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  1. Right, I've got 3 cabs I want gone, a vintage Orange 18", a Hartke transporter 15" both of these are making no sound but the enclosures are OK A Marshall Jubilee 4×10, had this from new, still works ok, never let me down but a bad back means i'm lightweights only these days. Enclosure is battered, handles need replacing. Collection from New Malden kt3 postcode.
  2. Just had a cheeky Bb1100s eBay win turn up with one issue, the A string played open sounds like it's hitting every fret 😖, sounds perfect when fretted though, all other strings are fine. I think it's some over enthusiastic nut filing but just wanted a 2nd opinion before I go back to the seller with a whinge. Cheers
  3. Damn, should have looked here first, I've only got a tentative bid in there😁
  4. Hihi, if you still have these I will definately take them.
  5. Thanks for the advice all, I'm going to hold off on a purchase until I've had a chance to really explore and build up a bigger budget (unless a ridiculous bargain shows up on Ebay of course)
  6. I hear you, so long as it's strung appropriately the B shouldn't be an issue, so it's more important to concentrate neck/string spacing to suit me than worry about floppy Bs. Good point on being able to sell, I know a bass isn't necessarily for life!
  7. That's my real worry, that I'll buy something that suffers from flobby B and it'll put me off 5s for good.
  8. Never tried a fan fretted, I may have to explore them, I think they just seemed too much of a leap, 5 strings AND fanned frets! Will see if I can find one to try. I think I could probably squeeze the budget to a Legend so Performer off the list, cheers.
  9. Hmm, looks like I could spend weeks at the Bass Gallery😂 I was thinking of making the journey to Bass Direct anyway, I've got a couple of OLD items that Andertons wouldn't take in PX (preamp too old and they couldn't find a guide price for the bass!) so was thinking of using their sell on commission option. So the scale length makes a huge difference to the B string? Tks DH, decidedly average won't give me a good first experience, Q5 off the list.
  10. I'm just outside Kingston-upon-Thames
  11. Wow, thanks for the quick responses, liking the Yamaha a lot. I hadn't entertained Cort as a brand, don't think they existed when I last shopped and I think I was assuming they were a low quality budget brand (not sure why), will give them a look. The Sire V7/P7 are ones I had looked at the top end of my budget, not sure why they weren't on the list. Unfortunately, despite knowing lots of local bands NONE of them play a 5, might have to spend a day in Andertons seeing what works best for me and go from there, I'm in no huge rush. Might have to sell some bits and pieces and expand the price range in the meantime.
  12. After a LONG break from playing I have rediscovered the joy of bass and, having settled on my 4 string offerings (Stringray 2EQ and an RMI Boomslang) I want to test the waters on my first 5er. Looking to spend in the 250-350 range, more than happy to go the 2nd hand route. Musically I am rock based but covering from Chilli Peppers to Sepultura so something versatile, don't really care about looks, it's all about the sound and probably more so the playability. Currently on my watchlist are: Ibanez SR505 Bass Collection SB315 Spector Q5 or Performer Warwick Rockbass MTD Kingston Artist Obviously I can't try them all and I have tried youtubing but that is far too dependent on the the recording quality/method and is just taking me in circles. My gut is saying MTD but I'm a research fiend and classic overthinker so figured a quick post here might help, I know no one will have played them all but if I can trim the list down based on user experience that would definatly help. If you have any others that fit the bill please suggest or, if you think I'll have a better first experience for a little more +100ish (G&L M2500, higer end Spector or other) Cheers
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