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  1. All good points, tbh I didn't examine all the pics too closely as I'm a righty so no actual interest for me, that action does look worrying😕
  2. Looks like it's had a life, no bids yet so could go cheap https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ibanez-Musician-MC924-Left-Handed-LH-Active-Bass-Guitar-Rare-Eighties-Japan/393146037058?hash=item5b89547342%3Ag%3ARFwAAOSwXQJgMpmo&LH_ItemCondition=1500|2500|3000
  3. 😂 soon be passed the stage where it's required, just hang on a bit longer!
  4. No, apparently I am inherently naughty, despite being 51 and a grown up😁
  5. Excellent, I'm so glad you took that temptation away, looks fantastic!
  6. Oh for sure, from previous experience you're usually adding 30%+ to the hammer price, plus shipping if you;re not close by
  7. 😁 think that particular auction goes once a month, they quite often have interesting stuff, I try not to look....
  8. Having fought the urge to go all Del Boy and try and win and part this out... Not Ebay but these guys have regular instrument sales, this time round they seem to have 5 or 6 lots of Alembic bridges, I wonder where the rest if the basses went? https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/gardiner-houlgate/catalogue-id-srgard10174/lot-edf3a3c8-e8d6-49d3-943b-acd700bf625a also a 'spares' box with pups, pots and electrics https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/gardiner-houlgate/catalogue-id-srgard10174/lot-3423914a-3be1-478a-b4c6-acd700bf625a Could be the basis for an interesting build?
  9. Hihi Alan, Welcome aboard, I think the term collector who's not a collector covers at least half the members here! You're timing is almost impeccable, I have an RS924 listed in the classifieds here but popped her on Ebay last week, I'll stick in a link to the add on here and she's an easy find if you search Ebay, you'll recognize the pics from here! Please read well though, she's not without her issues Whilst I would always prefer to move it on to a fellow Basschatter I'm not keen on cancelling auctions once they have gathered bids if you fancy a go on Ebay I'll swallow the shipping cost😁
  10. If it was JUST every now and again then I would agree however it's become far too regular, must.... be ......stronger😁
  11. Come on people, somebody buy this soon, I've got the willpower of a lettuce and it's whispering sweet nothings to me...
  12. It sounds every bit as good as it looks😁 I spent a lot of time browsing Marks gallery of previous builds and gave him a mix of suggestions as to elements I liked, not direct requests but just a guide to what I had in my head, I was very happy with his interpretation😎
  13. Excellent question, 140 winning bid, ended up as a total of about 210 with auction fees and shipping, came in a hard case too😁 Just popped her on the scales, a shade over 4.6kgs, so not too bad
  14. I'll have a proper search for a MIJ marking although I suspect if it was going to be there it should be on the outside somewhere obvious, I'll dig out my magnifying glass and do a cavity search just in case😲
  15. I think I have a 3 pot active preamp setup somewhere in my spares but I'm going to give her some time before contemplating any changes
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