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  1. Well found Hooky, that sure looks like it
  2. Outstanding, did a part ex for a Yammy Trb, turned up well packed within 2 days, very, VERY happy.
  3. Yeah, I was struggling to arrive at Yamaha. Saw it on gum tree or something similar a while back. Not really tempted, just curious😁
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/254595183241 The old Yammy or Ibanez tag makes me interested but I just can't identify the beast, any ideas?
  5. Damn it, don't you know how hard I'm trying to resist this😁 I'm going to have to shift something to makes space (apparently I have too many already!) but if this hasn't gone by then...
  6. @TheGreek good thinking, I'll have a look when they turn up.
  7. Thanks guys, they're going on a Spector head so small tuners should be fine. @BigRedX, i hear you, right tools for the job etc is always easier but loving a bargain and impatience are family traits😁 The deed is done now so fingers crossed. Appreciate the input
  8. Thanks, that's the way I was thinking, worst case I can upgrade the stock tuners on something else😀
  9. Probably a daft question but can you? What is the downside? Only reason I ask is I'm after a set of 2l 2rs and there's a set of Grovers going cheap on the Bay but they're 4 in a line and my skinflint side is taking over😀
  10. I'm contemplating getting a wiring loom built to give varitone a try using Myhumbleworkshop on Ebay and I have 4 pots to 'fill' and 2 mm style pickups I was originally think vol vol tone tone but having picked up a nice custom job with an East preamp I'm liking the pickup blend option so thinking blend-vol-tone-tone but I've got a long history of bad decisions so thought I'd run it by you guys 😁 Is a varitone control for each pickup just a waste, a bad idea or a wonderful thing?
  11. Picked up mine for 350 on eBay 2 years back, sold for 300 last year, looks identical.
  12. Not sure what the issue is here, it's a rare opportunidade😁
  13. Great, that's the way I was thinking, shave left, shave right, measure, repeat. Good scraper on the way😁 I hadn't considered that short scale necks would be a different width, never tried one, so keep that in mind though. I've discovered that an old Aria I have has a neck that's just less than 1mm wider so I think once the scraper arrives I will test my skills using that. Thanks guys
  14. Hi all, so I've decided to try a piece together a parts bass and have not tackled a project like this before. I had some pickups and preamp from another project that never got going and recently picked up a nice Spector body, I'm happy enough that technical skills will get me so far but I'm a bit stumped on the neck choice, most I've found in my browsing have a 62mm heel and the neck pocket I have is around 59mm, other than get something made is my best option wait around for a Spector neck to pop up? I don't relish the idea of shaving material off the body, I assume that would be preferred to shave the neck though? Also, any general build advice? Things that are often overlooked? Any advice welcome. Cheers
  15. Was watching this the first time around, bidding got to £460ish but didn't meet reserve, would be nice to have a bit more info on specs.
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