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  1. You should probably keep it for at least a week, plus the map pics are expected😁
  2. Good point, he's got previous form in selling it🤣 i can wait...
  3. Thanks Lee, yup, already had a little chat with the Admiral😁
  4. Damn, too many beasties I'd like to get my hands on at the moment but I think this is now top of my targets, I kicked myself repeated for about 2 years for letting Walshys grey one of these get away whilst I procrastinated😔 Also, bad donkey bridge!?! Censorship gone mad🤣
  5. Sold Ian an old, tired DHA pedal, very easy to deal with and wouldn't hesitate to buy from or sell to again. Cheers😁
  6. Would also be interested in an ebs micro 2 in trade, cash either way
  7. Always open to an offer particularly if you're after more than one. About to list some more gear so offer extends to everything listed😁
  8. Bit of a clear out: KMA Tyler Deluxe - two channel crossover/signal splitter with low/high pass filters and clean blend - owned from new, never gigged and minimal home use - the result of passing GAS, had to try it but it's not required for my current board - GBP 180 170 DarkGlass Hyper Luminal compressor - not new to me but is in good condition with box/papers/USB and a longer USB (the original is SO short!) has velcro on the underside. Very flexible compressor but I've now settled on keeping just 2 so this needs to go - GBP 170 160 EHX Tri-Parallel mixer - Bought new, never gigged, boxed with all bits - GBP 70 sold EBS Multicomp - great pedal but surplus to requirements, well used but working as it should, no box - GBP 70 60 All prices include shipping within the UK - not really looking for trades but I am a total gear whore so if you've got something I haven't tried you're in with a chance! Custom COGs will always get my attention and I'm keen to get my hands on an Orange 4 stroke😁 Happy to add/send more pics on request
  9. Oh for god sake, now I have to try and sell everything! i would say GLWTS but i'd like it to hang around for a while so I can get my sht together before it goes😁
  10. Provisional taker for this now so on hold
  11. Well that's the most generous description of the m25 I've ever heard🤣 Where abouts would you be coming from?
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