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  1. Been wanting to try one of these for a while, not after any trades/ part exes by any chance?
  2. Herniated discs absolutely suck but with proper care and treatment they do heal, god bless drugs and chiropractors! On a different note I've been hankering after a bf410, if your other swap doesn't complete for any reason I've got and early bf1×15 I'd be up for part trading.
  3. 100% agree, it's not a replica, it's a custom build, that and I prefer the Limelight logo anyway😁
  4. Fuzzrocious Baxstabber - not sure exactly how best to describe it so here's the description from Fuzzrocious: BAXSTABBER is a EQ/preamp/tone shaper and possible level boost that takes any signal you feed it and applies the famous Baxandall EQ (simple treble and bass control with variable mid control based on where you set the T & B) with 144 different tone stacks of one’s choice via the two (2) 12-position rotary potentiometers (the pointy yellow and green knobs). This pedal can be placed in any position on your pedalboard. Place it first and have a switchable tone stack to drive your other pedals. It will alter the sound of your instrument and pickups. For example, set up a tone stack/sound to change what EQ/sound you feed your other pedals. Place it after your all of your pedals and let them be affected by the tone stack. Boxed, never gigged so in great condition - GBP 100 shipped UK
  5. TC Spectra Comp, part of the eternal search, looked simple but just too many options for me, I spent half my time tweaking settings on the app instead of playing, GBP 50 shipped UK
  6. EHX Hot Wax 2 channel drive pedal Bought new a few months ago in search of that sound, now suprplus to requirements. Boxed with original power suppy, manual and warranty card (not registered) Price includes shipping in the UK
  7. Tech21 VT Deluxe, always wanted to try one but as it turns out it's just not the sound I'm looking for Only had it a couple of months, never left the house, obviously it's had a life before me so there's a few dings and scratches on the case but it all works as it should Price includes shipping in the UK
  8. As if I wasn;t tempted enough I was just researching Villex pups on youtube and stumbled upon this exact bass used on a Rythm Stick cover by Mr Higgie
  9. Fantastic drive pedal, very flexible combination of clean blend, tone, added depth control and mid shift, owned from new so in orginal box with the bits and peices that came with it, only had home use so in pretty good condition, just surplus to requirement as I have pretty much settled on COG as my favourite drive sound
  10. FYI this is also on FB Marketplace for 695
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  12. Quick question for those of you that have worked your way through numerous different BBs, I've been fighting the urge to get a friend for my 1100s and a 1600 has shown up on my radar at a reasonable price, I was initially thinking along the lines of a 2000 or 3000 but I'm very tempted by the 1600 but the only comparison of 1100s and 1600 essentially said they are the same but the S is active, is that right? I love the neck on mine, are the 2000 or 3000 series similar neck wise to the 1100s?
  13. As always will listen to reasonable offers and maybe trades/part trades for interesting Cog pedals/fuzzrocious zuul/fea dual channel compressor/ or anything interesting, I like dirty sounds heading into Tim Commerford territory😁
  14. Hi Harry, is this still looking for a loving home?
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