post='3396441'] It's absolutely bangin'. I'm glad I sold all my other DI/Preamp pedals. I love the EQ and the filth. I'll write a proper post over the weekend when I've spent more time with it. [/quote] What did you get rid of out of interest?
  15. New DHA pedal - help please

    SO comparing this to my noble (A little unfair you may say) considering the DHA is less than a fifth of the price of the Noble it's punching well above its weight. You have to keep in mind though that the noble is essentially an amp front end with two tubes running at 350v plate voltage and the DHA is running at 24v BUT to be fair to the DHA it can cop a very similar vibe; the noble probably has a bit more presence than the DHA and is a bit more lively but £800 more lively? Probably not. The noble is a one trick pony but what a trick! The DHA allows for more control, i.e. you can overdrive it with the gain and colour plus it has mids which may be a plus point for some. The DHA can get me a nice edge of breakup tube sound and does provide 'some fattening' to the sound. I'm yet to put it in front of my AER combo to see how it compares to the noble in that setting but through phones it's very pleasing. I will use it in church in front of the keyoard amp, the same as I do with my noble to see how it performs there. Will the DHA replace my noble? Unlikely. BUT if i only had the DHA I would be VERY pleased with it. I shall report back when I've got more to share. But seriously people, you need one of these!