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  1. Ooooh, that sound like good news, my electrical skills are limited but not non-existant so I'm happy to try and fix it, just need to find a schematic, I'll have a hunt this evening when I'm not working Cheers
  2. So I think I've fried my SPB1, I was going to give it one more try before putitng it up for sale, plugged it in and there was a wisp of smoke and a burnig smell, (I REALLY must label my power cables...) Left it alone for a while and tested again, nothing with a battery and when it's plugged in the correct power cable the low battery light comes on but nothing else. I'm not the original owner and it's out of warranty anyway, now given that I was probably going to be selling it anyway I don't want to to sending it back to Sadowsky for a potentially expensive repair (if that is even posible) + shipping costs 2 ways , is there anyone here on BC that would be willing to take a look at it or are there any shops/individuals you would recomend for an appraisal/less expensive repair?
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. Cracking bass, if I didn't already have its twin I'd be seriously tempted😁 GLWTS
  5. Bought an Owen bass bomb driver pedal from Mike, awesome pedal and it arrived VERY quickly. Couldn't ask for a better experience😁
  6. Just one small lotto related clause to fulfill and I think it's legally binding😁
  7. Well the kitchen scales are jumping around the mid 4.7kg mark so call it 4.8kg, bit lighter than the Gibson😁
  8. Hi Lou, Always the way when you see something that is clearly calling you! I think the market is probably slower than usual so maybe she'll be waiting for for when you win the Euromillions on Friday! Alternatively, if I get the jackpot I'll send her to you for free😁 Fingers crossed for one of us ...
  9. Hi Mike, if this is still available I'll take it as part of my eternal search for 'that' sound😁
  10. Hi Ellis, thanks for the detail, very helpful. If I hadn't ramped up the collection she'd be staying with me but I seem to be favouring my old Yamahas at the moment and I've still just got the 2 hands!🤣 Did you go for the USA jazz you were contemplating?
  11. Starting to thin the herd so up for grabs is this beautiful Shuker RD Artist style beasty I'm not the original owner so details (body wood/neck etc) are sparse I'm afraid but I can try and answer any Qs Duncan pups, an Aguilar OBP-2 pre and Hipshot USA pegs Stunning bound neck with block markings, 40mm at the nut, all in good condition, slight yellowish discolouration on the top of the body, a few little nicks around the backplate a small chip on the top of the head. Lovely player but for some reason I can't quite put my finger on I pick up others first, I think I just don;t get on with the neck profile but honestly cannot say why! Comes with a Thomman thunderbird soft case Looking for a straight sale really so GBP850.00 GBP 750 shipped UK
  12. Aww what the hell, I'm always on the lookout for interesting pedals to try, I'll take it. Are you happy with Paypal? If so ping me your address and I'll pay up😁
  13. Hi Ed, Was going to buy this but didn't get to you before you ebayed and got a bid. I'll take it, ping me your PayPal address😁
  14. This raffle type 'giveaway' keeps popping up on my Facebook feed, guess that means i'm spending a lot of time looking at bass sites but it has piqued my interest, anyone have experience of this Bassgears site? Looks like it represents a number of European luthiers as well as stocking various bits and pieces and, if it's leggit it's a nice idea.
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