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    Bassics AH900

    Wow. That's very interesting to know. Puts a bit of a damper on it.
  2. sk8

    Bassics AH900

    Thread from the dead I had the BPA-1 and beautiful as it was I just didn’t need the features it had. The compressor was great as was the ability to absolutely fine tune each frequency and turn it on and off as you wish. I’m more set and forget so the amp makes more sense to me. Haven’t got one yet but I think it may be my next purchase
  3. I’ll have a look. If not I could do one. Anything in particular you wanted?
  4. I’ve got a 32” in production currently
  5. My gear clear out continues. Up for sale is my hardly used Quilter Interbass 45. Very handy little gadget and louder than you might think. Has a very flexible EQ and gain control that can get into nice OD/Fuzzy Territory reminiscent of valves. FX Loop, and master volume with a balanced line out. Also has a Full Range/Vintage switch which can give you an SVT vibe. Will drive any cab down to 4ohms. Surprisingly loud for its size. You can plug aux into the Fx return and select headphone and you’re good to practice silently. looking for £175 posted in mainland UK or collection if you prefer.
  6. Just under 9lbs according to my luggage scale
  7. sk8

    Feedback for jimbobothy

    Jim bought a pedal off me. Super comms a true gent. Would happily deal with him again
  8. sk8

    Feedback for roman_sub

    Roman bought a book and pedal off me. Super easy deal and a great guy to boot!
  9. I’ve just picked up one of these and I have to say it’s a fantastic piece of kit. The eq is nice and easy to get sounds from and the gain can get nice and dirty and responds to playing dynamics like tubes do. FX loop is useful and the return doubles as an aux in to use with the headphones. The headphone out is powerful and clear. I’m not so bothered with the line out vs DI as I have a TRS to XLR cable. At this point I’d happily pay the price of admission but the fact you have a power amp too is nuts! I cranked it once at home when everyone was out and it was LOUD! Not had the chance to try it for real but I expect it to be okay for practice. All in all really pleased and it’s tiny footprint is a bonus. will be a great backup for my valve amp.
  10. Tiny EQD Acapulco Gold clone. Sounds monstrous. £55 delivered in mainland uk
  11. Never used just gathering dust. £15 posted in mainland uk
  12. As the title says! Never used complete with CD. £7 posted in mainland uk
  13. Bass tab white pages book with numerous songs. £12 delivered in main land uk
  14. An alternative to the Tech21 bass flyrig and having owned two of the Tech21 I think this is better IMO. TUNER: First in line is a big, bright, fast and accurate tuner so you can play confidently in tune. BOOST COMP: BOOST COMP is a booster and compressor combo. Set-to-forget knobs make it simply diabolical. DIRTY Q: The DIRTY Q module is an envelope filter with some interesting tricks. Tweak the knobs onboard until you find the vocal tone that suits your playing style. BASS AMP: This BASS AMP module will give your bass the life it needs for every musical genre. The EQ is golden with cleans and highly responsive even with the gain up. OCTAVE: Use the all-analog monophonic OCTAVE module to beef up your low end, create synthy leads, or make everything crash off the walls. Individual octave and dry control ensure maximum inspiration. CHORUS: Plunge into the lush CHORUS module to take your sound to a brave new world. No patience for annoying parameters – the single depth knob will let you decide how deep into analog chorus dimensions you want to go. And Dapper Bass is expandable for everything else you might need too: FX LOOP: Hook up your other effects— as many as you want!— and make Dapper Bass the core of your rig. THRU and XLR out: Use the THRU output jack to run through some parallel effects (rack processors, interfaces, etc.) or do some re-amping. The XLR OUT feeds a balanced signal to audio interfaces or mixers. FEATURES ● TUNER module with fast, accurate tuning ● Powerful BOOST COMP module for kicking your sound up ● Sensitive, vocal-like DIRTY Q module with some interesting tricks ● BASS AMP module with wide tonal flexibility ● All-analog monophonic OCTAVE module with individual octave/dry signal control ● Warm, lush CHORUS module for expanding your sound dimensions ● FX LOOP for extending the effects chain ● Different outputs to run through bass amps, audio interfaces, mixers and other gear Velcro on back but never gigged. Boxed with power supply.
  15. Very versatile multi effect from the same people that brought you the bass dapper. Has distortion (rat), fuzz (muff), modulation (chorus, phaser, tremelo), delay and reverb. Both modulation and reverb have tap tempo and there is a built in tuner. Works really well on bass and the dirt sounds especially good. Boxed with power supply. looking for £80 delivered in mainland uk.
  16. Fantastically versatile OD and fuzz. The fuzz can go from muff ish to spluttery madness. Has a clean blend on both the preamp and fuzz. Gigged once. Boxed. looking for £80 delivered in mainland uk.
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